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EZ Smart Trend

EZ.Smart Trend
This EA uses a variety of strategies and functions such as neural network grid scalping, mobile stop loss, automatic lot number setting, etc.
Use revolutionary price model algorithms, price behavioral trading, and signature collaborative work with artificial intelligence adaptive processing units. The system adopts some kind of reverse sampling development method, which makes the system show a very substantial benefit in the 13-year historical backtesting. Profit drivers to keep profits maximizing. Waiting for the market to overbought and oversold, low risk, high altitude and low, the largest order is optimized to leave. Trend trading and trend breakout trading are technological innovations based on the deep integration of tensorflow and DBN (Deep Belief Nets) algorithms. If the direction is reversed, the trading model of the quantitative algorithm is used to narrow the distance between the price line and the take-profit line, which makes the operation more stable. This strategy will keep open trades until it reaches the set order volume for each set of trades. Monthly earnings are conservative at 10%, and usually earnings are between 10% and 25%. There is almost no retracement and it is relatively stable.
Customers can customize some of the required small features for an additional charge.
Recommended time period 5min/15min/1hour

Lots-initial opening lots of EA

Lot Exponent-Multiples between each order when the amount is increased

Lot Decimal-Number of quote points (fourth or fifth)

Pip Step-Point spacing between multiple orders

Max Lots-Max lot for each order

MM-False/True.Martingale switch (do not double after closing)

Note:Default turn on with version lite

Take Profit-A basket of profit point values

Use Equity Stop-False/True.Turn on/off the risk control switch

Total Equity Risk-Equity risk control ratio of account

Use Trailing Stop-False/True.Turn on/off the switch

Trail Start-Start triggering the trailing stop position

Trail Stop-Moving stop loss point

Slip-Allow maximum slippage

Max Trades_Hilo-Maximum number of transactions in the stage1

Magic Number_Hilo- unique number of the EA

Max Trades_15-Maximum number of transactions in the stage2

g_magic_176_15-unique number of the EA

Max Trades_16-Maximum number of transactions in the stage3

g_magic_176_16-unique number of the EA

(magic number must be different from three stages)

version MT5:


version lite:


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Version 1.2 2019.11.22
EA parameter optimization
Version 1.1 2019.09.20
Parameter optimization update