The function returns the ticket of a position with the specified index in the list of open positions and automatically selects the position to work with using functions PositionGetDouble, PositionGetInteger, PositionGetString.

ulong  PositionGetTicket(
   int  index      // The number of a position in the list



[in]  The index of a position in the list of open positions, numeration starts with 0.

Return Value

The ticket of the position. Returns 0 if the function fails.


For the "netting" interpretation of positions (ACCOUNT_MARGIN_MODE_RETAIL_NETTING and ACCOUNT_MARGIN_MODE_EXCHANGE), only one position can exist for a symbol at any moment of time. This position is a result of one or more deals. Do not confuse positions with valid pending orders, which are also displayed on the Trading tab of the Toolbox window.

If individual positions are allowed (ACCOUNT_MARGIN_MODE_RETAIL_HEDGING), multiple positions can be open for one symbol.

To ensure receipt of fresh data about a position, it is recommended to call PositionSelect() right before referring to them.

See also

PositionGetSymbol(), PositionSelect(), Position Properties