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HLCZ magnet

Night Scalper based on the standard ZigZag indicator. The indicator determines a horizontal channel. But at the bottom, sell at the top of the channel.

The channel is displayed on the chart. The EA features a unique handling of spread expansion on rollovers and during the news.

Signals of this EA

  1. https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/301211 - with a relatively low risk.
  2. https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/299579 - with a high risk.


  • show_info_on_chart - flag to display information on the chart.
  • ColorText - color of the Balance, Equity and the current spread on the screen.
  • InpDepth =16 - the fist parameter of the indicator. The rest are calculated automatically. Optimization: 2/1/100.
  • om=0.8 - coefficient for the channel. Optimization: 0.05/0.05/1.5.
  • Delta=35 - minimum width of the channel in points. Optimization: 10/1/200.
  • typ_spread0=7 - average spread before rollover. It is recommended to a value 10-20 % lower than average. Not optimized.
  • typ_spread1=20 - average spread in the first hour after rollover. It is recommended to a value 10-20 % lower than average. Not optimized.
  • magnetlevel = 0 ; - snap levels to numbers similar to 1.12120. Optimization: 0/1/5.
  • magnetbid = 0; snapping Bid prices to a round level. Optimization: 0/1/5.
  • Lot=0.00; - trading a fixed lot. Not optimized.
  • MaximumRisk=0.2; if Lot = 0, then risk is taken into account. Optimization: 0.05/0.05/1.5.
  • SmartRisk = 10; this parameter takes into account the latest deals. If the profit in points is less than zero, the risk is decreased. Optimization: 0/1/20.
  • SL=110; virtual stop loss in points. Protected against spread expansions. Optimization: 0/5/1000.
  • Starthour=22; trading start time. Optimization: 0/1/24.
  • Endhour=2; trading end time. After this time, deals are not opened and closed by signals. Optimization: 0/1/24.
  • EndTradeFriday=23; after the specified time on Friday, deals are not opened. Not optimized.
  • StartHourTradeMonday=0; time to start trading on Monday. Not optimized.
  • TradeAfterRollover = true - enable/disable opening and closing after a rollover. Used in tests and in real trading.
  • RolloverHour=0; - time of rollover. Not optimized.
  • Minute_after_RollOver=45; trading start time in minutes. For example, if Minute_after_RollOver=45 deals are still opened closed after 0:45 by the terminal time. It can take values from 0 to 59.
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Version 1.2 - 2017.07.03
1. Added time parameters for determining the current spread.
2. Removed the SmartRisk parameter and the corresponding functionality.
3. Increased the speed of operation, testing and optimization.