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Pound Euro Grabber

Automatic trading Advisor .Refers to the breakdown scalping robots .Traded pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD .The EA places pending orders at price levels where strong recoilless movements are likely to occur.All trades have a fixed stop loss and take profit .Orders are closed either by take profit or by trailing stop.For successful trading, a broker with the narrowest possible spread is recommended .

To use the VPS server is a must!

Testing was performed on tick data with modeling quality 99.9 %,

using TickStory Light program.Testing with 90% modeling quality  and lower will be incorrect!

* Martingale, grid, averaging and other dangerous strategies are not used!

*Timeframe only H1

*Only five-digit quotes

*Only Expir should be changed in the input parameters, if EUR USD is set to 8, if GBPUSD is set to 12

* Operational support from the developer

 *Do not overestimate the level of risk!

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