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DmytriyX Impulse FREE

This is a free version of the Dmytriyx Impulse Expert Advisor. The Expert Advisor analyzes the current price dynamics when it deviates from the average value. Uses pending orders in the impulse direction, at a fixed distance, then moves the pending order in the direction of correction. You can configure the number of pending orders to be placed in the signal direction - the distance between the pending orders is LevelDist, the lot value of each new order is equal to a half of the previous one (in the free version, all positions have the fixed minimum lot). After the closure of the impulse candlestick, pending orders, which did not trigger, are deleted and the EA waits for the next entry signal. The EA works on any timeframe. Optimized for trading on EURUSD. Optimize parameters before launching on a different pair. Has a built-in option for increasing lot after a losing deal to recover from loss. The EA can use a fixed or a dynamic lot depending on the deposit size, calculated per 100 units of the basic currency (in the free version, all positions have the fixed minimum lot). With default settings, the EA can trade on deposits starting at 50 currency units (50 dollars or 50 cents on cent accounts). Depending on settings, each order is accompanied by wither a trailing stop or a fixed stop loss. The EA has protection against spread widening, allowing to set maximum tolerable spread when opening a position. It is not recommended to use on highly volatile currency pairs with a deep correction without optimization, as well as on accounts with the spread value above 35 pips.

Expert Advisor monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/440956


  • AfterLossLot_2x - enable lot increase for the order following a losing one
  • TakeProfit - maximum profit level in points
  • SL_Period - period for setting the floating stop loss.
  • NoLossLevels - trailing start level. (This parameter is recommended for optimization)
  • LevelDist - distance from the current price to place a pending order. (This parameter is recommended for optimization)
  • VolumePR - period of MA used for average range calculation (recommended for optimization)
  • MinVolBar - the minimum size of the impulse candlestick. The lower the value, the more entry signals will be generated, however with a worse quality (recommended for optimization)
  • FactorC - depth of correction of the signal candlestick. (This parameter is recommended for optimization)
  • OpenOrderCount - the number of pending orders to be placed on a signal candlestick.
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowable spread in pips.
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