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White Scalper

White Scalper is a fully automated Expert Advisor that uses a highly accurate scalping strategy. It works on all symbols and timeframes.

White Scalper advantages

  1. Flexible settings allow you to use the EA on virtually any instrument.
  2. No long stagnation period.
  3. Good testing results since 2000.
  4. No outstaying the losses. All trades are closed within a few hours.
  5. The Expert Advisor does not use hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitrage, etc. A stop loss is always set.

About Extreme settings

The settings are periodically updated. They are designed for trading at high risk. If you want to trade at medium or low risk, do not use settings marked as Extreme.

White Scalper performance on a real account: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/rembler


  1. Timeframe: M1, M5, M15.
  2. Currency pairs: GBPUSD or other pairs with a low spread.
  3. Risk level: 5-30% of the safety stop loss.
  4. Account type: ECN with a low spread.
  5. Deposit: at least $50.


  1. WET_offset - time zone of the broker server relative to the WET (Western European Time).
  2. Settings - select trade settings. To use custom settings, select 'Custom settings'.
  3. MN - magic number. It should be changed when trading one instrument in different terminal windows.
  4. MaxSpread - maximum spread.
  5. Slippage - level of protection against slippage.
  6. TryCount - number of attempts to open (modify) an order.
  7. Comm - comment to trades.
  8. Lot - fixed lot size.
  9. Risk - risk level as a percentage of the safety stop loss (if you want to trade a fixed lot, set the value to zero).
  10. VirtStopLoss - virtual stop loss in points.
  11. VirtTakeProfit - virtual take profit in points.
  12. TriggSens - EA's sensitivity to market changes. The greater the value, the less frequent the entries.
  13. MaxOrders - maximum number of simultaneously opened deals.
  14. StartHour - EA operation start hour.
  15. StartMinute - EA operation start minute.
  16. EndHour - EA operation end hour.
  17. EndMinute - EA operation end minute.
  18. FridayEvening - enable/disable trading on Friday evening.
  19. HardExit - enable/disable forced closing of all trades at a certain hour.
  20. HardStopHour - hour of forced trades closing.
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