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Bonus Hedging EA MT5


MT4 Product URL:


MT5 Product URL:


Special Offer;

If you bought both platform products in same day and date, we will give you 40% money back.

Run both terminals on same VPS (Virtual Private Server)


Lot size calculation formula

= (Bonus/2) / (Spread/50) / 100


Detail Explanation


If you have 1000USD deposit in each account for bonus hedging and your broker offered you 10% deposit bonus, in this case your bonus value should be 100USD.


Now you are interested to apply hedge on GOLD/XAUUSD & your Broker have maximum spread for GOLD/XAUUSD 80 points.


In above explanation we have extract two things; Bonus Value & Spread Value.

Now let’s enter these two values in Lot size calculation formula and obtain suitable lot size for our GOLD/XAUUSD bonus hedging.


= (100/2) / (80/50) / 100

= (50/1.60) / 100

= 31.25 / 100

= 0.3125

= ROUND (0.32)


At the completion of hedge you will got half of bonus value as your profit.

As per above explanation you will got ~50USD expected profit.


Use any Time Frame; Use Same Trading Instrument on Both Terminals.

First apply client mode on first Terminal after set Auto Trading On, and than apply master mode on second Terminal after set Auto Trading On.


Once trading activity stopped in both accounts / terminals, close opened graphs in both terminals.

And start again after reset balance in both accounts.


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