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Crash And Boom Detector MT5

An algorithm to detect a spike instantly with zero lag..

Use default settings for "Crash And Boom"

This smart algorithm detects a spike, which can be use to filter out market spikes, give entry signals with exit.

Trading:-  Booming for Boom and Crashing for Crash
Spike Signal:- The less you decrease the more signals
Multiplier:- This multiplies the Signal
Time Ratio:- For adjusting the Signal

AlertProperties = "====== Alert Properties ======";
SendAlertViaAlertWindow:- if set to true it will make a pop up alert
SendAlertViaNotification:- Sends alert to mobile
SendAlertViaEmail:- Sends alert to Email
SendAlertViaPlaySound : plays Sound
SoundFileName: Sound file name

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Version 1.1 2020.07.21