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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 5 - 58

icon Use trading robots and indicators to make Forex trading more profitable. Trading robots allow you to automate opening and closing deals, while indicators help you predict market behavior more accurately. The page features the catalog of MetaTrader 5 applications.
Jose Ramon Rosaenz
Expert advisor based on an overbought or oversold market using the RSI Indicator Since it is not easy to predict when the trend reversal will occur, this  Expert can place additional orders at different distances from the first order, and with different lots, so that positions can be averaged and profit taking is more easily achieved. Since the over-buy or over-sell conditions apply to any currency pair in the Forex market, this expert can be used with any pair by adjusting the step and the size
30 USD
when we use EA to trade, sometime we need open a manual order and we don't want to close order within a period of time manually, but want EA to take over. this EA can create manual position with Comments and magic number so that EA can take over. it supports both direction for buy and sell positions, we can also change lot manfully before create any position. I personally used this EA for several months and it look good.
100 USD
Urgently mt5
Tatiana Savkevych
The Urgently indicator is designed to quickly determine the situation in the market, reflect the state of the market and signal profitable levels for opening trades. Market conditions change quickly enough, requiring constant calibration of trading strategies. Recommended for use in conjunction with any of the oscillators. The Urgently forex market trend indicator shows the trend direction and entry points. It smooths out price fluctuations when generating a signal by averaging the data and the
66 USD
FNG MultiPro EA
Tyler Henry Roberts
MultiPro EA Live signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1295954 Allow web request in options: https://ec.forexprostools.com My MultiPro’s were tailored to large account holders who were looking for a reliable expert that follows wealth protection protocols and doesn’t use dangerous recovery systems.  My goal is to average 8-10 percent gains monthly with each expert.  Some months will be less and some will be more, that’s how trading works when you do not use martingale.  Each trade has a pres
399.95 USD
Grid EA Netting
This is an expert for netting trading. In it, the grid of pending orders is being set. The Expert Advisor decides by calculation. It is possible to customize the work of the advisor by the hour. Many settings can be viewed in the panels. He displays his solution on the chart in the form of lines. There are only two types of lines. It is possible to use Magic number. It is already configured by default. You can also specify the size of the rate for it in the current currency. You can simultaneou
250 USD
Excellent spread indicator. Reflects the spread on each bar as it is. It should be remembered that the spread is displayed at the time of the bar opening. Therefore, the most correct information will be on the minute bars. Spread is one of the basic forex concepts that any trader should know. If explained clearly, you can describe such an example. The trader buys the EUR / USD pair at the rate of 1.1000. However, he immediately goes into negative territory, for example, by 10 points, as if he bo
39 USD
High Risk Bear Market EA
Benrashi Sagev Jacobson
This expert advisor trades on the one minute chart and is most profitable during bear markets, more risk settings will be added tomorrow. Timeframe M1 Base currency pair: EUROUSD Minimum balance 50 USD I sell my Expert Advisors only on mql5.com. If you see my expert advisors for sale, a fake is sold. There is never a guarantee of future profits based on past results
30 USD
Auto Channel Trader
Ross Adam Langlands Nelson
The Auto Channel Trader creates a channel by plotting a line along the high points and low points of the chart, the EA then makes long trades near the bottom of the channel and short trades near the top of the channel. The channel is created by finding high points for the top line and low points for the bottom line, these points are shown with arrows. A line of best fit is then plotted through these points and extended until the end of the chart.  The length of the channel is determined by the M
100 USD
Channel Creator
Ross Adam Langlands Nelson
The auto-channel indicator creates a top line and bottom line that encloses a channel within which the symbol has been trading.  The channel is created by finding high points for the top line and low points for the bottom line, these points are shown with arrows. A line of best fit is then plotted through these points and extended until the end of the chart. This indicator is useful for trading both within the channel and for breakouts. Inputs: MAPeriod - The moving average period over which the
40 USD
Stochastic Cross Arrow  is an indicator that automatically places arrow when stochastic K and D line crosses each other on a certain level. Buffer Guide For Developers: Buffer 0 =Buy Arrow Buffer 1 =Sell Arrow Inputs: ---Stochastic Settings--- %K  - %K value. %D  - %D value. Slowing  - Slowing value . Stochistic Method   -  Moving Average method. It can be any of enumeration values.  Newbar - arrow only appear on new bar. Buy_Msgs - type info message when buy arrow appears. Sell Msgs - type inf
30 USD
Trade Panel Osw MT5
William Oswaldo Mayorga Urduy
TRADE PANEL OSW METATRADE 5 This panel will help you place market orders, allowing you to view the cost of each operation, according to the currency established in the account. FUNCTION'S MANUAL: 1) Select a STOPLOSS, with the buttons or in writing (You can activate or deactivate the option to put it). 2) Select a TAKEPROFIT, with the buttons or in writing (You can activate or deactivate the option to put it). 3) Select a VOLUME, with the or buttons in writing. 4) Select "By Market"
100 USD
Triple Harmonic WIN WDO
Alexandre Sousa Bezerra
Our strategy reproduces reality and not a utopian scenario with a 100% success rate, unlike other methodologies that lead to a utopian scenario with a 100% success rate! Therefore, we developed our own strategy based on multilayer stochastics, with timeframes of 1min, 5min, 15min and 30min at the same time. The moment a "harmony" is identified between all indicators on their respective timeframes, the operation is performed. Doesn't matter what timeframe you choose, it will always watch the tim
49 USD
Andrews night scalper is a fully automated night scalping Expert Advisor. Inputs are made according to the signals of an oscillator with an ATR filter. The Expert Advisor is great for any symbols. Advantages of the advisor: Easy to set up and use. Built-in automatic lot calculation. Doesn't load terminal. Convenient control panel for the advisor. Suitable for any financial instrument. Several modes of operation of the advisor. Input settings: Trading strategy - Select a strategy for th
50 USD
MQL5 News Bot
Denis Kirichenko
The current expert advisor is accomplished as a Telegram-bot. The purpose of the EA is to inform about events retrieved from thу database of the economic calendar . It is necessary to allow the following URL in the options in the tab "Expert Advisors":  https://api.telegram.org There's ony 1 input parameter  "User name". The Telegram username must be added here as  @name. After starting the Expert Advisor onto the chart one needs to open   Telegram   app and find the bot named  " Mql5News ".  No
30 USD
Draw Candle Can you imagine, a direct correlation view on the same chart, seeing an asset and at the same time seeing another asset? So you found the right indicator. This indicator will draw the asset you choose and have in your brokerage inside the chart of another asset. Just open a chart of your trading asset, which as an example could be the EURUSD, add this indicator to the chart and in the variable "Correlated Pair", add the asset you want, which for this example can be GBPUSD, EURGBP.
150 USD
Abdurahim Aras
Aras Expert Advisor - MT5        1 mounthly only 30$ Hello my name is Abdurrahim Aras, I am a professional algorithm developer for trading on financial markets, crypto currency market and forex. Working experience in finance and programming for more than 15 years. Years of practice, mistakes and success. A lot of groundwork and hundreds of created algorithms.  Use the following settings; Working Instrument XAU/USD, GOLD   Timeframe M5 Account type Hedge Leverage 1:500 and higher  Ma
1 000 USD
Angry Birds
Ozgur Ozdemir
Hello friends,  I am testing Agry Birds on a real account now. I am Özgür and I have knowledge about forex almost 10 years and this product is the best option for trading. Agry Birds is a unique trading system that has grid algoritm. It has also some unique strategies like special trailing stop and DD reduction functions wich are coded by me. I am sure It will be a great robot after a while because I am a trader also like you. Do not hesitate to ask me anything about anything. Have a good da
59 USD
产品简介: 本工具是一个简单的交易面板,主要用于复盘交易训练。您可以在策略测试环境下根据自己的交易策略进行交易练习。 这个工具主要适用单向交易训练,不适合进行对冲交易训练。 使用方法: 在策略测试中选择本EA,并进行货币兑、图表周期、复盘时间段等相关参数设置。 点击“开始”按钮后,会显示交易面板。 您可以点击“+”、“-”来调整下单时的仓位大小,每点击一次,变化0.01。 BUY按钮用来建立多头仓位。 SELL按钮用来建立空头仓位。 CLOSE按钮用来平仓,如果持有多个仓位,会平仓“报价”靠前的订单。 均线指标: 这个工具提供两条均线指标的显示支持。 在“输入”选项卡中,可以设置均线的显示与否,以及均线的周期参数。 自定义指标: 这个工具还提供一个自定义指标的显示设置。 在“输入”选项卡中,可以设置自定义指标的显示与否,以及它的路径参数。
39 USD
1. What is this         Rising volatility and falling volatility are not the same, whether it is academic research or actual testing has shown this point.         The original ATR indicator is calculated by putting up and down fluctuations together. This indicator is to calculate separately the upward volatility and the downward volatility, which can better help you study the market. 2. Indicator description          There are two modes for the calculation of this indicator, as shown in the f
30 USD
Smart Charts
Fyodor Korotkov
Hello, boys and girls! Script allows you either to quickly save opened charts and then close all charts opened by visual tester mode or just faster close all charts. Feel free to take a look at video manual about how to use this script on my YouTube channel. Also, feel free to join my telegram channel , where time to time I publish some exclusive stuffs. Feel free to leave feedback and thoughts how to improve this script - I'd highly appreciate that. All the best.
36 USD
FXC Trade AssistanT MT5 Discounted price until cancellation: $69.00 ($99.00) This trading software will help you in manual trading. You can use it for open and close positions in many forms. The EA offers you lot sizeing, stop management methods and other usefull tools using with its control panel. New features (v1.03): The panel-size of the ControlPanel can be adjusted. The font-size of the ControlPanel can be adjusted. Main features: Instant Buy/Sell open buttons. Close every Buy/Sell/Prof
69 USD
Descriptions This supply demand zone indicator is based on the conventional version of public open sources.  Each highest or lowest point is determined by its neighboring backward/forward N bars - i.e. range of 2*N-1 bars. Then look forward to newer & higher (or lower) bar to draw a colored rectangle. Defaul N, Period=20 NBars, maximum bars to calculate; you could enlarge the bar quantity to get better view. Both supply/demand zone colors are external variables as well. 4 alert mo
50 USD
Descriptions It's a local order copier - featuring mt4->mt4, mt4->mt5, mt5->mt4, mt5->mt5. Evaluation copy can be downloaded at "Comments" section - which is limited to USDJPY trades. mt4 counterpart:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/75343 Key features: 1. standard mode: one transmitter -> many recievers; also can be configured as many pairs of transmitter/receivers. 2. fixed lots & lot ratio or account equity ratio are supported. 3. Restrict pairs or
80 USD
Golden Star MT5 is a professional trend indicator for MT5 platform developed by a group of professional traders. The algorithm of its work is based on the original author's method, which allows finding potential trend reversal points with a high probability and receiving signals to enter the market at the beginning of a trend formation. This indicator is suitable for working on gold, cryptocurrency and currency pairs on Forex. The alert system (alert, email and mobile notifications) will help y
40 USD
This indicator shows supports and resistences calculated form historical data when market was swing. When market was swing ? When ADX was below 25 for some bars. In fact market can be considered without a trend. I mean and suggest timeframes H4 and Daily. Using that lines in the present you see resistance and support. More lines are distant and best is possible profit. Every ADX parameters can be set, so colors, swing market bars number. I am available to get feedback or modify code. Thanks Al
30 USD
Haswell MT5
Vladimir Emelianov
Haswell MT5 is a fully automated trading system designed to work on one of the most popular currency pairs GBPUSD.  The strategy is based on the indicators "ADX MA Oscillator", "Previous High Low" and "Stochastics", as well as on the analysis of the price chart movement. Profit is made using a dynamic step-by-step algorithm. It is recommended to use VPS and use the services of a proven ECN broker with a narrow spread and fast order execution. Other products:   https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/revan
49 USD
Bear market gains
Benrashi Sagev Jacobson
Bear Market Gains is fully automated expert advisor profiting during the market fluctuations after 2018 potentially working as a hedge against future market crashes caused by economic struggles of the US enonomy and a hawkish fed issuing interest hikes causing a long term bear market. EA Setup The EA trades the eurousd and no other pairs Use a VPS to insure minimum network delay 500 to 1 leverage required Timeframe 10M Pairs: EUROUSD Account type: Hedging Order types: Sell Minimum Deposit:
55 USD
Clear DOM
Oclair Gallacini Prado
Clear Dom This Indicator shows a pressure color box based on depth of market of the current symbol. Notice that it only works when book information is received. You decide weather you want or not to display higher (ask) and lower (bid) levels of book. The proportion ratio is calculated using volumes read from the book. You can read the actual pressure in the market any time. Indicator parameters: color_Ask -> ASK box color and ASK value line color color_Bid -> BID box color and BID valu
30 USD
Algotron EA MT5
Liudmyla Bochkarova
5 (1)
I’ve got a terrific trading tool, which will make you even richer. Up until recently I used Algotron EA for  personal trading and I gained a lot with its help. For half a year my deposit literally grew up 10-fold. Sky is the limit, my friend. In skilled hands the EA will bring much more dough. I spent months to fine-tune the trading strategy of the adviser. I worked for hundreds of hours to optimize Algotron EA and bring the performance of customized built-in indicators to perfection. And now
250 USD
Black Horse MT5
Szymon Palczynski
Rediscover trading. The future of Forex is intuitive hybrids. Hello, my name is Szymon, I am a professional algorithm developer for trading on financial markets forex. Working experience in finance and programming for more than 10 years. I specialize in grid systems and martingale. Black Horse EA is an automated forex robot (this is not your usual grid or martingale). This EA trades based on the breakout of price levels (according to the mathematical algorithm, it determines the area of ​​a rang
99 USD
This is a support tool that will notify you when a fast MA (Moving Average) Line crosses a slow MA Line, you can choose any fast MA Line and slow MA Line by parameters in input tab The Indicator will draw a red arrow where fast MA line crosses DOWN slow MA line and it will  draw a green arrow where fast MA line crosses UP slow MA line There are 3 Alert methods : Pop Up Alert, Send Email or Notification You can choose true or false to use or not for any Alert method in input tab You can choose Al
35 USD
Futures, A-share data import tool Mainly used in the Chinese market introduce This is a data import tool, mainly used to import data exported from Tongdaxin's software directly into MT5, support M1,M5。。。 Import Convenient and fast, solves the lack of data in MT5 quantification Support custom varieties, set various parameters when importing Solved the problem of discontinuous futures night trading data Support 2 modes of Tongdaxin data and standard data parameter input string Fil
100 USD
Hello , In order to trade safely at Forex; all you need is the "Pro intraday trading MQL5" indicator. This indicator analyzes the "lowest and highest value of the day" of this instrument in the time periods you have set, declares the "safe Buy/Sell" scores and gives you the "target price" on the live chart. It offers Buy 1- Buy 2- Buy 3 as secure points of sale. It offers Sales 1 - Sales 2 - Sales 3 as secure sales points. According to your risk analysis, do fateful work within these channe
75 USD
BlackBox Mini Indice B3
Fabio Rodrigues Araujo
NOVA VERSÃO: 1.5  (31/12/2021 - 13:46) Adicionamos o BreakEven e o Trailing Stop e aumentamos a assertividade da estratégia! Robô/EA de operações automáticas para MINI ÍNDICE da B3! Estratégia secreta! Baixe a versão DEMO e faça o seu teste! Funciona no Testador de Estratégias! Funciona em qualquer corretora brasileira! Funciona em VPS! (GENIAL está com VPS GRÁTIS!) Painel de Informações! BreakEven e Trailing Stop! Controle de horário de funcionamento nas configurações! Limites Financeiros de
30 USD
Boom and Crash Plus
Godbless C Nygu
1 (1)
This is new Robot which created by Moving Average... There is things to Consider before you buy or rent this Robot, I listed down here so that you can read before you purchase this Robot 1; Not perfect 100% because you can make the huge profit but sometimes you can make a little loss i can say Profit 70% and losses 30%. 2; Use setup which provided by developer not otherwise. 3;Use lower timeframe, 1,5 Minute recommended. 4;You can deposit $50  and above. 5;Backtest is real. 6;Use it to trade Boo
47 USD
Swap and Spread
Makarii Gubaydullin
Displays the current market information with a per-second update. Spread size; Swap size: for short and long positions; Local time (optionally); My  #1 Utility : includes 54+ functions  |   Contact me  if you have any questions In the settings of the indicator, you can configure: Font size; Text color; Select the positioning: left / right corner of the chart; Local time: on/off; The program file must be placed to the " Indicators " directory.
30 USD
Chart Watermark
Makarii Gubaydullin
Watermark on the chart: Symbol + Timeframe / or your own text My   #1 Utility :   includes 54+ functions  |   Contact me  if you have any questions In the settings of the indicator, you can configure: Font size; Text color; Font Name; Position: 1 = Top Left; 2 = Top Right; 3 = Bottom Left; 4 = Bottom Right; 5 = Center; Show current Timeframe: on/off; The prefix of the Symbol to be removed ( n_AUDCAD -->   AUDCAD   ); The suffix of the Symbol to be removed ( USDCADpro --> USDCAD ); Show cust
30 USD
Desire MT5
Nazariy Petryk
Dear friend, I'm glad you're interested in the results of my work and you want to understand how to use this tool better. Here I will try to explain in detail and clearly what works and how to do to set everything up, as well as to get pleasure and profit from the results of my labors. If you liked it, I'll be really happy to see the positive feedback on the Market:) Currency pairs:   EURUSD, GBPUSD - they are the main ones and give good profits right now! (USDJPY, USDCHF, AUDUSD, USDCAD on r
30 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
The indicator connects the price in a cyclical-wave relationship. Thus, all intersection points will be optimal points at which the movement changes taking into account the indicator period. Crossing points can be used as potential market reversal points. But do not forget that the approach must be complex, the indicator signals require additional information to enter the market. Suitable for forex, futures and binary options without redrawing. It gives a lot of signals, which requires additi
49 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
The Expert Advisor analyzes tick micro-signals and determines the direction to open a position. Note:  The EA can only be optimized and tested on all ticks! Be sure to optimize, the limits for optimization are shown in the screenshot. The EA uses netting system of position accounting (one symbol can have only one position). The EA does not work with independent position accounting (hedging, when there can be multiple positions per symbol). Account without hedging should be selected for testing o
127 USD
Solomon K Han
It is the most complete tool available for users of Fibonacci-derived harmonic patterns. Fully Customizable: Level, Color, Linetype and Thickness. Choose the Fibonacci levels that will be used according to your studies. By default, the tool will already have Fibonacci levels that have been proven to be respected, but which can be freely changed by the user. Select the color, linetype, and thickness of how Fibonacci levels, rectangles (with or without fill), and bounded horizontal lines will
60 USD
Hi guys, as it's name the indicator "Scalping X Scanner MT5" will show you the momentum buy and sell by the X mark. This indicator is suitable for scalper traders, and it is "follow trend" type. To get an accurate signal, you have to follow the signal from the higher timeframes. Forexample: you trade on 1 minute timeframe, so you can follow the trend on 15 minute timeframe. More Over you can use another indicator that can show you the major trend or just a break momentum on the higher timeframes
30 USD
Euro Scalper MT5
Andrey Vasilenko
The Expert Advisor trades in the direction of the current trend, the algorithm is based on calculating the width of the trading range for a given interval and assessing price movements on short time intervals. If the impulse value exceeds a specified percentage of the trading range, a position is opened in the direction of the trend. The impulses are also additionally filtered using a special technique. When evaluating impulses, the tick history inside the bar is not used . The algorithm uses ex
490 USD
Ivan Simonika
Phenomenon is a new generation Expert Advisor that has incorporated the best automated trading developments of recent years. Designed for trading major currency pairs, it has protection against failures - when the connection is restored, the advisor will continue to work with its orders. Fully automated Expert Advisor. The robot controls the volume of trading positions, slippage, spread, maintains and protects open orders, can work with a deposit of any size. The Expert Advisor uses a number of
499 USD
Ivan Simonika
The intelligent algorithm of the Ikiru indicator accurately detects the trend, filters out market noise and generates input signals and exit levels. Functions with advanced statistical calculation rules improve the overall performance of this indicator. A convenient indicator for technical analysis and is suitable for trading binary options. All entry points are ideally optimal points at which movement changes. Entry points should be used as potential market reversal points. It is a hybrid tr
59 USD
Это классический вариант реализации экспоненциальной скользящей средней с коррекций ошибки, какой используется в индикаторах DEMA и TEMA. Соответственно названию, глубина коррекции ошибки увеличена до 33. Индикатор оптимизирован. Потребляет минимально возможные ресурсы. Достаточно быстр, учитывая объёмность вычислений. Может накладываться на другие индикаторы. Как и обычные скользящие средние, nEma_33 не перерисовывается (за исключением нулевого бара). Требуется история > Период*33*33. Согласно
30 USD
DYJ TRADINGVIEW EA is a strategy based on the DYJ TRADINGVIEW indicator. It can edit custom trading plans, such as daily maximum order limit 3, Long order limit 2, Short order limit 1, etc. The EA will be automatically deleted after the transaction is completed. It is suitable for Boom 1000 index varieties and is compatible with any derivatives and foreign exchange market varieties. The parameter configuration of boom 1000 index can be downloaded in the product review. Minimum Deposit - 100 USD
500 USD
Antonio Renteria Arce
This tool has been designed for macroeconomic investors. It allows you to observe and operate currency indices that are more uncorrelated instruments than currencies, that do not share the same noise level as pairs and are totally uncorrelated with each other. CurrencyTrader is a tool that allows you to trade the DXY, EURX, JPYX, GBPX, CADX, AUDX, CHFX and NZDX currency indices Currently I use this tool for my swintrading in darwinex  MACRO for MetaTrader 5 - Antonio Renteria Arce I have l
70 USD
53% OFF until December 31 (Normal price $125)! Don't miss the opportunity to have this invaluable tool!  This is a totally automated multi timeframe support and resistance levels finder on every MT5 chart. No manual work! Just drop this indicator on a chart and you will have the S/R levels always up to date. It is very convenient and helps the trader to anticipate possible stalls and reversions in price movements. The levels are displayed as lines and each timeframe has a different color. The
59 USD
What is a wick in trading? How Does this Screener work? A wick in a candlestick reflects a rejection in the price. This Screener is trying to identify wicks with great potential to be filled. This Screener is focused on the wicks that happen in the trend market.  The Screener displays a dashboard that offers an overall view of the potential wicks traded live. It shows ALL the pairs/instruments organize by timeframe. Buys opportunities are named "UP-W.’’ They appear green on the dashboard, and
75 USD
This is a fully automatic system for multi-currency trading (17 currency pairs) on the Forex market. The trading system itself finds the most powerful Price Action patterns in a fully automatic mode! Trading is conducted on 17 currency pairs at the same time and uses timeframes M5. Each pair has a stop loss, take profit, breakeven and trailing stop. Benefits Partial closure to reduce the load on the deposit. Determines the direction of the transaction based on the built-in indicators. It can t
50 USD
Native Channels
BeeXXI Corporation
5 (1)
This indicator recognizes all support and resistance levels. A number of unique high-performance techniques have been applied, which made the existence of this indicator possible. All formed channels are naturally visible: horizontal linear linear parabolic cubic (Polynomial 3 degrees - Wave) This is due to a bundle of approximating channels. The formed channels form "standing waves" in a hierarchical sequence. Thus, all support and resistance levels are visible. All parameter management is
177 USD
BeST_Hull Single MA Strategy is an Metatrader Indicator based on the famous indicator Hull Mov.Average . This indicator can display the Single HMA Strategy of just 1 Hull MAvg. It uses added internal filters locating the most likely Entries while it can be used as a standalone system or as an add-on to other ones. Generally the Hull Moving Average (HMA - developed by Alan Hull) is a directional trend indicator . It captures the current state of the market and uses recent price action to determi
40 USD
Profeta de Sinais
Fabio Rodrigues Araujo
Indicador de tendências para qualquer gráfico! (Entrada manual) Funciona em TODOS os ativos! Funcionamento: Quando aparecer o alvo verde, faça uma COMPRA! Quando aparecer o alvo vermelho, faça uma VENDA! Adicionamos linhas de SUPORTE e RESISTÊNCIA em M1! Agora além de entrar nos alvos, você pode entrar ao tocar nas linhas com a confluência dos alvos! Os alvos são realocados para indicar nova entrada/preço médio, possibilitando a recuperação de um loss ou uma alavancada nos ganhos! Buscar tak
30 USD
simple description: 1-when you open a trade by lot size 0.01 the trade duplicate tool will duplicate your  trade by risk percentage you entered in inputs. 2- when your trades go in profit %50 of your Take Profit the tool will move your stop loss Xpips below or above Entry price that you entered in inputs . important: firstly close your manually opened trade to avoid trade duplicate when you decide to close your orders
49 USD
Price Change Info
Makarii Gubaydullin
Displays the price change of the bar on the selected timeframe Available calculation methods: Price value / Percentage value (%) / Pips / Market points; My   #1 Utility :   includes 54+ functions  |   Contact me  if you have any questions The program file must be placed to the " Indicators " directory. In the settings of the indicator, you can configure: Font size; Text color; Positioning on the chart: in the lower left or lower right corner; Turn on / off the display of the current time of you
30 USD
Compine of Oscillators with there Moving average give a better view on the chart, and work easy with EA by two buffer Easy to trade Supports many well known oscillators Implements trading signals based on breakouts Displays suitable stop-loss and take-profit levels Configurable oscillator parameters Customizable colors and sizes Filter divergences by size in bars It implements performance statistics It implements email/sound/visual alerts To offer a broad market perspective, the indicator ca
30 USD
Price reach indicator. It also serves as the perfect term for supports and resistance. I use it in two experts. The basic tool for professional trading. The indicator analyzes the last 500 bar and uses this to determine the levels ( but it doesn't predict the future ) . Personally, I use it on TF H1.  It is very simple. Four lines on chart and that's all. Only two input parameters.  Thousands of indicators. Why this? Is good ? No! Is very good. Please test the indicator prior to purchasing. You
49 USD
Aleksandr Valutsa
Innovative trading system. The EA was created by an active trader with many years of trading experience. If you are tired of losing money, energy and time, then this adviser is simply necessary for you. Conducted from time to time   STOCK   within which this adviser is offered for rent for 1 month - at the lowest market price. Don't miss the opportunity to earn! Peculiarities Multi-currency (up to 200 currency pairs from one chart), Self-optimizing (this is the only Expert Advisor with such a sy
30 000 USD
Growth multiplier EA
Benrashi Sagev Jacobson
Exponential Growth EA a is fully automated indicator based system the result of over a year of testing hundreds of different combinations of indicators and money management strategies. Advantages:      1. Not effected by spread and slippage      2. Minimum deposit 100 USD      3. Long term profitabity on backtest 10 people will be sold copies The next price is 299 USD Trading: The expert advisor uses multiple indicators to detect trends and determine entry points, using high risk set
199 USD
Welcome to the MT 5 Advanced Stochastic Robot Simply set the 2 Stochastic Filter as you want and the Robot does the Job for you. Features: - Magic Number - Spread Filter - Take Profit - Stop Loss - Bar Shift - Exit at opposite Signal - Filter (adjustable) - Trailing - Martingale and many  more. Please feel free to download it and trade 24/7. If you need help setting it up please feel free to contact me.
31.30 USD
Trend Trader MT5
Vladimir Pokora
This EA trades according to your trendline. It can trade in several modes: will open only one trade and then be stopped trades only in the direction of the trendline opens more trades after each touch with the trendline trades in both directions it can place a pending order or open a market order See the screenshots below for a better understanding of its features. Unfortunately, it is not possible to draw your own trend line in the MT5 strategy tester. This EA will draw its own trendline for
78 USD
Double Crossover EA is a fully automated trading robot that uses complex algorithm based on double Simple Moving Average crossover. This expert advisor works on all forex pairs and all timeframes, but it is recommended to use on EURUSD H1 timeframe. Main Features: No Averaging. No Hedging. No Grid. No Martingale Setting Parameters:  Magic Number - EA identification number to identify trades dan must be different from other EAs.  Lot Size - Fixed lot size. Dynamic Lot Risk - Auto lot risk cal
350 USD
Ninja Hunter EA MT5
Italo Santana Gomes
NINJA HUNTER is a professional trading robot, the EA works taking explosive moves of price on H1 Time-frame. The System has an  Edge over the market , growing since 2003, simple and focused on Stable Growth The NINJA HUNTER EA has 2 Strategies that you can choose on parameters, Strategy 1 work for Eurusd and the Strategy 2 for Gbpjpy. Check out the live results:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1285764 Step-By-Step Guide :  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/746928 MT4 Version:  https://www
127 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
Expert system CoresFPS. Bot parameters: OnComment   - display comment (slows down the tester operation). OnWithdrawal   - simulate a profit withdrawal when reaching 100% of profit (work during testing). TypeFilling   - set order filling type. Lot   - lot size for a market entry. Risk   - calculate a lot considering a deposit. Drawdown   - maximum drawdown, at which closing is performed. MaxSpread   - maximum acceptable spread for a market entry. CountSteck   - tick stack size (max = 9). ReOptimi
690 USD
This EA automates order opening by crossing two simple moving averages. If price is on a top region, a sell order is placed. Othewise, if price is on the bottom region, a buy order is placed. Only one order at a time. No martingale and no grid system. This EA also has the option to allow it to place or not orders on the market. The value of moving averages, lot, takeprofit, stoploss, top price, bottom price and width price region are configurable, and they do not allow trading when the margin l
100 USD
Ace Scalper MT5
Andrey Vasilenko
Ace Scalper EA works on the GBPUSD, EURGBP, USDCHF, EURCHF . Timeframe M5. The strategy is based on the search of price fluctuations for the quiet period of the Asian session. During this period, there is usually no strong unpredictable price movements, which allows relatively safe scalping, with the average trade duration 1 hour. Uses tight Stop Loss, which provides deposit protection in the event of adverse developments in the market. EA does not use dangerous methods of trading that can destr
590 USD
CAP RoyalHighQ EA MT5   is a cypto currency trading EA are specials design for CYPTO CURRENCY. This is quantification system adopts a multi-strategy, multi-technology fusion intelligent quantification mechanism. Users only need to select the corresponding investment style and click a key to start, and they can realize smart fool-style financial management. The system will intelligently match the corresponding quantification strategy according to the market situation. Customers maximize their pro
49 USD
Hi guys, "Trend is A Bro" is an MT4 and MT5 indicator to trade a swing trading by following trend. By using this indicator you will get a view of "the good probability of when to open the position and when to close it" with a simple information of course. The advantage of swing trade is we can catch many valid signals that will give us many probabilities to gain profit, although we have to be patient. Usually I use this indicator to trade on   EURUSD   pair and for the MT5 version I use it to tr
30 USD
Vladimir Emelianov
I want to clarify right away that the "Zero" adviser uses the "Martingale" strategy, so who is not satisfied with this strategy, you can not read further. The EA also uses several indicators "Previous High Low", "Top Bottom Price" and "ATR MA Oscillator" which help to find the best entry points in the market. The default parameters of the Expert Advisor are suitable for the EUR/JPY M5 currency pair. For other currency pairs, additional parameter settings will most likely be required. Other produ
39 USD

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