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Max Mixed Hedging DC

Attention!!! Do not try to test an Expert Advisor in Tester, this is simply impossible and meaningless, since the principle is based on multi-currency trading, that is, the robot opens several positions at once on different instruments. The tester is able to test only one pair.

Therefore, a separate real account is attached to the product, where you can constantly monitor all trading results: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/491068, which is much more convincing and weightier than any tests, and demo results!

= VERY IMPORTANT = Before using, please read here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722518


  1. Before use, make sure that in in the MT4 terminal, the currency pairs used in trade are has loaded into the window /Market Watch/ (description of currency pairs below)!
  2. Advisor to attach only to one chart (any of the working pairs), - all trading in all pairs is conducted only from one chart!
  3. Before using on a real account, test the adviser (a day or two) on a demo account (at conditions of your broker).

So, Max-Mixed_Hedging_DC this is the Maximum Mixed Hedging using:

  • mixed, pair trading,
  • grid, (but only with hedging),
  • direct (positive) correlation of currency pairs,
  • mixed, multi-currency hedging.

When trading, all the correlation pairs are involved at once, and there is a complete interaction between the pairs that are linked by single currencies. The signal is calculated for each ligament (two correlated of currency pairs) individually. Therefore, several ligaments can be opened at the same time, according to different instruments. In case of further divergence of the correlation pairs involved in trading, orders of the same ligament will be added but not more than 5 per currency pair.

It should be noted that the advantage of this advisor is that the safety and minimization of drawdown is achieved by several ligaments in the trade at the same time, which allows a single ligament of pairs to pull the entire trading series on all open orders from the current drawdown, since the profit (for closing orders) is summed up.

With the default settings, the adviser will trade 8 pairs: EURUSD, GBPJPY, GBPAUD, EURNZD, AUDCAD, NZDCHF, NZDJPY, AUDUSD (minimum deposit with default settings: $500).

Additional sets:

  • Set-N2_for_Max-Mixed_Hedging_DC.set - for trading additional 8 pairs: AUDJPY, NZDUSD, NZDCAD, AUDCHF, EURAUD, GBPNZD, GBPUSD, EURJPY.
  • Set-N3_for_Max-Mixed_Hedging_DC.set - for trading additional 8 pairs: AUDNZD, CADJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF, EURCAD, GBPCHF, GBPCAD, EURCHF.

Recommendations, instructions, advices: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722518

You can download all 3 set's - Set-N1 + Set-N2 + Set-N3 here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722518 (at the end of the post).

Timeframe: H1


  • Due entry into the market with correlation pairs, and also in case of an opportunity to be at the same time in the market to several ligament of pairs (and different currencies), any sharp (long-term) movements are not terrible, since all open positions use mixed hedging and thus minimize drawdowns.
  • If there are drawdowns on any ligament of pairs, they are compensated by another ligament, with currencies not related to drawdown pairs.
  • Very easy to use and, if necessary, customize to your own requirements.

Divyanshu Dayal
Divyanshu Dayal 2019.03.21 08:11 

EA started with Profits!! and open trades also looks safe. I am satisfied and recommend a buy (Before Author Hikes the Price!!!!:-)).

Jan 2019.03.17 14:00 

Live since a couple of weeks. I like the no-nonsense approach of the developer. Support is great. Now also starting with the Twin Hedge DC EA on separate account. Trades are good!

zhenglah 2019.03.17 05:20 

14/3/2019 - started using on live acc, so far everything looks good. great support from developer, will update my review.

Koen Chan
Koen Chan 2019.03.15 11:33 

I get great support and explanation from Stanislau, the EA is working great so far in live account, not easy to make such a sophiscated EA.

maakuone 2019.03.15 09:23 

1 week trading and profits are climbing steadily.

ak2017 2019.03.14 21:12 

Stable and consistent returns without the crazy DD's. Brexit not an issue using this EA. Thanks.

jaytonic 2019.03.13 17:03 

Great EA. Everything is working fine so far! Thanks a lot!

Ali Q
Ali Q 2019.03.13 12:43 

Max-Mixed Hedging EA is one of the best EA in the market, Stanislau is very supportive and professional ea creator. It is highly recommended and profitable expert.

Lazarus052 2019.03.12 13:32 

Great EA and great support, I'm running in a real account.

Oystein Knudsen
Oystein Knudsen 2019.03.07 06:54 

This EA deserves 5 stars without any doubt. Been using it for 4 weeks, and it works great. The author provides excellent support!

Jeremy Roach
Jeremy Roach 2019.03.06 06:26 

Purchased this EA based on the strategy, live signal and reviews. It's functional and seems really smart in its trading strategies. Early days of course, but seems very cohesive with the author's other strategies. The author provides excellent prompt support.

Reebo 2019.03.05 17:28 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Myung Cheol Yang
Myung Cheol Yang 2019.03.05 07:48 

This EA makes good money.

Jonathan Moss
Jonathan Moss 2019.03.05 05:08 

A interesting and promising concept. I am encouraged by positive forward testing provider by the author and have already increased my real account 3%. The author is forthcoming with help, and is continuing to develop the product so looking forward to more strategies using the EA in the future.

mike27399 2019.03.04 18:03 

Hallo, der erste EA der stabile Gewinne produziert. Absolute Empfehlung von mir. Risiko ist immer sehr begrenzt!

cavatine 2019.03.03 11:09 

Great EA! The author is not only clever but also kind for me.

I run some EAs over 10 years, and I will use this EA for eternally.

Atsushi 90039215
Atsushi 90039215 2019.02.27 15:46 

It is so clever EA, also good efficiency, I love it. Author’s quick and responsible support are very helpful.

andreigno88277 2019.02.25 09:48 

The expert is well done with high hopes for the future. I believe the best expert in the market. the seller very attentive and quick in answer for any doubt. The expert is great for investing in the medium to long term just sticking and forgetting about it.

Aussie_Trader 2019.02.25 05:47 

I see quite a few EAs rocketing up the charts based on glowing comments on back tests. These EAs generally produce a few wins before they go on to make a string of losses and get dumped. Cunning developers have worked out that there are plenty of gullible buyers who will fork out their dough for good looking back tests. Some have gone to the lengths of embedding the EA with set files and other tricks to produce the desired results. The .ex4 file size is often a good pointer for potential skulduggery.

In my opinion a long-standing verifiable signal is worth more than 100 dodgy, super optimized, curve fitted, back-tests. I can’t understand how people can buy an EA and then give 5* reviews based solely on back-tests when there is zero track record? “NO SIGNAL or history of transactions” is a big red flag and should immediately arouse suspicion.The signal for this EA has a good track record over a reasonably long period of time. It has survived some very tough scenarios -see comment #202, and come out on top. The risk to reward ratio is not massive but still attractive for those with an investor type mentality.

This EA uses complex cutting-edge strategies backed by a high level of technical proficiency. The author is supportive and continually seeking to improve performance and user functionality. MMH should still be making good profits long after the shooting stars have faded.

Jonathan Bourse
Jonathan Bourse 2019.02.24 22:26 

Very good EA, Stanislu is very helpfull for setting the EA.

Andrew Black
Andrew Black 2019.02.24 13:48 

Excellent EA, author very responsive to questions as well. Highly recommended

killerbridge 2019.02.22 07:46 

High Profit EA & Good Performance. I Love the EA :)

brusm3 2019.02.16 19:20 

Been following provider for longtime. Best support and this EA is a 5 star. Best regards!


12/03 Once again good support.

RedBull 2019.02.11 11:29 

This is a very good EA. Author is very responsive and excellent support.

Patrickup 2019.02.07 02:47 

I just bought this EA recently. It is the second EA from Stanislau.

The developer is very fast in response and very helpful.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2019.02.01 09:32 

MMHEA has performed well for past few weeks. Demo to Live, both tests have passed.

Of all the myriad of EAs I have tried over ten years, this looks MOST promising!

I wish I had found this one last year when I had $13 million.

Amazing support Stan. Amazing EA!

manish238 2019.01.03 10:55 

This is my second EA from Stanislau Siatsko, Developer is very supportive. Now its time to make some money.

Jui Lan Yu
Jui Lan Yu 2018.12.21 12:59 

So far, so good.

Tlek Beisembekov
Tlek Beisembekov 2018.12.19 23:10 

Это уже второй продукт этого автора который я купил.Уже работает на реале . С первых минут сделки открылись и уже есть прибыль Дать полноценную оценку пока не могу так ка слишком мало времени прошло с момента покупки но мне очень нравится подход к торговле .То что мне было нужно.По прошествию времени дополню свой отзыв .

paul2017 2018.12.15 00:48 

I bought yesterday this EA. It is already my second EA from Stanislau and I believe I'll be satisfied with it too :)

The author is friendly and helpful - I always get quick responses!

drbong99 2018.12.11 01:06 

MDD is getting more and more bigger than expected.

We have to wait and see the performance...

But I think it will turn into good profit.


um... I will not use this EA for making money, but for testing.

open time is long, DD is big.

this is not good for my trading style.

But I think author is very smart, helpful.

I convince he will make very profitable EA.

Nuno Simoes
Nuno Simoes 2018.12.02 13:03 

I am running already in Live account. Good support from developer.

Andrew 2018.12.01 15:53 

Very good EA! The developer is always very responsive and helpful whenever I have any questions. The drawdown has been very low for me so far. I am very excited about this ea.

Trevor Chan
Trevor Chan 2018.11.29 13:42 

This is the EA I am looking for to balance my existing portfolio, good job and looking forward to your continuing support.

Roberto Cesar Ruarte Pedraza
Roberto Cesar Ruarte Pedraza 2018.11.28 09:31 

The expert is behaving as the live signal on my real account.. author is very supportive and drawdown is small as promised with set files.

HIMANSHU MANCHANDA 2018.11.27 18:54 

Good creator at first place. very supportive.

this ea is one of its kind. the live signals and the growth in the live account are convincing and happening in real too.

keep it up.

shawnnny 2018.11.27 14:14 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Mohammad Wahdat Wassel
Mohammad Wahdat Wassel 2018.11.20 14:57 

****update 07 December***

The EA is working flawlessly after the updates. 5 stars. There has been a new update, let's hope for the best.


I am giving it 2 star now but will change if the performance is optimized.

The EA is supposed to be hedging across correlated pairs and avoid big drawdowns at all time. This weeks one sided move is showing a bigger than normal DD.

I am not closing any positions manually. I want it to automatically perform. I have 3 sets installed on a 5k account.


yount79 2018.11.15 03:51 

EA is very dangerous when market is volatile or goes one way in a short period of time. 10% DD just today alone. lucky market bounced back but if it didn't, it would've been a disaster. Hedging? what hedging... this is no hedging. I had high hopes but sorry I can only give 2 stars. Would've been 5 stars if it could better handle violent market conditions.

mikeyg17 2018.11.06 18:58 

Great EA. Good support. Exactly what I was searching for.

Versión 4.20 2019.03.22
Mandatory update!

1. Optimized and improved conditions for entering the market by analyzing the movement of both correlation pairs.
2. Improved accuracy of calculating the moment of divergence of correlation pairs, and takes into account the full interaction of two pairs in a ligament.

This update does not tighten the conditions for opening positions, but rather expands the boundaries for more accurate entries, which will give us more trades in trade.
Versión 4.19 2019.03.04
1. The function of using the part of the Balance in trade (in%) has been updated and improved.
Fixed bug, calculating the lot size, taking into account part of the balance (in%) when the function is enabled:
................ Use_Portion_Balance_in_Percent
2. Fixed a typo in the word <trading> on the information panel.
Versión 4.17 2019.02.26
1. The algorithm for calculating the divergence of correlation pairs has been modified and improved.
2. Information about the loaded (used) settings file has been added to the panel.
3. The function has been refined and improved for use in trading part of the Balance. Now you can also set the part of the balance (in%) that the EA will use when trading.
................ Use_Portion_Balance_in_Percent = false
................ Use_Percent_from_Balance = 50 (default (50) means that the EA will use 50% of the balance when trading).
Versión 4.14 2019.02.01
This is a lite (minor) update. Not necessarily to replace the previous version, if you do not use the <Use_Portion_Balance> function, because this version does not affect the main work of the EA.

1. Fixed a profit calculation bug for closing orders at using the <Use_Portion_Balance> function.
2. Fixed some spelling errors.
Versión 4.12 2019.01.23
1. Improved security check before use, to prevent the most common mistakes in trade. Now the Expert Advisor needs to be loaded onto the chart of the currency pair prescribed in the Symbol_1 settings. instructions for proper installation here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722518
2. Improved trading algorithm of the entire system, for even more stable trading. Emphasis was placed on more accurate market entry.
3. For each correlation ligaments, a button was added on the panel to close all pairs in this ligament.
4. Added a button on the panel to Close ALL open orders.
5. Added the ability to ON / OFF opening positions for each pair directly from the panel (green / red indicator).
6. Added function for use in trading part of the Balance. Convenient for those traders who manage large Funds and use several trading systems in trading. This will allow them to choose a part from the balance that Twin_Max-Mixed will use to trade:
................ Use_Portion_Balance = false (if true, then funds will be used for trading = Portion_Balance).
................ Portion_Balance = 2000.
Versión 3.2 2018.12.17
1. Added the ability to change comments to orders.
2. The trade algorithm has been further improved for even more accurate market entry and minimizing drawdown.
3. Changed the structure of currency pairs for each of the 3 sets. Selected the best possible ligaments in the set, allowing to hedge the trade of each set with the most different currencies.
Versión 2.3 2018.12.06
1. This is a special update to automate the process when replacing work pairs (when it is necessary). You will not need to change anything manually, it will be enough to install the updated Set, with new pairs. Also, it’s not necessary to wait until the orders will be closed for the pair we are changing. All open positions on the modified pair will be transferred to the Expert's buffer and will be taken into account when calculating the profit and be fully accompanied until full closure.
2. Alert On/Off is corrected.
3. The wrong message which appeared when closing positions is eliminated.
4. Added comment to orders: Max_Mixed EA + Symbol.
Versión 1.8 2018.11.26
Corrected MagicNumbers for Set-N1.
Versión 1.7 2018.11.25
1. In order to avoid a major user error in trading, a protection has been added that checks whether all work pairs have been added to the Market Watch window. If not all pairs are loaded, the Expert simply will not work.

2. Since all pairs behave differently and move with different forces, the coefficient of force of movement of currency (Power_Ratio) was added for each ligament, which significantly balances the presence of all pairs in the trade.

3. Improved algorithm and conditions for more accurate entry into the market.

4. Improved algorithm and conditions for tracking open positions, as well as for adding new ones, which allows more reduce the floating drawdown.