Partially closes a position on a specified symbol in case of a "hedging" accounting.

bool  PositionClosePartial(
   const string  symbol,                  // symbol
   const double  volume,                  // volume
   ulong         deviation=ULONG_MAX      // deviation

Partially closes a position having a specified ticket in case of a "hedging" accounting.

bool  PositionClosePartial(
   const ulong   ticket,                  // position ticket
   const double  volume,                  // volume
   ulong         deviation=ULONG_MAX      // deviation



[in]  Name of a trading instrument, on which a position is closed partially. If a symbol (not a ticket) is specified for a position partial closing, the first detected position having a specified MagicNumber (Expert Advisor ID) on the symbol is selected. Therefore, it is sometimes better to use PositionClosePartial() with a specified position ticket.


[in]  Volume, by which a position should be decreased. If the value exceeds the volume of a partially closed position, it is closed in full. No position in the opposite direction is opened.


[in]  Closed position ticket.


[in]  The maximum deviation from the current price (in points).

Return Value

true if the basic check of structures is successful, otherwise false.


A successful completion of the PositionClosePartial(...) method does not always mean a successful execution of a trading operation. You should call the ResultRetcode() method to check the result of a trade request (trade server return code).

In the "netting" system (ACCOUNT_MARGIN_MODE_RETAIL_NETTING and ACCOUNT_MARGIN_MODE_EXCHANGE), for each symbol, at any given moment of time, only one position can be open, which is the result of one or more deals. Do not confuse the current pending orders with positions that are also displayed on the "Trade" tab of the client terminal's "Toolbox" panel.

In case of the position representation (ACCOUNT_MARGIN_MODE_RETAIL_HEDGING), multiple positions can be opened on each symbol simultaneously. In this case, PositionClose closes a position having a least ticket.