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The third in the Black Box Trilogy and the most sophisticated. Using a Neural System developed for a mutual fund by our team this EA decides whether it should go into a sophisticated range mode or into a complex trend mode. Since the market ranges 75% of the time and trends 25% of the time all aspects are covered.

The EA is simply dragged on your screen the EA decides whether it should go into range mode (markets that clearly establish a pattern of high and low points and patterns indicating long and short entries ) or TREND mode where the market continues up or down for a length of time. It also uses pairs and times of the day the Neural system has decided is the best.

There is an auto GMT and default is drag and trade. Each order has a stop loss based on ATR and a trailing based on a 20-period algorithm.

EURUSD, GDPUSD (volatile), JPYUSD, AUDUSD, GBPJPY (volatile)

You will have to count on Neural Optimizations on updates , we have not included the Neural system at this time for obvious reason . A mini neural system will be included in future versions making this EA much more valuable over time. The system collects data and learns the best times and studies errors it might make in order to correct them. This is the top in technology

Only one time frame needs to be open by pair 1 m is best.

Range trades will only be taken in the direction of the trade using sophisticated algorithms

Trend Trades constantly verify the continuation of the trend short or long

Please follow this signal:


This EA is extremely simple to use no tuning needed just drag on your screen:


  • Magic Number: magic number
  • UseTrendModule: True or False (trending markets are directional so an algorithm calculates if there is a strong upward or downward trend and more importantly if it continues)
  • TrendMaxOrders: Limit on the number of trend orders the EA will open. 10 recommended
  • Trendlotfor10 000: Automatic 0.01 means 0.1 per $10000 in the account, any account below 10 000 will use 0.01 per $1000
  • UseRangeModule: true or false (Ranging markets are markets that clearly establish a pattern of high and low points where entries can be determined long or short by an algorithm)
  • RangeMaxOrders: Limit on the number of trend orders the EA will open. 10 recommended
  • Rangelotfor10 000: Automatic 0.01 means 0.1 per $10000 in the account, any account below 10 000 will use 0.01 per $1000
  • MaxSpread: Maximum allowable spread for an order to be taken
  • GmtoffsetforTest: GMT live is automatic (a great feature) you need to put your own for testing
  • ShowTheEAGui: show or hide EA statistic panel

Any size account can be used unlike other EAs. Entering with 0.01 lots will give you 0.1 per $ 10 0000 in the account. If your account is below $ 1000 (be wise in your expectations) the default lot will be 0.01

The EA needs only one time frame per pair. 1 m recommended

This system can be on during most news events

It is recommended not to use the robot on FED, ECB and BOE days. Remember the day before and after these events are still prone to volatility.

Using leverage and large lots is your responsibility. We will not be held responsible for excessive use of leverage or unreasonable lot sizes.

The EA is optimized for all the above pairs and this will stay relevant for some time. Do not miss the updates until the Neural System is released and included in the EA

Please always remember EURUSD is the best pair recommended for its safety and predictability with my EA s . If you want little risk , stick with this pair there is plenty of action, it has the lowest spread and cannot be manipulated


Todd Griffin
Todd Griffin 2018.10.12 05:15 

Oliver is a very good promoter! He is very helpful with all questions. Despite that i have been unable to successfully get his products to become profitable. He is very active on social media and this site as well proclaiming the quality of his EA but only your account suffers

Yuan Zhao Ng
Yuan Zhao Ng 2018.01.17 10:43 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Trung John
Trung John 2017.09.05 09:15 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

tech10ken 2017.08.15 13:26 

Great EA. Very easy to set up. Have been using it since yesterday and so far it has taken 8 trades, all winners. Also had a good chat with Olivier over the weekend. He was very helpful in giving me tips as to which pairs, settings to use. Highly recommended.

Aussie_Trader 2017.07.23 04:01 

Been trading this on live account for a few weeks - ups and downs but overall in the red. Easy and simple to use with enough bells and whistles to create interest and excitement for buyers and forex newbies, but nothing here for an experienced trader looking for steady profits - bit of a leaky boat. Maybe the next version will come up with something good?? The rating system used by MQL is seriously flawed.

Joe 2017.07.16 08:19 

I've only been using this EA for a short while, but I can already say unequivocally that it is outstanding. Olivier has answered every one of my questions quickly and professionally and it's obvious from his videos and talking with him that he is a very experienced trader.

Initially, I was worried by some of what I read in the comments section, but now I believe the negative comments are from competitors trying to shut down Olivier because they know how good his products are.

Look no further. Olivier and his EAs are the best in the business.

Liquidsoldier 2017.04.13 00:09 

Deeply thankful for comming in contact with Olivier and his products. This system will forever harvest for you, differenciating between ranging and trending mode, even updating according to the market! Only dont have too big lots in relation to account size, that rule applies to all trading! I felt comfortable with Oliviers products because of reviews and his Youtube videos. There you clearly understand he knows what he is speaking about. After speaking with him I got confirmed he was a 100% good person. He is not interested in taking "you money", his EA does it for him! Olivier started trading from he was 16. He has alot of experience being previously a commercial broker and working for various banks (DB, Swiss etc.) designing robots. Olivier has even bought «all» available robots to study their strategies. I am looking forward to see this masterpiece with over 30 years of trading-experience implemented with the help of his partner working 8 years progremming for hedge funds. It took 5 years to make this masterpiece. If you are in dought about Olivier and this product, please ask him directly. If you want to know more about Oliviers experience, look through his video`s, like "This is my life and why I`m arrogant". He is not arrogant, just contact him, he has humor. I am comfortable with recommending him and his products. You will probably never find anyone more helpful than him! In ABlackBoxNN you have build in protection, but still I would be careful with too high leverage/gearing because trading is not a sprint, but marathon. Please ask Olivier if there is anything you should know, because then you get the best results! Just listen through his video`s on YouTube and you will hear he knows what he is doing. He has also been a good support for me in hard trading-times. I have taken a pause now, but please know he is a good person, 100%. Greetings

Markus Goss
Markus Goss 2017.04.09 05:42 

Such a good job done on this neural product. I really appreciate the functionality and how it works overall. Additionally, Olivier is a very nice and professional person offering incredible customer support. If you like to play around with trading, buy another products elsewhere. BBNN is offering "set and forget" for real asset management. Therefore 5-stars and again lots of thanks!

Figg 2017.03.06 00:16 

Good EA. As with everything, don't be too greedy with too big lot size compared to account size. This EA earns every week. It have more winners than losers.

The support is amazing. Olivier is standby to answer any questions you throw at him.

Sezor 2017.03.01 20:43   

Example trade on Feb 24 2017


3 trading days later, still no winning trade.

Bluemax2016 2016.12.13 19:12 

I bought both BBNN and BBSO within the last 2 weeks. I'm still testing pairs and other settings. Today alone I had 17 closed trades 15 was winners and 2 lost (one open in - $0,30) And I'm in good profit. On this Screen dump the 6,39 trade was manual http://prntscr.com/dizsvb

We have a nice forum where people help each other regarding settings and pair to trade - Its was very easy to be approved to the forum - but well I did pay for my robot ... not sure people who got an activation code from a friend would be accepted. Olivier is arround and helpfull I had a long chat with him on whatsapp sunday night at 10 pm where no one really should work.

All I can say good job with both BBNN and BBSO.

Leko 2016.12.13 11:52 

Great EA and easy to use. Looking forward to the updates including further development of the NN. Works well along side semi auto or manual trades(including other modules from Olivier). This work horse continues to take deals when you're elsewhere.

Customer service and support is top notch also.

Adufani 2016.12.09 15:13 

I bought both Olivier EA products BBNN+BBSO 3 days ago , and the results more than expected , you have to adjust time frame , TP min , TP max , order numbers , and Max Lot , and enjoy with this EA , in a simple word (It is money machine) ,

LISA ,,, Please check My comment you can see the results just for 1 day trading 8-12-2016 ( 48$ profit only with 0.01 lot it equal = 480 pips in one day ) ,,, my friend don't worry about Lisa or about anybody else ,, you are a great man you are the best ,,, go forward and your friends always waiting the new updates for the best results .

Lisa Dana
Lisa Dana 2016.12.09 08:50 

I tried this product and also the BBSO for more than 3 months. DON´T WASTE MONEY. Olivier´s products dont work at all. The "BBNN forum" doesnt exist, you cant log in, its all fake. Same as the EA performance. He dont give any real result and tries to convince people with more lies. So, I repeat, DONT TRY OR BUY ANY OF HIS PRODUCTS!!

Versión 2.0 2016.11.23
13 new range pairs optimized now

slightly modified range exit for more performance ( added tp set by the user)

maxspread specified for each pair, calculated by ea
with maxspread function: Addmaxspread