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FX Trend MT5

FX Trend displays the trend direction, duration, intensity and the resulting trend rating for all time frames in real time.
You'll see at a glance at which direction the trends are running, how long they last and how powerful they are.
All this makes it an easy-to-use trend trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders.

Key Features of FX Trend

Analytical features

  • Real-time trend analysis of all time frames
  • Identical calculation results at all time frames
  • Configure your individual set of time frames
  • Customizable trend calculation parameters

Graphical features

  • One click switch between Compact, Details and a Dashboard Mode
  • The Compact mode offers basic trend information in a reduced panel
  • The Details mode offers in-depth trend analysis of the underlying symbol
  • The Dashboard mode covers all majors or your favorite trading symbols
  • Access all time frames and symbols with just one click inside the panel
  • Movable FX Trend display (via drag-and-drop)
  • Suitable for high resolution QHD, UHD and 4K displays
  • No repainting

General features

  • Automated terminal configuration
  • Optimized for tablet and touchscreen usage
  • Alerts via e-mail, message and mobile notifications
  • Accessible buffers for EA requests

The FX Trend Rating and Interpretation

Rating Interpretation Get in Get out
1 star critical trend No Yes
2 stars weak trend No Yes
3 stars neutral trend stay stay
4 stars healthy trend Yes No
5 stars strong trend Yes No

How to trade with FX Trend?

Look for established and powerful trends on higher timeframes like e.g.:

a D1 trend with a duration of 10 days and a high intensity of at least 85 % which is equal to a 5-star rating.

This major trend points the direction of all further trades at this and all lower time frames.

Use the power of the strong forces in the market and surf this trend wave until it breaks.

A. If the direction of this major trend is BUY

  • Place a BUY stop order at the last high of this trend
  • Set the stop loss of your buy stop order at the BUY trendline
  • Trail your stop along the trendline

B. If the direction of this major trend is SELL

  • Place a SELL stop order at the last low of this trend
  • Set the stop loss of your sell stop order at the SELL trendline
  • Trail your stop along the trendline

FX Trend options and settings

Main settings

  • FX Trend periods - Number of periods to calculate the trend of all time frames
  • FX Trend deviation - Value to calculate the trendline / smaller = tighter / higher = wider

Display and chart settings

  • Use EA mode - Set "true" to disable all graphical objects and reduce the memory consumption
  • Hide FX Trend panel - Set "true" to disable the FX Trend display
  • Hide arrows and lines - Set "true" to display only the FX Trend display without any further graphics
  • Hide activity marker - Set "true" to hide the white rectangle in the FX Trend display
  • Disable Favorites - Set "true" to disable the favorites list. Recommended to save computing resources at multi-chart setups.
  • Max Bars - Set a higher value to lengthen the historical line drawing and set a lower value to increase the recalculation speed. Set reasonable values corresponding to your computer's performance to avoid terminal slowdowns and freezes.


  • Configure your individual set of time frames by enabling/disabling each time frame separately

Alert and notification options

  • FX Trend alert - Select your preferred type of trend alert
  • Consider intensity and intensity value - Enable it and alerts appear only if the intensity of all considered time frames is above the set value
  • Show pop-up messages - Set "true" to receive pop-up notifications
  • Send an e-mail - Set "true" to receive a notification e-mail
  • Send mobile notifications - Set "true" to receive mobile notifications
  • Play an alert sound - Set "true" to receive an audible notification
  • Default alert sound - Choose your favorite alert sound

RIZA DOEK 2020.04.02 09:06 

Like all its articles the best of the best!! 10 Stars!!

Atiquzzaman Rana
Atiquzzaman Rana 2020.03.15 15:13 


Rene Scholz
Rene Scholz 2020.01.16 09:03 

Excellent tool - Daniel is supportive and the products are reliable!

Dunstan Wafula Namusonge
Dunstan Wafula Namusonge 2019.11.20 14:14 

An Excellent piece work! An indicator, simple to use with definitive results. A beginner or professional who seeks to build confidence in predicting future patterns and price action will find this tool to be very valuable to determine entry, exit and clear true points where trading activities occur. The tool is value for money.

Stefan001 2019.01.02 11:30 

Großartiges Tool - genau so wie Lighthouse und Fx Power!

Jörg Bertermann
Jörg Bertermann 2018.11.16 08:51 

I rent it for a test. For me, as a Beginner in Trading, is it a very comfortable tool to hav a feeling for a trend. Nice job and a good support. Thanks a lot.

enzo pellitteri
enzo pellitteri 2018.08.28 17:37 

Appena acquistato Fx Trend per la MT 5. E' ottimo com quello della MT 4. Complimenti Daniel

Chee Beng Leong
Chee Beng Leong 2018.08.04 14:39 

Had been six months cooperated FX Trend as my trading strategies. The outcome is fantastic. Not regrade to own it. On top of good products from Daniel Stein. His provide full support on his products.

Tarun Chaudhry
Tarun Chaudhry 2018.07.13 13:37 

Excellent Trend Indicator.

Nguyen Van Tuan
Nguyen Van Tuan 2018.07.07 05:32 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Versão 3.13 2020.02.21
Changed the favorite list saving mode to use it with and without suffix at the same time
Versão 3.12 2019.10.22
Trend switch alerts are now extended to all symbols of your favorites list
Versão 3.1 2019.04.23
Added the possibility to save and load the FX Trend favorites list for an easier transfer between charts

The display will now be selected via a pop-up list box which appears if one hovers over the display label

Added the possibility to filter the inline-alert by considering the intensity of the trends.
In this way, you'll only be notified if the intensity of all considered trends is above 80 %
The intensity limit value can be set in the FX Trend properties to any value you like
Versão 3.0 2018.10.27
Update for new MT5 build 1930

Please update your copy to benefit from the latest product improvements.
Versão 2.99 2018.07.10
Added Monthly timeframe.
Versão 2.96 2018.02.16
Improved activity marker for individual time frame setups
Versão 2.95 2018.01.22
Versão 2.92 2017.12.08
Fixed display bug when used with chart templates

Fixed display bug when used with large DPI scaling values
Versão 2.88 2017.11.16
Added possibility to deactivate the FX Trend favorites list

Added possibility to configure your individual set of time frames

Added new in-line alerts

Improved symbol navigation
Versão 2.83 2017.10.06
Fixed template bug
Versão 2.81 2017.09.26
Optimized handling of symbols with prefixes
Versão 2.71 2017.07.10
Bugfix and performance improvements
Versão 2.7 2017.06.12
Added possibility to the change the background color of the FX Trend panel

Minor optimization of EA Call mode
Versão 2.6 2017.05.19
New XTF (cross time frame) function which allows to display arrows and trend lines of higher time frames.
Now you are able to see the H1 trend line in your M15 chart, or the D1 line on your H1 chart, etc.

New activity marker which displays at a glance on which timeframe you are working

The new MaxBars parameter allows you to improve the FX Trend performance (less bars = faster)
Versão 2.5 2017.04.28
Redesign of display settings including a new EA mode option
Versão 2.4 2017.04.17
The in-line alert is now active for all symbols of your favorites list
which allows you to get all relevant alerts out of one chart.
Versão 2.3 2017.03.20
Optimized performance of iCustom requests -> ram usage dropped to less than 10% of previous versions

Optimized graphs and performance on offline charts like Renko and Range bar charts
Versão 2.2 2017.03.09
Optimized dashboard usability

Fixed display bugs in strategy tester mode