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Parabolic SAR MTF

This is a multiple timeframe version of the classic Parabolic SAR indicator (stands for "stop and reverse").

PSAR follows price being a trend following indicator. Once a downtrend reverses and starts up, PSAR follows prices like a trailing stop.

You can choose the timeframes for displaying PSAR on the chart.

Of course, you can see PSAR only from the current and higher timeframes.

Input parameters:

  • bM15 - PSAR from M15
  • bM30 - PSAR from M30
  • bH1 - PSAR from H1
  • bH4 - PSAR from H4
  • bD1 - PSAR from D1
  • bW1 - PSAR from W1
  • bMN1 - PSAR from MN1
  • Step - 0.02
  • Maximum - 0.2
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