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Rubicon EA

Rubicon EA is a fully automated trend-following Expert Advisor for trading EURUSD. The strategy of the EA is designed for medium-term trading, which ensures stable operation regardless of the trading conditions (spread, slippages, execution speed) and the current market situation.

Advantages of Rubicon EA

  1. It can work with any broker and any account type.
  2. There are no prolonged periods of stagnation.
  3. The EA is self-optimizing, adjusting to the current market conditions.
  4. Does not require any knowledge of the market. All settings are extremely simple.
Rubicon EA performance on a real account: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/rembler

Input parameters

  1. Slippage - the level of protection against slippage.
  2. TryCount - the number of attempts to open (modify) an order.
  3. MN - magic number.
  4. MaxSpread - maximum spread, at which trades can be opened.
  5. Commentary - comment to trades.
  6. SafeMode - enable/disable the deposit protection mode. In this mode, the expert is allowed to close trades using an opposite signal.
  7. AddOrdClose - enable/disable the closure of additional orders when the trend changes.
  8. Type of MM - select the lot management type.
  9. Fixed lot value - fixed lot size.
  10. Balance for 0.01 lot (Auto calc) - amount of balance per 0.01 lot. The lot size will be adjusted multiples of the specified value.
  11. Lot multiplier - lot multiplier.
  12. EquityClose - enable/disable closing the position when a specified drawdown level is reached.
  13. EquityValue - drawdown level in percent to close the position.
Attention! Before testing or using the EA, make sure the history data is available for at least 200 days before the start date.


  1. Timeframe: H1.
  2. Currency pairs: EURUSD.
  3. Risk level: 600 or more units of the balance per 0.01 lot.
  4. Account type: any. Cent accounts can be used as well.
  5. Deposit: $600 and higher (or $6 and higher, if a cent account is used).
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Version 1.1 2017.12.14
- Fixed bug in closing on drawdown.
- Added the ability to change the lot multiplier.
- Added check for the maximum lot allowed by the broker.