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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 162

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
The channels
Mansour Rahkhofteh
Counter trade type indicator. Jcounter can capture the timing of the trend collapse phase. There are signs of a trend collapse. It is the world standard to confirm the sign with LSMA adopted by Jcounter. The numerical setting of LSMA is very important, but after many years of verification, the numerical value was identified and completed. When the trend starts, the rising market moves like a support, and the falling market moves like a resistance. Gradually overtake the candlest
3 500 USD
EA Paradise
Mohsen Ajalloueian
Paradise is a fully automated EA designed to trade   EURUSD H1   only. It is based on moving average strategy. Expert showed good results in 2010-2020 period. only ecn accounts. Minimum deposit: 500 $ Use Only EURUSD H1. Default setting . Some settings: Fast MA - settings for the connected Moving Average indicator: period, shift, MA method. The Moving Average is used, which is included in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. Slow MA - settings for the connected Moving Average indicator: period, shift, MA
99 USD
The indicator of support and resistance levels draws the level of a possible price reversal or breakout! If the price touches the level, you can choose, depending on the market situation and the potential for movement in one direction or another, to buy at the end of the level or sell if the price crosses the level. The easiest way to trade pending orders is when you see a level, so as not to wait for the price to reach it or break through it, set pending orders. When the price crosses th
30 USD
MA Cross Alerts
Hafis Mohamed Yacine
MA Cross Signal Alerts MA Cross Signal Alerts_v2.0 The Moving Average Cross displays a fast and a slow moving average (MA). A signal arrow is shown when the two MAs cross. An up arrow is displayed if the fast MA crosses above the slow MA and a down arrow is given if the fast MA crosses below the slow MA. The user may change the inputs (close), methods (EMA) and period lengths.  When two Moving Averages cross the indicator will alert once per cross between crosses and mark the cross point w
50 USD
Possibilities: Provides the opening of an order with a specified% risk of the deposit Automatic calculation of lot and other parameters of a trade for a given% risk, StopLoss and TakeProfit levels Transaction support. You can accompany an order opened by another robot. It is possible to transfer the order to breakeven and carry out a step trailing profit Graphic information panel, can be converted into a minimalistic look. Displays information about the current spread, swap, deposit load, profit
35 USD
Indicator of trend lines and trend reversal points on different timeframes. This indicator is capable of replacing an entire trading system. The main red line shows the direction of the overall trend. Other lines represent support and resistance lines. Other signals: Small red squares: high / low of the lower timeframe; Purple rhombus: high / low of the current timeframe; Circles in a dot: high / low of the higher timeframe; Settings: Fast period - Fast average period; Slow period -
125 USD
Loncelot mt4
Ulvi Mammadov
Loncelot mt4   Loncelot mt4 is an automatic Expert Advisor that trades on the pair preferably: EUR/NZD Loncelot mt4 does not use deposit doubling, there is a stop loss and take profit Loncelot mt4 has been tested for more than 3 years in the strategy tester. It is based on the interaction of several indicators, including Rsi,wpr,cci and others   The recommended timeframe for the operation of this Expert Advisor is presented: M30, H1, H4, D1 Symbol, EUR/NZD, CAD/NZD, EUR/AUD Time frame M30,
2 000 USD
Fractals MT4
Mikhail Nazarenko
The Fractals MT4 indicator displays on the chart only fractals with the specified parameters in the indicator settings. This allows you to more accurately record a trend reversal, excluding false reversals. According to the classical definition of a fractal, it is a candlestick - an extremum on the chart, which was not crossed by the price of 2 candles before and 2 candles after the appearance of a fractal candle. This indicator provides the ability to adjust the number of candles before and aft
34 USD
Night Sniper for scalping is a fully automatic night scalping trading robot. The robot opens orders at night from 00:00 to 03:00 and accompanies them using neural network algorithms. The neural network algorithm allows the robot to learn during the trading process. After the robot opens a profitable or unprofitable trade, it remembers the conditions under which it was opened and the next time it looks for exactly these signals in the market. All orders that were previously opened are analyzed b
69 USD
Big Island MT4
Alexander Oropesa Marrero
Ponga a trabajar ahora a Big Island, este increible EA fue hecho y minuciosamente probado para el mercado de EUR/GBP exclusivamente en la temporalidad de 5m, la finalidad de este EA es que obtengas mas de un 25% mensual en profit y tu cuenta nunca llegue a 0$.   Este EA lo puedes utilizar con poco capital 100$ y trabajar perfectamente, hise pruebas con 50$ y trabajo perfectamente pero es recomendable empezar con 100$ mínimo, recomiendo usar una VPS. también puede trabajar un mayor capital sol
70 USD
Boleta Profit
Roco Deodato Giaculi
A Boleta Profit é a solução completa e ideal de controle de ordens visualmente pelo gráfico. Com a Boleta Profit você pode: - Criar estratégias - Definir ordens OCO - Definir lotes por estratégia - Definir gain / take profit em ticks por estratégia - Definir gain / take profit em moeda base da conta por estratégia - Definir gain / take profit em percentual do saldo da conta por estratégia - Definir loss / stop loss em ticks por estratégia - Definir loss / stop loss em moeda base da conta po
59 USD
Market Ticker
John Louis Fernando Diamante
The only Market Ticker on the market! Add a professional novelty to your workspace, with built in mini-charts A scrolling Market Ticker that displays price changes from all symbols in the Market Watch list. Provides an easy snapshot of symbol prices, and keeps scrolling automatically while you trade and analyse the chart. The ticker color (+/- price changes) are based on either the current or completed candle, and the previous candle. Options include: - MTF, eg choose to show price changes
30 USD
You can always keep the market variation under control by setting the time frame you prefer. Once applied to a chart, such as EUR/USD or SP500, we can choose different parameters for our utility. The parameters that can be set are: back_periods_1 back_periods_2 years_back align by default these parameters are set to 30, 120, 0, left. THE FIRST TWO PARAMETERS(1, 2):  Allow you to set the two time periods that refer to the chart, so if we have set the parameters as default, that is 30 and
30 USD
Sajjad Karimi
If you want to know what will happen in the future of the chart, you are in the right place. This indicator allows you to predict the future of the market with advanced computational methods and make the right deal by knowing the support and resistance points and receiving timely buy and sell signals. What does "Tendency" indicator show us? 1. Prediction line: Using mathematical calculations, the price is predicted in different timeframes and is interconnected. This means that based on the previ
30 USD
Mohsen Ajalloueian
Характеристики советника Валютные пары: GBPUSD, USDJPY, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, EURGBP, EURCHF, USDCAD, USDCHF Таймфрейм:   M 15 Время работы: азиатская сессия Рекомендуемые брокеры:   ECN   брокеры ,   Icmarkets . Множество тестов и реальных торгов по стратегии показывают, что оптимальный вариант оставлять – $ 3000 на 0.01 лот для одной пары.   Блок основных настроек « General   Settings » включает в себя: Set   Name   – название пресета; Magic   Number   – уникальный номер, применяющийся для идентифи
200 USD
Evgeny Vlasov
You CDI (You Can Do It) Порядок работы Советник работает на любом таймфрейме на любых валютных парах. При работе советника анализируется состояние рынка , при возникновении необходимых условий происходит открытие рыночного ордера. Советник имеет блок TrailingStop , позволяющий перемещать StopLoss за движением цены. Основным отличием этого блока от стандартного является его не линейность. То есть чем ближе цена будет к TakeProfit, тем ближе к цене будет StopLoss. Это позволяет достигать макс
599 USD
This is a utility that helps you close market orders and pending orders (optional), using keyboard shortcuts. For me,  it's more convenient and  faster  than clicking a button on the chart. You can set:  Keyboard Shortcut Hotkey: You can change and use most of the keys on the keyboard.   Key combination (Ctrl, Shift) also available in case you want to use (Note that not all combinations work).  Magic Number  Symbol: select Symbol or All  Close Pending orders: True/False  Confirmation Box Is Re
30 USD
Deshpande Mahesh Narayanrao
EAMAKFIN  „ MAKFIN Algorithmic Trading Robot Software „ EAMAKFIN (ExpertAdvisor MAKFIN) Takes Market Data, Runs Algorithms, Generates Trades, Runs Algorithms again. Closes Trades, All Automatic. Performance for August 2021 Profit: 15% Please refer to the screenshots. „ As of 1MAR2021, We have 30 users in 6 countries „ JAPAN „ US „ AUSTRALIA „ SINGAPORE „ DUBAI INDIA „ We have User Rollouts with these Brokers in 4 Countries „ JAPAN: Rakuten, Oanda „ US: Forex.com, Oanda „ AUSTRALIA: Pepper
9 999 USD
Yong Jin Xu
The EA will work only on XAUUSD, which can  deside to buy or sale by testing  the    energy of the candle. The working chart is M1. Because the  distance between your VPS to the service is different,The orders will be a little  different. No Averaging, No Martingale, the EA will go on the right way. 本EA采用动量测试的的方式交易,主要进行黄金交易,采用海龟的浮盈加仓的方式进行继续加仓,每一个订单都设定止损,移动止盈,把利润向上推进。 运行图表为m1【一分钟图】,因为一分钟图更具有敏感性,有利于对动量的测算。 设置方式见截图所示,同时作者也在评论中,附加了设置文件。 程序员本着严谨的方式制作软件,不善营销与广告,还请各位朋友通过测试与模拟账户运行,以鉴定优质程度。
300 USD
US30 Ninja
Satyaseelan Shankarananda Moodley
US30 Ninja is a 5 minute scalping indicator that will let know you when there is a trade set up (buy or sell). Once the indicator gives the trade direction, you can open a trade and use a 30 pip stop loss and a 30 pip to 50 pip take profit. Please trade at own own risk. This indicator has been created solely for the US30 market and may not yield positive results on any other pair. 
30 USD
Session Ploter
Noor Ghani Rahman
Auto GMT Base Session Indicator "The Link to find your session time base on your GMT is given inside the indicator Description" You can find your GMT Zone and Session times from the following website to insert into this Indicator inputs, and keep the Keep GMT On as true for the first time, when you determine your Session Times according to your GMT base then you can keep this inputs as false and modify your session time according to your broker, GMT calculation is only need when you don't know t
30 USD
The Fall MT4
Bruce Webb
4.78 (113)
Newly Updated  50% OFF for 24 Hours !  Hurry and Buy Before Price Doubles Today! Join FREE Telegram Channel  https://t.me/joinchat/IWJPxfIhtaBkNjIx   After Purchase Message Me For FREE Trend Filter Tool I Use To Determine Trend Direction *Non-Repainting Indicator "The Fall" is an indicator that shows precise Sell Trades. A great arsenal to add to any chart. It's Best to Use The 15M chart "The Fall" is designed to alert SELLS only. So Of course, Only Take The Arrows In a Downtrend Only For Best R
40 USD
Scalping Meter is a semi-automatic trading system based on a systematized mathematical modular structure of point interaction. This indicator, using a self-learning neural network, analyzes the historical data of the chart, studies the price movement and behavior, determines the reversal points in history and, using this data, predicts future price reversals. Price reversal points on the chart are indicated using arrows that are simple and understandable for each trader. Given the constant and d
30 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
The trend expert determines the patterns of price consolidation and works towards the continuation or change of the trend. The best results are achieved when trading on trading instruments (TF 5M) EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY . It is important that your broker's spread does not exceed: EURUSD 10 pips; GBPUSD 20 pips; USDJPY 80 pips. The Expert Advisor does not use dangerous trading methods: there is no martingale system, no averaging. Each trade has a stop loss and a take profit. The Expert A
1 490 USD
What Is BSS Indicator?  A tool for metatrader4 which gives signals   Forex  Technical Analysis  Indicators  are usually used to forecast price changes on the currency market. By using  Forex indicators , traders can make decisions about market entry and exit . BSS  indicator  is one of the most accurate indicators you will face.   Features Applicable on all forex pairs of Metatrader4.  Non Repaint 5m,15m,30m,1h time frames 79% winning rate User Friendly How  BSS   Works ? A file that you downlo
129 USD
What Is MSI Indicator?  A tool for metatrader4 which gives signals   Forex  Technical Analysis  Indicators  are usually used to forecast price changes on the currency market. By using  Forex indicators , traders can make decisions about market entry and exit . MSI  indicator  is one of the most accurate indicators you will face.   Features Applicable on all forex pairs of Metatrader4.  Non Repaint 5m,15m,30m,1h time frames One Time Payment with Free updates  84% winning rate User Friendly How 
149 USD
Negarobo EA
Ailin Zamani
Negarobo  a fully automated robot for forex trading with 9 inner smart indicators which analyzes the market and places trades. We are all human, a human is impatient , greedy , peccable , emotional and busy. A programmed Robot is not like us. It is programmed in a way that operates in sync with the commands we give and it has 24 hours/day time to trade without any mistakes. NEGAROBO EA process lot more data than humans, without emotional decisions. 
269 USD
Johnnie Walker
Aleksei Petrenko
Johnnie Walker Expert Advisor is designed for comfortable trading with acceptable values ​​for drawdown and profitability. Rebate orders every time working on a market. If price going to your side, orders will be closed with a profit after each take profit. Once TP reached, new order will be opened in the same direction untill market reversal. The hedging strategy partially compensates for the losses even with a strong market movement. After each locking order, its own grid is created, which is
70 USD
What is the INDRA Trend indicator? A INDRA Trend is a trend following indicator which give most accurate arrow signals of BUY and Sell based on the moving average , buying power and selling power in market, checking with other multiple indicators and providing the best possible time to get in to the market . This indicator is tested in multiple time frames as showed in screenshots it is also tested in multiple currency pairs , crypto and metal pairs such as USD/CAD EUR/JPY   EUR/USD EUR/CHF   US
30 USD
Yvan Musatov
Mastodon - displays potential market entry points. According to the wave theory, Mastodon displays the course of a large wave, while the oscillator can specify the entry point, that is, catch the price movement inside it, i.e. small “subwaves”. By correctly understanding the wave nature of price movements and using the Mastodon indicator in conjunction with an oscillator, you can create your own trading system, for example, entering the market after a large wave has formed and then exiting wh
89 USD
Investor PA
Aydin Poladli
Investor PA -  it is a robot for the Forex market.   The robot makes market analysis with the author's unique indicator, the robot has a lot of algorithm for all situations in the Forex market. The robot's algorithm is secret and therefore I cannot write a lot of information. You don't need to change anything in the robot's settings, choose the risk of 1-2% of the deposit and you don't need to configure anything else. The robot is suitable for real investors who know that in the Forex market yo
250 USD
Asynchronous Trend - this will be the final signal that an uptrend or downtrend has begun or has exhausted itself. This is a great addition to any strategy. Trading based on trend indicators is the simplest and often the most effective. The tool does not take up much space on the chart and does not overload the terminal. You can find many different versions of this tool on the internet, but one of the most effective is the no-redraw version, which you can buy here. The indicator allows you to t
99 USD
Size Calculator allow you to calculate the size you need for your position giving two parametres: the number of pips risked and the money risked, for example if you want to risk 20 USD on 200 pips, then you will need to input 200 in the case reserved for pips and 20 in the case reserved for risk, the size will appear in left top carner of the chart in your metatrader 4 platform,  Size Calculator  support the following symbols : EURUSD GBPUSD AUDUSD NZDUSD  GOLD WTI  EURJPY GBPJPY USDJPY AUDJPY C
45 USD
The reversal level indicator draws arrows for sell and buy, a   red   arrow for sell, a blue   arrow for buy. But you can also trade the breakdown of these levels, which are drawn not immediately, but after a time after the reversal level has formed. Signals identify possible reversal points on the chart. The indicator works on any instrument and timeframe. The indicator works based on the minimum-maximum for a certain period of time. From the arrows that the indicator draws, yo
30 USD
Vladimir Emelianov
The Kamino Expert Advisor with a drawdown of 3% for 5 years shows itself best on the GBP/USD M30 pair. It uses only three indicators "ATR MA Oscillator", "Previous High Low" and "Top Bottom Price". Each trade is protected by a Stop Loss and Take Profit. In the parameters of the Expert Advisor, you can change the lot size, as well as the values of indicators, Stop Loss and Take Profit, if necessary. Below is the testing statistics for 5 years. Other product:   https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/revand
49 USD
SPV Cross
Yvan Musatov
The SPV Cross indicator is based on the SPV  indicator. Works as two indicators together on the same chart. With different settings, you can react to the intersection of lines. Clearly reflects the cyclical nature of the market. Just two key settings! It works on the basis of the principle - one is fast and the other is slow. You can see the ups and downs of the indicator alternate and have such a relationship with the market, which can be used to draw conclusions to predict price behavior. The
49 USD
Vojtech Svobodnik
1 (1)
Gold BB PRO is a professional version of Gold BB FREE, which uses a portfolio of strategies based on Bollinger Bands . Gold BB PRO was developed for XAUUSD . This Expert Advisor has been tested from year 2006 to 2021 .  Doesn't use Martingale or other dangerous strategies. Backtest, which you can see bellow in screenshots section, used the real tick data with 99,90% accuracy. With this strategy one can trade using fixed lots  or using a risked percentage of the balance . Recommendations Symb
99 USD
Wolf Stream
Vadym Nemo
5 (1)
Робот Wolf Stream имеет в своей основе особенность "видеть" график так, как его видит человек. Именно поэтому он точно считывает настроение игроков. Страхи и надежды у толпы формируются в текущей момент, в текущих ситуациях. Робот реагирует на них и действует оптимальным образом для каждой из ситуаций.  Торговля в реальном времени принесла 103% прирост с 26 июля 2021 года (3.5 месяца) На рынке есть множество фаз, которые по характеру своему в корне отличаются друг от друга. Поэтому необходим инд
350 USD
Karthik Reddy Gangidi
Evon is a great way of utility and performing well in the forex markets and giving us an unpredictable profits.Evon works on a different strategy of comparison model and it also helps us predict the market movement and takes the perfect entry and exit of the market. default settings EURUSD CHART AUTO LOT:ENABLE AUTO LOT:0.001 PAIRS TO COMPARE:EURJPY PAIRS TO COMPARE:USDJPY
200 USD
Pattern Trend
Maryna Shulzhenko
The principle of operation of the Patern Trend indicator is to work on a channel breakout. The parameters and width of the channel are selected in such a way that the closing in the red is sufficiently balanced, which is shown on the chart by the inscriptions near the arrows. You can see that the arrow signal does not appear every time the channel is broken. Because the indicator has a volatility filter that has a big impact on the entry. In total on the chart (EURUSD / H1) you can see that t
119 USD
Euro Sniper
Charbel Abboud
Forget  about nice looking backtests screenshots, it is meaningless to show wonderful curve for a robot on a specific pair or on many pairs using different parameters via .set files. This will be nothing but a manipulation for commercial reason.    No Grids, No Martingale, No Averaging, No Pyramiding, No lot Sizing, No Set Files…Dear Users, proud to present you   EURO SNIPER   our   Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning  made Robot combining a portfolio of 14 strategies that work successfully
129 USD
Tripple Fx
Steve Zoeger
Is fully automated and based on 11 Indicators to filter as many as possible winning trades. =============================================================================================== This Robot is fully automated and has been created for everyone. The Robot works also on cent accounts. =============================================================================================== =>  works on all Time Frames from 1Minute to 1Day => On the lower Frames there are too many small trades b
40 USD
Raphael Schwietering
Hazard is an intelligent automated Expert Advisor which uses Hedging. It is working with its own complex algorithm combines with some indicators to get opportunities to entry and exit.    Entry and exit logic operates on Bar Close only. This filters market noise, dramatically speeds up optimizations, avoids stop loss hunting, and ensures proper operation at any broker with a reasonable spread. The EA uses an advanced algorithm to find the entry points, as well as several additional filters for
499 USD
Eau farrow cadjpy
Leandro Morera Delfin
EA  advantages: Operating using regions's characterizations over the curve with four stages , 1) strong buy, 3) strong, sell, 4) soft buy and 2) soft sell . Market alignment between temporality. Adaptive SL. Operation using zone determination. Operation posibilities for other currencies. …The EA was tested by one year 2020-2020 with a robust behavior over market variations and positive profit with the following:
39 USD
Cool Monkey
Sze Yu Ma
4 (1)
Cool Monkey is a fully automatic, highly customizable EA based on Volatility, MACD and RSI to select optimal entry points. It uses a specialized grid structure  to achieve a high winning rate with improved safety. All tests are performed with 99.90% tick data, with simulated spread, execution delay, commission and swap. Trading and optimization experience required if you wish to optimize it. Limited time to buy Cool Monkey for USD30 ! Recommendations: Default settings works on EURUSD M1 chart Cu
30 USD
Ransom Dikpen Egene
DMF AI EA ROBOT Most Efficient Trading System Specifically Designed best for NASDAQ (USTECH100) with hidden tricks in beating the market rule. Many Newbies asks why trade just USTECH100(NASDAQ) well what we tell you is our robot works and support all other currency pairs and commodities what you should have in mind is 1 pair of currency can give you all you need in the fx market not by desiring to trade multipairs  what is important is knowing what you are doing in the market! Features: > Unique
30 000 USD
Bull Optimizer EA
World Stocks Capital s.r.o.
The principle of the advisor: As we know, each market has its own pattern of behavior and volatility, both daily and intraday. Also, each market has a certain propensity to rise or fall. This means that the EA will not be able to trade in two directions (both buy and sell) using the same input parameters. Therefore, we decided to create 2 Expert Advisors, so that one trades only buy deals, and the second only sells. And each of them will have their own Sets for successful work. As a result, we g
100 USD
Yvan Musatov
The SPV indicator clearly reflects the cyclical nature of the market. Just one key setting! If it is equal to one, then a fast cycle is displayed, but if, for example, the parameter is 12, then the indicator looks for a cycle in the last 12 bars. You can see the ups and downs of the indicator alternate and have such dependence on the market, which can be used to draw conclusions to predict price behavior. Also, indicators can be combined with each other. Also, the indicator can indicate the qual
59 USD
Индикатор I Special ZigZag отмечает на графике максимумы и минимумы 3-х порядков, а именно краткосрочные , среднесрочные и долгосрочные и соединяет их линией подобно ZigZag без перерисовки. Идея построения индикатора взята из книги Ларри Вильямса "Долгосрочные секреты краткосрочной торговли" и адаптирована под современный рынок. В настройках индикатора можно задать нужную толщину и цвет для каждого вида экстремума для удобства восприятия на графике цены. С помощью данного индикатора легче понять
30 USD
Sodobe Scalper
Nguyen Van Cho
3.67 (3)
Scalping solution provided by top 5% world Professional Traders,  verified for 20 years Low risk No scam Never fired account => That's Sodobe Scalper The EA best works for   Gold XAUUSD  with default settings, and the target price will be: rent $90/month, buy $900 Scalping only on M1 time frame, always fixed Take Profit = 5 ATR, Stop Loss = 8 ATR and auto close when over buy/sell to get highest win rate and lowest drawdown. The average holding time is only 45 minutes/trade Scalping based on the
39 USD
Reward Risk Pro Tool
5 (1)
Reward Risk PRO TOOL, its the ultimate tool for your trading money managment, stop wasting time calculating your reward risk percentaje , just making some clicks you can get your ideal distance for your stop loss, and next to it will get your corresponded Take profit point for your stop loss, for example if you set an 100 ticks stop loss and want to get an equivalent reward just make your next click were the text offers 1/1 reward risk, if you want to get a reward/risk relation more profitly jus
30 USD
velvet is an advanced ordering layer designed with MQL4 for use on a virtual private server to allow users to place orders with graphical objects placed onto compatible indicator charts displayed in the user session.  The current version of  velvet  supports ordering from trendlines placed on price charts and ordering from trendlines on the compatible version of the RSI indicator found here .  For compatible indicators to function they must be installed to the "velvet" (case-sensitive) directory
30 USD
Mahmoud Karkeh Abadi
The price will increase by $ 1 per day or reach a maximum of $ 300 This is not a marketing technique, it is just an incentive for you to value your time more There is an important but very simple rule To succeed in any market, this condition must be met            ️ Minimum Winrate = 1 / (1 + Reward:Risk) So how can we use this condition? The first step is to choose the ratio of profit to loss I like the value 1 How to determine the amount of stop loss and take profit? I will t
139 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
The parabolic SAR indicator, developed by J. Wells Wilder, is used by traders to determine trend direction and potential reversals in price. The indicator uses a trailing stop and reverse method called "SAR," or stop and reverse, to identify suitable exit and entry points. Traders also refer to the indicator as the parabolic stop and reverse, parabolic SAR, or PSAR.  The parabolic SAR indicator appears on a chart as a series of dots, either above or below an asset's price, depending on the d
50 USD
Thi Hue Hoang
EquatorEA is an EA where you can use 1 of 2 strategies: Basic Grid or Martingale. The main strategy of the EA is based on price action combined with the RSI indicator to find entry points.  You can set it on M5, M15, M30 and H1 charts depending on your profit and risk tolerance PRICE $119 (ONLY 10 COPIES LEFT) NEXT PRICE $219 Requirements when using robot   EquatorEA   Min deposit >= 1000$ Use VPS with low latency (<20ms). Download history before backtest. Backtest with model: Every tick. E
199 USD
Hungry for Japanese style? Thirsty for samurai action? Behold! Ichimoku Super Swift Ease Pro is an expert advisor that has an Ichimoku indicator with a moderate lot size. It is recommended that you use this EA for JPY pairs like USDJPY, EURJPY, etc. If you enjoy using Ichimoku, this EA may be what you are looking for. According to the details of this expert advisor, it has an ATR to allow traders to see the line with the flow of the Japanese Yen along with another currency pair with it. Only use
200 USD
Chiedozie Titus Ugwu
5 (1)
BitcoinWhale   is a professional automatic trading system designed and optimized for the MT4 platform and the  Bitcoin/USD   pair. This system works independently on your terminal, you can run it on your computer or on a VPS because the computer must be turned on while the robot is running. The robot analyzes the market 24 hours a day, thanks to which it is more effective than a human. Updates and optimizations are made on an ongoing basis and will be available to the buyer. The robot will be fu
30 000 USD
Fabian Fasler
The EA is a swing trader. Trading is based on several indicators for entry and exit condition, taking the current market condition in respect. Each trade has a stop loss Use on EURUSD, D1 timeframe The EA is not spread sensitive DISCLAIMER: Don't forget that past performance is no guarantee for the future.   Always run on demo account first or on very low risk live account, to understand better how the EA executes trades and behaves regarding profits and losses.
299 USD
Martingale Organizer
Mehran Sepah Mansoor
This is an auxiliary tool for managing open trades (manually or by other experts) and adding Martingale Grid  trades if the conditions are right. In other words, with the help of this tool, you can add a Martingale System to any other expert with any strategy. We all know that Martingale method, despite its good advantage, has a disadvantage and that is huge Draw Down (DD). To control this, a DD Reduction Algorithm has been developed in the system to help you. Inputs General Settings Show Pan
40 USD
EAU Farrow
Leandro Morera Delfin
EA  advantages: Operating using regions's characterizations over the curve with four stages , 1) strong buy, 3) strong, sell, 4) soft buy and 2) soft sell . Market alignment between temporality. Adaptive SL. Operation using zone determination. …The EA was tested by two years 2019-2020 with a robust behavior over market variations and positive profit with the following:
49 USD
GF BetaHedging EA
Noor Ghani Rahman
Beta Hedging EA The EA is trading in Martingale style whether you want to trade at a time sell side or buy side (Selectable) with Increasing Lot/Grid or you can keep these two Constant,... ======= >>>   The EA is design specitially for ECN account so always be test zero spread accounts   <<< ======= This is Martingale base EA so should be want to have at least 3000$ for Per Pair Trading. EURUSD <= 2 spread GBPUSD <= 4 spread NZDUSD <= 4 spread AUDUSD <= 4 spread Trade Closing System: There is Ta
154 USD
Just download the Quarter Strike indicator and embrace your dream. Trading within the volatility range has always attracted traders, because most often it is simple instruments that turn out to be the most profitable. The Quarter Strike indicator is a variant of constructing a price channel that gives signals of sufficiently high accuracy on any instruments and time periods. Bias or other additional parameters are not applied, that is, the indicator evaluates only the real dynamics. By defaul
119 USD
Two Brother EJ12 MT4
Alexander Oropesa Marrero
Put to work now Two brother EJ12 this incredible EA was carefully made and tested for the EUR / JPY market exclusively in the 5m time frame, the purpose of this EA is to keep your capital safely behind this incredible EA and your account never reaches to $ 0. This EA can be used with little capital $ 100, I have tested it with $ 50 and it works perfectly but it is advisable to start with a minimum of $ 100, I recommend using a VPS. You can also work a higher capital, you just have to raise th
70 USD
Many target expert.  The issue of choosing a target is solved - the direction of price movement. Locking is the main principle of this advisor.  Balancing simultaneously with multidirectional orders, the Expert Advisor fixes profit on market reversals. Operation description Entering the market at once with two orders (on Buy and Sell) on one currency pair, the adviser sets a fixed take profit on both orders.After the take profit on Buy or Sell is triggered, the EA places an order for Buy if the
300 USD
反转K线指标! 指标将主图的K线在副图中进行反转显示. 交易实用必备工具指标 波浪自动计算指标,通道趋势交易 完美的趋势-波浪自动计算通道计算 , MT4版本 完美的趋势-波浪自动计算通道计算 , MT5版本 本地跟单复制交易 Easy And Fast Copy , MT4版本 Easy And Fast Copy , MT5版本 本地跟单复制交易 模拟试用 Easy And Fast Copy , MT4 模拟账号运行 Easy And Fast Copy , MT5 模拟账号运行 The indicator of the attached figure shows that it is a mirror image of the candlestick chart of the main chart. The ordinate of the figure indicator is mirrored with the main image, and the coordinate value is a negative number. For graphic reference o
30 USD
Gold Hand Strategy
3 (2)
" BUYUK SAVDOGAR " TM has developed this strategy to support all binary options traders. The trading system "GOLD HAND STRATEGY" consists of algorithms created as a result of long-term observations and can analyze the market situation with high accuracy. The mechanism of the stock market is very changeable and no one strategy works successfully for a long time, for a long time. Therefore, this strategy will be updated periodically, making the necessary changes and adjustments. "GOLD HAND STRA
70 USD
The Channel Arg Control indicator, in addition to lines, reflects entry signals in the form of arrows. But how to do that? At first glance, this is not an easy task. But not for the Channel Arg Control indicator, this indicator will tell you whether you have configured the indicator correctly, while you can specify the history interval in the bars that interests you. And yet, how does the indicator tell you? Look at the numbers on the chart near the arrows! This is exactly what you thought, the
1 200 USD
Legends by MudFx
Mohammad Syahid Bin Abdul Jamil
EA Type : Martingale Multiplier : Hard multiplier but with lot size limitation Main Features of this EA: 1) Scalp and Swing EA. EA Keep last order for swing. 2) Last order will be set SL Positive or I called it BEP (Breakeven Position) 3) EA can floating on profit 90% most of the time. 4) Target per month : 10 to 30% is Achievable 5) Comes with Smart Safety - to avoid account from Marginal Call too fast when market in trending. 6) Lot Size Management - EA Open order base on lot sizing and risk.
600 USD
The Channel Full Control indicator, in addition to lines, reflects input signals in the form of arrows. Also, next to each arrow, the pips of profit are displayed which are calculated for the specified interval, the interval for calculation is set in the indicator, as a rule, 1000 bars are enough for this. You can adjust the channel settings for any symbol and timeframe. American traders say: “Trend is your friend”, which means “Trend is your friend”. And indeed it is! By trading with the tre
109 USD
Vladimir Emelianov
The Expert Advisor is designed primarily for the EUR/JPY pair with the M15 timeframe , but it can also be used on other major pairs with preliminary testing using minimal risks. In the parameters of the Expert Advisor, you can change the lot size. The Expert Advisor is based on several indicators Top Bottom and Previous High Low. Below are screenshots of testing since 2019.  Initial balance = 100$ Net profit = 308 155 $ Drawdown = 12% with a risk of 5% per transaction. You can reduce the % of ri
59 USD

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