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Venom Scalper

Venom Scalper is a scaler EA, which trades strong market movements. The Expert Advisor does not use hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitrage, etc. The basis of the EA strategy lies on breakouts of the key levels based on supply and demand. The EA analyzes the volatility values, sets the breakeven levels, controls slippages and spread expansions. The trailing stop allows the robot to capture most of the movements, while reducing the risks. The settings are indented for the H1 timeframe.

Attention! The EA will work only on standard ECN accounts and on a VPS with a ping less than 5-6 ms. If these conditions are not met, the EA will not work correctly.

Requirements for using the EA

  • Account with low spread and without restrictions on the setting of stop/limit levels is required for the correct operation of the EA. The lower the spread and commission, the greater the profit.
  • Modeling quality of no less than 99.0% is required for the correct testing of the EA.
  • It is necessary to have a stable connection to the broker's server (or use a high-quality VPS with the lowest ping possible).
Venom Scalper performance on a real account: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/rembler

Input parameters

  • Settings for the pair - selection of the trading setting.
  • StopLoss - stop loss value.
  • TakeProfit - take profit value.
  • Magic - magic number.
  • Using Control of Spread - use spread control.
  • Aggressive_mode - enable/disable the aggressive mode.
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowed spread.
  • TryCount - the number of attempts to open an order.
  • Slippage - the level of protection against slippage.
  • Close the order if there was slippage - close the order if a slippage occurred on opening.
  • Max slippage on opening - maximum slippage on opening (value for the previous function).
  • Virtual_SL - enable/disable the virtual stop loss.
  • Show_Info - enable/disable the display of information on the chart.
  • Show_Slip_Stat - enable/disable the display of slippage statistics.
  • Stop trading on Friday - stop trading on Friday.
  • The hour of stopping trading on Friday - hour to stop trading on Friday.
  • Minute of stop on Friday - minute to stop trading on Friday.
  • Stop trading in the evening - stop trading in the evening.
  • The hour of stopping trading in the evening - hour to stop trading in the evening.
  • Minute of evening stop - minute to stop trading in the evening.
  • The hour of starting trading in the morning - hour to start trading in the morning.
  • Minute of morning start - minute to start trading in the morning.
  • Split_orders - enable/disable the order splitting mode.
  • Lot after exceeding which the orders will be divided - split orders when the specified lot size is exceeded.
  • The number of orders on which the initial order will be divided - the number of orders to split the initial order into.
  • Lot - trade using the specified fixed lot.
  • RiskLevel - risk level as a percentage (if you want to trade a fixed lot, set the value to zero).
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop.
  • TrailingStep - step of the trailing stop;
  • Trail_by_percent - enable/disable trailing stop based on profit percentage.
  • Percent_for_trail - profit percentage for trailing stop.
  • Using Break Even - enable/disable breakeven.
  • BE_Start - initial breakeven level.
  • BE_Level - profit level for breakeven.
  • NewsFilter - enable/disable the news filter.
  • Time zone of the broker server relative to the GMT - time zone of the broker's server relative to GMT.
  • Indent before the news (in minutes) - offset before the news (in minutes).
  • Indent after the news (in minutes) - offset after the news (in minutes).
  • Enable strong news - enable/disable the consideration of high-impact news.
  • Enable medium news - enable/disable the consideration of medium-impact news.
  • Enable weak news - enable/disable the consideration of low-impact news.
To activate the news filter, add the following to the list of allowed URLs for WebRequest "http://ec.forexprostools.com/?columns=exc_currency,exc_importance&importance=1,2,3&calType=week&timeZone=15&lang=1".


  • Timeframe - H1.
  • Currency pairs - EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, XAUUSD.
  • Risk - specified in the "RiskLevel" parameter. It can be changed by the user.
Pealres Lukinskas
Pealres Lukinskas 2018.01.03 18:37 

Tested Venom Scalper on 2 different months with 4 different brokers simultaneously on EURUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD. All testings were made with VPS on less than 5 ms latency.

Unfortunately the net results in any given period were negative.

I've done backtests with tickdatasuite that showed positive gains but in real trading thats not the case. Tested it in Pepperstone, IC Markets, Activtrades and Dukascopy (with MT4 bridge). At this point I can't recommend this one.

Scorpion69 2017.10.12 20:18   

This EA is bullshit. Don't waste your money!! Would like a refund please!

Hong Yi Li
Hong Yi Li 2017.10.03 22:07 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Le Long Vinh
Le Long Vinh 2017.07.20 09:37 

Good EA trading breakout style. Work well on broker have avg slippage less than 1 pip ,VPS is needed.

Carlos Theodoro
Carlos Theodoro 2017.07.13 21:50 

If you have one doubt about this Venom Scalper, look on my signal. 30 days on demo applied, Definly Mrs Pavel make a excellent Scalper EA, but you needed BE patient. h1 is a buda meditation. Nice EA Nice Programmer Thanks Pavel, lets buy after rente one month. :) 6 stars Great full.

Zhihao Wang
Zhihao Wang 2017.07.08 05:53 

Very well! I will continue to test and help authors upgrade programs continuously!

stevenvanlie 2017.07.08 05:50 

I run demo for this EA, compared to the author's signal on real account, the performance is the same.

will run LIVE in one or two weeks from now

very promising EA

Oleg Lozovshuk
Oleg Lozovshuk 2017.06.28 12:20 

Хочу обратиться к людям которые оставили плохой отзыв о данном советнике, нет у вас терпения и психологический фактор на лицо...!!! Сам был таким, хотел, чтоб уже и вчера, а так Вам хочу сказать не бывает. А советник действительно норм, с пингом в 135 ms, все равно зарабатывает в плюс и не хуже чем у автора!!! Так что рекомендую данный советник, автор тож нормальны и адекватный человек, на все заданные вопросы, я получил исчерпывающие ответы.

David Diez
David Diez 2017.06.14 18:35 

Not working the same as the signal in TickMill ECN Pro with MQL5 VPS.

Jaldip Ramani
Jaldip Ramani 2017.06.14 15:29 

only for demo account best work not real account best work

ikascorp 2017.06.10 22:55 

Арендовал советник и установил на демо аккаунте. Пока что прошло две недели и в серьёзном плюсе с минимальной просадкой. Но надо учесть с каким брокером торгуете. Устанавливал на двух одновременно. У одного в минусе, у другого в плюсе. Скоро отпишусь как будет работать на реальном.

Mariusz Walczak
Mariusz Walczak 2017.06.05 08:47 

Nice scalper. EA have potencial. But you must follow with condition. (fast VPS, ECN account)

Great support from author.

PS. I advise also join to any cashback program. It should improve your profit.

chuotme 2017.05.30 16:01 


Ted NO FX 2017.05.15 18:50 

loosing money with this EA, not recommended!

Assddfffg1 2017.05.11 13:34 

Очень хороший советник, всем рекомендую и автор отзычивый, идет навстречу.

Manabu Yanagita
Manabu Yanagita 2017.05.02 07:31 


Version 1.44 2017.11.28
Added Take Profit.
Version 1.43 2017.10.13
Fixed a bug in the news filter.
Version 1.42 2017.10.10
- Added new settings.
- Added trailing stop on profit percentage.
Version 1.41 2017.09.14
Fixed bugs.
Version 1.40 2017.09.13
Fixed bugs in the news filter.
Version 1.39 2017.08.31
- added a virtual stop loss;
- added closing an order after exceeding the specified slippage value at an opening.
Version 1.38 2017.08.18
- added news filter;
- added settings for XAUUSD.
Version 1.37 2017.08.10
- Added order split function;
- Added breakeven function;
- Added settings for three currency pairs;
- Added an aggressive mode of building entry levels.
Version 1.36 2017.07.12
The possibilities for adjusting the trading time are extended.
Version 1.35 2017.07.04
- fixed errors of interaction with other experts;
- added the ability to write custom comments;
- added the ability to stop trading in the evening;
- display of slippage statistics was added.
Version 1.33 2017.06.05
Fixed errors on XAUUSD.
Version 1.32 2017.05.25
Fixed minor errors.
Version 1.31 2017.05.17
Fixed minor errors.
Version 1.3 2017.05.11
- Added the use of pending orders.
- Fixed an error in the "RiskLevel" parameter.
- Removed the limitation on the maximum lot size.
- Fixed other minor errors.
Version 1.1 2017.04.05
Усовершенствован алгоритм поиска уровней для входа в сделку.