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SARTrader is an Expert Advisor based on Parabolic SAR.

All parameters are adjustable and their functions are quite understandable. The biggest problem with SAR is to stop trading, that's why I made a hybrid robot.

You can let the robot work alone or help it a little bit. When you consider that it earns enough or know that awful news are to come, you can just stop it by pressing the STOP TRADE button.

Equity and balance are displayed in big characters on the screen, so you can see it standing far from your screen.

The default .set supplied is designed for USDJPY M30. You can trade whatever you want with any broker 4 or 5 digits.

There is an additional function to stop trades at x % positive equity.

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Versão 1.1 2013.10.25
The code is slightly modified to make results much better.

New input ResetPosition.

All features and new Sets will be detailed on my blog on a special page dedicated to SARTrader.

The default .set is designed for USDJPY H1 MQL5 server