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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 5 - 65

icon Use trading robots and indicators to make Forex trading more profitable. Trading robots allow you to automate opening and closing deals, while indicators help you predict market behavior more accurately. The page features the catalog of MetaTrader 5 applications.
Super Trend Filter
Muhammed Emin Ugur
Introducing the "Super Trend Filter Oscillator," your ultimate trading companion designed to enhance your technical analysis and help you make informed decisions in the financial markets. This innovative oscillator is crafted to provide valuable insights into market trends and price movements, assisting traders like you in identifying potential entry and exit points. Features: Trend Identification: The Super Trend Filter Oscillator excels in detecting prevailing market trends, whether they are b
40 USD
Ozymandias EA
Jaime Furlan De Paula
Algotrading EA is based on trend logic and price formation using weighted linear averages LWMA. The calculation is influenced by the most recent prices, which hold greater weight in the average calculation. This average is calculated by taking each of the closing prices in a certain period of time and multiplying them by a predetermined weight coefficient. Once the position of the time periods is considered, they are summed and divided by the sum of the number of time periods. Signals It consis
299 USD
Vice TradePanel
Joseph Njuguna Njeri
Vice Trading Panel is a comprehensive trading tool designed to enhance the trading experience within the MetaTrader 5 platform. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities to assist traders in executing trades, managing positions, and monitoring account activity. Key features of the Vice TradingPanel include: Trade Execution: The panel provides a user-friendly interface for executing trades. Traders can select the desired instrument from the available options and specify the trade si
39 USD
Smart Binary Volume
Thalles Nascimento De Carvalho
The Smart Binary Volume indicator is a versatile tool that combines trading volume analysis with machine learning. It can be applied to various markets and strategies, including scalping and other short-term trading approaches. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, the indicator identifies complex patterns, generating more precise buy and sell signals. Usage tips: 1. Attention when the lines are opposite: Pay attention to situations where the lines of the Smart Binary Volume indicato
30 USD
ADVANCED RANGE BREAKOUT SYSTEM The advanced range breakout system is a popular approach used in forex trading to capitalize on price movements that occur when a currency pair breaks out of a defined range. The strategy involves identifying key levels of support and resistance that confine the price within a range and then initiating trades when the price breaks above or below those levels. This EA can be used:  With all brokers  On all timeframes  With currency pairs  Indices  Cryptocurrencies I
500 USD
Make Sure to Read the Description! UT Bot Plus contains free EA! The EA can be downloaded from telegram channel:  https://t.me/ +NSOJTvH39fNhZmU0 Unlock the Power of Automated Trading with UT BOT Indicator, Integrated with a FREE EA! ( Limited time offer ) This version has been expanded to include multiple additional filtering options. These options are fully configurable and can be switched on and off. This versatile UT BOT indicator is crafted and optimized to work seamlessly with the
5 999 USD
Project Price Action is an indicator–free trading system, working on which the adviser does not use technical indicators, but works with price readings, looking for pattern models that suggest the behavior of the financial market. Price action is based on the principles of technical analysis, and this fact allows the use of specialized indicators. EA Features: Allow the risk to increase interest or fix lots by the user. Uses an economic news filter. Spreads protection using pending orders (stop
50 USD
This MT5 version indicator is a unique, high quality and affordable trading tool. The calculation is made according to the author's formula for the beginning of a possible trend. MT4 version is here  https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/98041 An accurate   MT5   indicator that gives signals to enter trades without redrawing! Ideal trade entry points for currencies, cryptocurrencies, metals, stocks, indices! The indicator builds   buy/sell   arrows and generates an alert. Use the standart  
86 USD
Cuervo SMAX trading
Cristobal Hidalgo Soriano
Cuervo_SMAX  The strategy based on the Simple Moving Average of 20 periods! This Expert Advisor (EA) uses the powerful combination of the 20-period SMA and an intelligent risk management system to identify profitable trading opportunities in the market. Outstanding features: Strategy based on the 20-period SMA: Identifies the direction of the current trend and generates accurate entry signals. Advanced risk management: Control the maximum lot size and set stop-loss levels to limit losses. Easy c
190 USD
Introducing the Ultimate Scalping and Swing Trading EA - Unlock the Power of ZigZag and Fibonacci Retracements! Risk Management Settings: - Lot Size: 0.01 (automatically calculated based on your account balance) - Risk Stop Loss (SL): 1.5% of price - Take Profit (TP): 1:1.5 risk-reward ratio Are you tired of traditional trading methods that yield mediocre results? Do you seek an EA that can navigate the complexities of the forex market with precision and finesse? Look no further! Our cuttin
97 USD
Auto Hunter
Rhulani Cedrick Vukeya
This  Expert Advisor works in all trading pairs from forex major, forex minor, metals, synthetic and crypto. ONLY 5 COPIES AVAILABLE AT THIS LOW PRICE !!! This is a automated trading robot that uses multiple indicators and secret algorithm to enter trades. It works works on all trading pairs. The e.a has automated lot size calculator and use input% of the balance. With Auto Hunter you can chose to buy only or sell only or both buy and sell order. You can chose  the number of positions to be open
1 999 USD
A professional robot that implements a classic trading strategy without indicators. On an ongoing basis, orders are opened in both directions. A series of orders is controlled by a non-indicator algorithm. The essence of the work is this. There are always two series and always one of them is in profit, and some is in drawdown. The closing of a profitable series occurs together with the closing of the least profitable orders from the opposite series. This task is controlled by the so-called wave
139 USD
License required to run all EAs created by Forex Forensics 101 LLC.  How to use: - Download from marketplace - Move to 'Indicators' folder, can not be in folders within the 'Indicators' folder Disclaimer: Forex Forensics 101 LLC is not affiliated with anyone selling an EA created through Forex Forensics 101 LLC. As such, the buyer is responsible for all wins and losses they may experience. Trading the forex market is high risk. You should always consult an expert before risking any capital. 
320 USD
Pavel Krysanov
The main objective of this indicator is to determine entry and exit points, that is why ExactArrow draws nothing but arrows showing entry and exit points. In spite of apparent simplicity of the indicator, it has complicated analytic algorithms which determine entry and exit points. The indicator generates exact and timely entry and exit signals which appear on the current candle. The indicator generates an average of 1-2 candles before its analogues do. The indicator is very easy to use. Open Bu
39 USD
C500 Spirit Breaker
Norman Thomas Celliers
Crash 500  indicator Update V2 No Repaint This indicator works with a custom build in strategy  The indicator will only give a sell sign when market conditions are in place. Only for sell. Apply own risk management target profit and stoploss. When market conditions are met the sell sign will indicate you to enter a sell position and you will have to apply your risk management system accordingly. This is only for Crash 500 market and only 1min chart   NB: Please note this indicator will be fr
100 USD
Reverse Hunter is  a medium term counter-trend system. This system works mainly on the Bollinger Bands identifying reversal movements   about the main trend , and entering in direction.  Based on the volatility, the movement that determines the optimal input is calculated. Notes Load the correct Set file related to the Symbol you want to trade on (Set files are in the Comments). The EA is scheduled to close its positions on Friday, so No over-weekend. You’ll see the Stop Loss and Take Profit
729 USD
3 candel indicator in 1 !!! The 3 most important candel indicator in 1 packadge. Help trader in chart visualisation, prevent reversal !!! Doji : Gravestone Doji, Long Legged Doji, Dragonfly Doji. Engulfing : Bullish, Bearish. Hammer : red hammer, green hammer. Fully parametrable indicator icon color config and alarm. Free life time update !!! Just try our demo for free.
30 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
The DVV indicator is a multifaceted informative indicator for the Forex market or the Cryptocurrency market . The indicator gives clear and reliable signals without redrawin g. The indicator can be used in bots by taking readings from its zero buffer. Please note that for different currency pairs, the settings must be selected separately, this is not difficult. Changing the input parameters greatly affects the display. I will show four options for using the indicator. The indicator has only
199 USD
Luan Mjller Luiz
Operating following the trend is a proven and effective strategy in the financial market. By identifying and following the market direction, it is possible to maximize profits and minimize risks. With this in mind, we present our Expert for MetaTrader 5, specifically developed to operate on the EURUSD pair in the M5 timeframe. With a recommended minimum deposit of 500 dollars, our bot has been tested for several years and has proven to be safe even during periods with a lot of news. In addition,
100 USD
This system works on the most classic and perhaps ancient trading logic, but it’s still alive: the cross of moving averages. What moving   averages? How many? At how many periods? I’ve been working on it for months and here’s the result: my most advanced moving   averages crossing logic. Notes Load the correct Set file related to the Symbol you want to trade on (Set files are in the Comments). The EA is scheduled to close its positions on Friday, so No over-weekend. You’ll see the Stop Loss
499 USD
the unbeatable Scalper for EURUSD - your ultimate trading companion! If you're looking for a reliable way to boost your profits while keeping your capital secure, look no further. We proudly present the unbeatable Scalper for EURUSD, a top-notch trading robot that specializes in EURUSD trading. While many talk about trading robots, few emphasize the importance of safeguarding your capital during market reversals. That's where the unbeatable Scalper for EURUSD truly shines. With its intellige
160 USD
Signals Executor for Telegram is a Utility that allows you to Execute Orders and Manage Stops from messages sent in Telegram Chats . These Chat messages are received as commands by this tool, and have different functions for each command. To use this utility, it's needed to have a Telegram Bot (which will be used through the Bot Token) and add it in a Chat . The Bot Token and Chat Id must be added to the input parameters of this Signals Executor for Telegram . You can also restrict the use of c
200 USD
Gioteen Volatility Index (GVI) - your ultimate solution to overcoming market unpredictability and maximizing trading opportunities. This revolutionary indicator helps you in lowering your losing trades due to choppy market movements. The GVI is designed to measure market volatility, providing you with valuable insights to identify the most favorable trading prospects. Its intuitive interface consists of a dynamic red line representing the volatility index, accompanied by blue line that indicate
100 USD
SMC Unmitigated Finding is a indicator for find unmitigated supply and demand in previous legs of price Settings Zigzag Settings ZZDepth - by Default is 12. ZZDeviation - by Default is 5. ZZBackStep - by Default is 3. Horizontal Line Settings SupportColor-  color for Support line.  ResistanceColor  -  color for Resistance line. Settings Num of Show -  Number of Support & Resistance Show.
49 USD
Didi Index Volume
Thalles Nascimento De Carvalho
Introducing the Didi Index Volume, a technical analysis indicator developed by Brazilian trader Odir Aguiar, which stands out for its advanced and powerful approach in identifying opportunities in the financial market. Available on various platforms, the Didi Index Volume has become an essential tool for traders seeking precise insights and valuable information for their trading strategies. The indicator combines the renowned Didi Index, created by Odir Aguiar, with intelligent use of trading v
30 USD
RoundHouse EA
Bailey John Wickens
Introducing the RoundHouse EA, a multi strategy algorithm used for scalping EURUSD on the M1 Chart. Entry Strategy: RoundHouse EA is an advanced MT5 Algorithm, specializing in scalping and averaging in on the EURUSD M1 chart. RoundHouse continuously scans the market, pinpointing high-quality trading setups during specific trading hours and sessions, creating the optimal conditions for opening positions. Through rigorous 100+ hours of backtesting, we have identified the highest probability entr
99 USD
Orion Flexible Mean Reversion
Joao Paulo Botelho Silva
The Orion Flexible Mean Reversion EA allows traders to develop numerous mean reversion strategies. The EA incorporates various indicators for developing robust entry and exit strategies that can be adapted to function in various time frames and markets.   Theoretical Basis Mean reversion strategies aim to enter in the opposite direction of exhaustion movements, seeking a price reversal. They are excellent ways for traders to diversify their portfolios building high winning rates strategies.   Ho
97 USD
HotSpot Ultimate MT5
Abubakar Abu Saidu
Introducing "HotSpot Ultimate EA: Elite Level Trading and High-Analysis Signals" Description: HotSpot EA is an exceptional and meticulously designed expert advisor (EA). It harnesses the power of advanced level trading techniques and high-level analysis to generate highly accurate and reliable trading signals. With access to a vast and comprehensive database, this cutting-edge EA empowers traders with a strategic edge in the dynamic forex market. 100k Live Signal Analysis:-   https://www.mql5
333 USD
Optimized Trading Strategy for News Trading The Expert Advisor has been optimized for maximum1 profit and minimum risk of loss in Forex trading. You can use the EA application for trading during time periods with financial news releases. Consequently, a breakout take place in that moment. The result is a reversal in the trend. Forex trading in these hours can be very profitable. I encourage you to take Your Forex Trading to the Next Level and gain significantly Higher Profits in Forex T
595 USD
Introducing CobWeb Ultimate Pro: The Most Advanced and Comprehensive Expert Advisor for Decade-Long Trading. Description: CobWeb Ultimate Pro is a culmination of over 10 years of expert advisor development and extensive trading experience. This cutting-edge EA combines more than 10 strategies, each meticulously designed and optimized. With an array of sophisticated trading techniques and analysis methodologies, CobWeb Ultimate Pro provides traders with an unparalleled advantage in the dynamic fo
999 USD
IMPORTANT: To Backtest Download The Latest SET File from COMMENTS SimpleRules GOLD: SimpleRules GOLD is a system that's refreshed REGULARLY with new internal settings to stay tuned for current market conditions. SimpleRules GOLD is a system that's been under development for 2+ years. It is a TREND FOLLOWING algorithm that's designed for low-drawdown while eliminating the risk that Martingale robots suffer when currencies take-off! The system features: Low Drawdown and Low Risk Trading
499 USD
To get access to MT4 version please click here . - This is the exact conversion from TradingView: "CM Super Guppy" by "FritzMurphy" - This is a light-load processing indicator. - This is a non-repaint indicator. - This is not a multi time frame indicator. - Buffers are available for the lines on chart. - You can message in private chat for further changes you need. Thanks for downloading
40 USD
The Casablanca FX EA Gold is trend following strategy specifically design for Gold. It is a daily strategy which is crucial in terms of minimizing the trading cost and the noise.   This EA provides full transparency as it gives the user access to all possible setting parameters  This EA does not use any martingale and/or grid functionalities. Please behave responsible with your trading funds and only use money that you can afford to lose. Have fun testing and trading :) The backtests shown in t
99 USD
Move Detector
Art Charles Gonzales Pinillos
Detector completo para  movimientos de precios, Con stop loss take profit y todas las medidas de seguridad en tu cuenta. El EA consiste en procesar la diferencia de precios para poder saber si es conveniente comprar o vender dependiendo de diferentes circunstancias de volumen movimiento y otros factores. El Bot es único y sirve para cualquier par de divisas.
114 USD
Orion Telegram Notifier Bot
Joao Paulo Botelho Silva
Orion Telegram Notifier Bot  allows the trader to receive trade notifications in his Telegram whenever a position is opened or closed. The EA sends notifications showing the Symbol, Magic Number, Direction, Lot (Volume), Entry Price, Exit Price, Take Profit, Stop-Loss and Profit of the position. How to setup Orion Telegram Notifier? Open Telegram and Search for “BotFather” Click or Type “/newbot” Create a nickname and username (Example: nickname: MT5trades   - username: MT5TelegramBot) *The us
50 USD
Holiday Space Eurozone  is a fully automatic trading system. The Expert Advisor trades according to a classic strategy based on the level of fair prices. This system has proven itself positively, having passed the crises of 2008 and 2018, the COVID-19 pandemic, and is now showing successful results. Before purchasing a Trading Advisor, check out the trading history of this strategy at real account and subscribe to the trading signal! Monitoring of trading on this trading system on a real acc
190 USD
Mr Beast 3 Candle
Luis Mariano Vazquez Marcos
Best MT5  Scalping Strategy 3 Candle Parámetros recomentados H1 lotaje 0.01. Gestión del riesgo profesional Descubre el Robot de Scalping basado en la Estrategia de las 3 Velas. Este robot de trading de Forex ha sido desarrollado por MRBEAST como una herramienta para facilitar el trading intradía. Tenga en cuenta que el uso de este robot implica ciertos riesgos y no garantiza ganancias consistentes en el mercado de divisas. El robot de trading se basa en algoritmos y estrategias que he diseñado,
35 USD
Pending orders system is a small trading panel created for quick setting of hidden pending stop orders. Its functionality is simple and at the same time very necessary in the day-to-day work of a trader. The main function of this panel is to set hidden pending stop orders with one click of the mouse at the desired place on the chart. If necessary, the user can pre-register lot, stop loss and take profit in the corresponding fields. If the lot is not specified, it will be set at the level of the
50 USD
ICT PD Arrays Trader
Aesen Noah Remolacio Perez
Attention All ICT Students! This indispensable tool is a must-have addition to your trading arsenal... Introducing the ICT PD Arrays Trader: Empower your trading with this innovative utility designed to enhance and simplify your ICT trading strategy and maximize your potential profits.  How does it work? It's simple yet highly effective. Begin by placing a rectangle on your trading chart and assigning it a name like 'ict' or any preferred identifier. This allows the system to accurately ide
30 USD
This is a real trading program utilizing a mechanical strategy. It's a fully automatic Expert Advisor designed for scalp trading. Unlike Martingale, this program doesn't rely on it. However, it does offer the option to use the Grid function exclusively for managing drawdown trades. As the user, you have the flexibility to choose whether to utilize this feature. This trading robot is suitable for trading multiple assets in line with the prevailing trend. I personally use this bot on a live funde
1 500 USD
Zaidi Mansouri
Migalo ea Martingale : is a fully automatic robot that has the level of a professional trader. The robot uses a completely new and unknown strategy. During real trading, he  look towards history and acts according to circumstances. The robot has been tested for 1 year on real ticks in more than 20 brokerage companies. On the window input  shows the parameters for selecting the operating : activate martingale (true)........... show that in screenshot .
30 USD
Lizard MT5
Fatme Othman Goehringer
5 copies left at $70                                                         Next price - - > $100                                                        **Leave a 5-star review and get a second EA for free**                                   Introduction: Are you tired of losing you money with curve fitted experts or so called holy grails which promise thousands of dollars every day? Did you spent hours of research or while developin
70 USD
High Gravity Signals MT5 Its our new Physics concept 100% non repainted signals based on gravity laws and mathematical calculation behind that concept its new method which is never used in history.  Please keep in mind 100% accuracy rate please test first on tester for months years history when you comfortable with any strategy then only try with lie accounts. How to trade :- When signals came its gives you  alert Always keep in mind just wait for high/low breaks with some buffer points (2pip-
1 899 USD
Alpha Avalanche EA is a sophisticated grid trading solution that has demonstrated a track record of success on active trading accounts over an extended period. Diverging from the conventional methodologies that adjust their strategies based on historical data, Alpha Avalanche EA has been meticulously crafted to capitalize on prevailing market inefficiencies. As a result, it transcends the limitations of a mere "hit or miss" grid trading system, relying instead on harnessing genuine market mechan
599 USD
ICT Zone Alert MT5
Prafull Manohar Nikam
This indicator uses candlesticks with large real bodies to predict possible market structure shift. Displacement is a very powerful move in price action resulting in strong selling or buying pressure. Generally speaking, displacement will appear as a single or a group of candles that are all positioned in the same direction. These candles typically have large real bodies and very short wicks, suggesting very little disagreement between buyers and sellers. Often, a displacement will occur just af
30 USD
Hidden Treasure
Rhulani Cedrick Vukeya
Hidden Treasure This is a 7 in 1 Expert Advisor/ it has seven different entry strategies. This is a automated trading robot that uses multiple indicators and secret algorithm to enter trades. It works works on all forex major and minor pairs. The e.a has automated lot size calculator and use input% of the balance. With SmartHunter you can chose to buy only or sell only or both buy and sell order. You can chose  the number of positions to be opened. You can input you stoploss and takeprofit. You
99 USD
Holiday Space Atlantic  is a fully automatic trading system. The Expert Advisor trades according to a classic strategy based on the level of fair prices. This system has proven itself positively, having passed the crises of 2008 and 2018, the COVID-19 pandemic, and is now showing successful results. Before purchasing a Trading Advisor, check out the trading history of this strategy at real account and subscribe to the trading signal! Monitoring of trading on this trading system on a real ac
190 USD
Auto FxTrader SetFile:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/102223#!tab=comments&page=1&comment=48006722 Auto FxTrader has been refined and backtested many, many, MANY times! Unlock Financial Success with Auto FxTrader - Your Expert Advisor for Passive Income! Introducing Auto FxTrader, the revolutionary expert advisor designed to maximize your trading potential. With our intelligent algorithm and cutting-edge features, achieving consistent profits has never been easier. Get ready to experie
49.99 USD
Various Moments MA
Miss Preeyanut Budsarakham
The Various Moments MA automated trading system uses three pairs of ema moving average indicators ma6,ma8 ma18,ma20 ma20,ma22 intersecting at three intervals: five minutes, fifteen minutes, thirty minutes and one hour. By working with the neural network and the Martingale method of trading to help achieve consistent profits. and to filter trades more precisely We have added two more indicators iATR and iStdDev to measure the volatility of charts that are advantageous for trading and thus enter t
99 USD
Calvin Andrew Jenkins
Expert advisor that automatically closes all open positions when a specific profit amount or loss amount is reached. The profit and loss amounts are configurable inputs and can be set when attaching the EA to a chart. This EA has proven to be useful in high quantity trading strategies to control and minimize risk. The EA works for all account currencies and is designed to close out all trades once the desired profit or loss is hit.
30 USD
Cuervo Candles Scalping
Cristobal Hidalgo Soriano
Main features:    1. Scalping strategy: The Crow Candles Scalping EA focuses on taking advantage of quick market movements. The strategy is based on identifying candlestick patterns and technical analysis to make entry and exit decisions.    2. Advanced risk management: The EA incorporates robust risk management to protect your trading account. You can adjust the stop-loss and take-profit parameters to tailor the risk level to your preferences.    3. Flexible configuration: The Crow Candles Sca
325 USD
Mussadiq Abdul Rahim
About Introducing our state-of-the-art technical analysis indicator that predicts trends using multiple sources from technical charts, specifically tailored for the EURUSD, EURJPY, and EURGBP forex pairs. This cutting-edge tool is designed to provide traders with accurate and reliable insights into potential market trends and price movements, enabling them to make informed decisions about their trades. By analyzing a range of key indicators, including price movement, volume, and trend lines, ou
499 USD
Man Trend
Ivan Simonika
Man Trend uses at its core the process of identifying the rate of change in price growth and allows you to find entry and exit points from the market. The indicator was created on the basis of the original indicators for searching for extreme points, the indicator is well suited for determining a reversal or a large sharp jerk to one of the sides, thanks to it you will know when this happens, it will notify you with the appearance of a blue dot to buy red to sell. This is a fundamental tech
119 USD
Bar Size Pro
Makarii Gubaydullin
Calculates the price change on each timeframe: floating or last closed bars. My   #1   Utility : includes 65+ functions  |   Contact me  if you have any questions  |    MT4 version You can select the   shift   of the calculated basr: Floating (current) bars; The last closed (previous) bars; The type of price value   can be selected using the blue switch on the top row: Pips; Market points; Percentage value (%); Price value; The   method of calculating   the bar size can be selected using the b
30 USD
Smart Bank
Shamary A Guy
Smart Bank EA is an advanced scalping system that uses intelligent opening and closing algorithms to identify ideal entry points during calm markets. The system has been developed by me to trade Step Index on the Deriv broker. This EA  is a scalping robot. This EA analysis based on price action combined with the Moving Average Indicator to find the best entry and exit points. The EA uses a fixed stop loss and take profit, trailing stoploss, But the EA also has an early closing mechanism built
149 USD
Introducing the Power Trade Plus indicator designed by a small group of traders with a few years of experience trading the market profitably.  The Power Trade Plus is derived from the Power Trade indicator,  the indicator strive in powerful sniper entries and take profit levels, now with a unique and upgraded algorithm to withstand even the most volatile of markets.  
200 USD
This EA takes calculates the current account balance and based on user's input of risk and profit percentage , it can close trades either in profit or in loss . This tool might be helpful to people who prefer this method in managing their positions . Using Forex Trade Manager will improve your trading. Do you believe that placing orders should be as easy as feasible in marketplaces where prices can vary in a split second? You undoubtedly question how large a trade you should open when placing an
30 USD
Introduction Introducing our realistic, down-to-earth Expert Advisor, meticulously designed for traders of all expertise levels who are seeking to generate a reasonable passive income. We believe in a patient, logical approach that avoids exaggerated and manipulative promises. If your main goal is to generate stress-free, long-term passive income and you don't expect overnight millionaire status (because let's face it, no Expert Advisor can deliver that), then you've come to the right place.
600 USD
Prop Firm Breakout MT5
Emmanuel Tshepang Mosweu
This strategy offers a disciplined and systematic approach to capitalize on price movements after periods of consolidation, presenting an excellent opportunity for profit generation. The strategy provides well-defined entry triggers based on price breakouts above resistance or breakdowns below support levels. This clarity allows for precise execution and eliminates guesswork, ensuring timely and efficient trades. In contrast to numerous other programs available in the mql5 market, this strate
499 USD
Entry Pro
Bartlomiej Tadeusz Tomaja
Entry Pro Indicator is a powerful multi-functional trading tool designed to increase your market entry accuracy. It combines the power of several key market trend indicators, including ATR Trailing Stop and both fast and slow EMA, to provide comprehensive market insight. It offers easy-to-interpret market entry signals represented by colored arrows. Also, it's fully customizable, allowing you to adjust ATR and EMA periods to suit your trading strategy. Trend filters and alerts can be toggled on
1 450 USD
Centriq EA
Antonello Belgrano
Introducing Centriq Expert Advisor : Empowering Your Trading Journey with Unparalleled Precision and Consistency Embarking on a successful trading journey requires a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved and the tools at your disposal. With Centriq Expert Advisor, we equip traders like you with a powerful algorithmic trading solution that unlocks new possibilities in the financial markets. Centriq Expert Advisor draws inspiration from the best practices of proven trading strat
59 USD
概要 このMT5のインジケーターは チャートの値幅を指定Pips数(ゲージの高さ)で示すことが可能 で、MT5にインストールするだけのFX検証ソフト「 Knots Compositor 」の機能の一部です。 そして ゲージの高さ・スタイル・表示位置はインプットタブのパラメーターで設定可能 で、ゲージの幅はローソク足の幅と同等になります。 パラメーター Gauge properties Enable (=true) この変数の値がtrueであればゲージがチャートに表示される。 Height (in pips) ゲージの高さ。 ピップス単位で設定。 Color ゲージの色。 Base corner ゲージの表示の基準になる角。 プルダウンリストからチャートの四隅いずれかを選択。 X distance (in pixels) ゲージの表示のX座標。 Base cornerからの距離をピクセル単位で設定。 Y distance (in pixels) ゲージの表示のY座標。 Base cornerからの距離をピクセル単位で設定。
30 USD
概要 このMT5のインジケーターは チャートの上下の余白を変更することが可能 で、MT5にインストールするだけのFX検証ソフト「 Knots Compositor 」の機能の一部です。 チャートの上下の余白はインプットタブのパラメーターに 百分率 で設定します。 チャートの価格スケールを手動で変更しても ホットキーで元の余白幅に戻すことも可能 です。 パラメーター Padding properties Enable (=true) この変数の値がtrueであればパディングの設定が有効になる。 Percentage パディングの大きさの数値。 チャートの高さに対しての百分率で設定する。 Hotkey properties Update chart padding (="U") チャートの価格スケールを手動で変更した際などに、パディングを元の大きさに戻す。
50 USD
概要 このMT5のインジケーターは 複数チャートの表示位置をホットキーやドラッグアンドドロップで同期することが可能 で、MT5にインストールするだけのFX検証ソフト「 Knots Compositor 」の機能の一部です。 ホットキーやドラッグアンドドロップで共通の垂直線を移動することで、 共通の垂直線の日付を基準にチャートの位置が同期 されます。 ホットキーによる同期ではチャートシフトの位置で共通の垂直線が引かれます。(チャートシフトの位置はインプットタブのパラメーターで設定可能) 特長1:ホットキーでチャート位置を同期できる このインジケーターによってホットキーを押すだけでチャートシフトの位置で複数チャートの表示位置を同期することが可能になります。 インプットタブのパラメーターでホットキーの組み合わせやチャートシフトの位置を設定することも可能です。 特長2:ドラッグアンドドロップでチャート位置を同期できる このインジケーターによって共通の垂直線をドラッグアンドドロップするだけで複数チャートの表示位置を同期することが可能になります。 インプットタブのパラメーターで共通の垂直線
50 USD
GoldMax EA 5
Sergei Linskii
GoldMax EA  - is one of the best Expert Advisor  for Meta Trader 5 . The unique algorithm of the adviser analyzes the movement of the asset price, taking into account the factors of technical and mathematical analysis, determines profitable entry and exit points, and uses advanced money management and lot multiplier. The Expert Advisor trades according to a unique algorithm, using mathematical and logarithmic analyzes of the artificial intelligence of the built-in neural network. Profit fr
999 USD
GridMasterFx   is an innovative tool for automated forex trading, which is based on a combination of a grid strategy and a unique trend calculation algorithm using the Moving Average indicator. This strategy allows the Expert Advisor to open and close positions on time, use the analysis of the current trend and instantly respond to market changes. GridMasterFx   Expert Advisor is an excellent choice for successful automation of your forex trading process. It easily adapts to various market co
30 USD
Cybercycle Trend
Muhammed Emin Ugur
Introducing the "Cybercycle Trend" Forex Oscillator, a powerful technical indicator designed to enhance your trading experience in the foreign exchange market. This innovative tool utilizes advanced algorithms to identify and analyze market trends, providing you with valuable insights and helping you make informed trading decisions. The Cybercycle Trend Forex Oscillator is specifically designed to detect and measure cyclical price movements in the forex market. By incorporating this oscillato
40 USD
Celaeno EA
Pejman Kianbakhsh
Celaeno EA is based on a low risk averaging strategy and has an advanced safety coding algorithm structure in place. The strategy is a combination of multiple custom built indicators and filters. Finally, after years of testing and researching my team managed to develop a safe averaging system that could be used in the long run. The EA opens trades in the opposite direction and makes the profit when the trend reverses. We are using this EA for ourselves we highly recommend to test this EA on yo
30 USD
Chart Customizer MT5
Thushara Dissanayake
Revolutionize your chart customization with the Chart Customizer utility. Designed to enhance your trading experience, this powerful tool offers a wide range of features and advantages. With the Multichart mode, you can effortlessly apply your desired chart settings to all opened charts. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually adjusting each chart. With a single click, you can customize multiple charts simultaneously, saving you valuable time and effort. Take full control of your chart
50 USD
Royal Gold Chili EA
Marcel Frank Heitz
Royal Gold Chili EA was developed for various purposes. There are many setting options. The risk depends on the settings. The bot works with trading pairs GOLD, XAUUSD, XAUEUR and XAUAUD. However, the bot also works with currency pairs, for example USDJPY. Therefore, write to the support before or test in the demo account. Important! It is advisable to run the EA thoroughly in a demo account. The backtest does not reflect the actual behavior of a demo or live account, as many factors are not ta
299.99 USD

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