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【Please do not trust any Backtest result from our EA 】5000CAD daily profit

Every second is money , stonebreaker would never waste the momentum from the market . Make 100% as soon as possible and never be stressed .

EA StoneBreaker is an Expert Advisor with a great diversification of operations and portion of lots . It will start with Scalping Strategy .

Based on hedging price action orders starts ,the following protection orders with martingale。

90% of the market is doing Range or Swing . StoneBreaker focus on it . The risk is very controlled by stoploss function.

Main target of miner Parafly is to prevent a huge drawdown even we have tested it in 3000 USD real account and DD only 9% . You do not need any knowledge , the configuration is already done for you ,we have tried in real account .

For we do not believe in any backtest result especially with multi currency strategy ,we already have done real record 10000USD become 40000USD in a month . Brokers can not kill us , because Miner Parafly know to avoid an huge holiday spread ,huge spread during crossing the market .



Lite Mode: (Only low risk and Medium risk)


Strategy involved :

  •  Scalping 
  •  Stop Loss Level of account equity
  •  Smart way to open order and close order
  •  Auto Calculate account currency to modify the profit and Stoploss( HKD USD EUR CAD AUD
  •  Dynamic Tp to let Orders change tp to closer to breakeven when Orders reach a level .
  •  Dynamic Step Order
  •  Ma Filter to control Martingale orders open
  •  Pass range to control first orders open 
  •  Close all orders on Wed and Fri when DrawDown or Profit by USD 

Pairs and TimeFrame:

  • StoneBreaker already add a indicator table to show which pair are recommended to trade with Stonebreaker by different mode . 
  • Users also can choose your own pairs 
  • M1 chart 

Recommended balance 

  • Low Risk mode && Medium Risk mode - 1000 USD one pair 
  • High Risk mode - 3000 USD one pair  5000USD two pairs 
  • Extreme Mode - 10000USD two pairs  , 2 pairs , This is a very danger mode for professional trader to use with own indicator to trade with this mode with Range . 


  • Pairs - Already set default in the parameter , Users can choose which pairs to show in the indicator on the chart .
  • Use Slippage Detector - to detect the slippage or not .
  • Slippage allow by number of times - which means if 2 or more orders having a huge slippage more then 0.8pips , Ea will stop opening orders until restart the EA .
  • Comment - Users allow to have your own EA name so brokers not easy to know what EA you are using , it tries to invisible EA .
  • RiskType - Users allow to choose which Mode to trade (Low Risk , Medium Risk , High Risk , Extreme Mode ) 
  • Lots 
  • MaximumLotSize Per Order 
  • MaxTrades - Limited by one direction of orders .
  • MaxSpread - To prevent a huge spread during market close and market open . It will not stoploss when Huge Spread .
  • Use Stoploss of the Account DD : Use Cut Loss when DD is bigger than amount of USD .
  • Close EA after StopLoss - which means if stoploss hit , shut down EA or keep opening new orders .
  • StopLoss by USD : When "Use Stoploss of the Account DD" is true , this variable can control when to stop the EA by USD .
  • Use Takeprofit by account profit - When Account profit reach a level of USD to close all orders and restart new orders or not .
  • Close BuySell when profit : by USD
  • Shut down EA after hitting Takeprofit - After "Use Takeprofit by account profit" is active , Ea shut down or not .
  • Auto Close orders and stop opening order  - Users allow to choose to close orders 
  • Close by USD during selected date - When profit or Drawdown reach the level by USD only the date you have selected 
  • EndHourMon - To control when to stop the EA when "Close by USD during selected date" also reached . -1 means Allow to trade all day . Broker Time Which shown on the Chart . 
  • Time to restart On Monday - When to start on Monday Morning to avoid huge spread and unstable range . 

Recommended broker

  • We strongly suggest to use ONLY ECN broker with lower spread with 1:500 leverage 


  • Users should manual close sometimes especially on Wed or Fri before US section when DD is low . Because the way of this EA is to make profit weekly . Even sometimes hit stoploss but also can be profitable weekly .

Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 2018.10.12 07:19 

Excellent support, and there's a lot of work put into constantly improving the EA. Can't wait to see the next project!

VVCC5038 2018.10.10 15:41 

The best EA I have come across. Great work from Yip Sin Hang.

iwilllonger 2018.10.10 13:21 

perfect...great...excellent...very good EA....

davidleungcm 2018.10.10 03:11 

I have bought the SB EA for 2 weeks. it really gain money. I used it to gain over USD400 yesterday.

Hd400581 2018.10.10 03:01 

Developer is great and well supporting. Very intelligence EA and therefore, a users guideline is more welcome.

hisunsun 2018.10.10 02:00 

The author works really hard to keep updating the EA when new ideas come and also minimizing the risk. This EA could run a stable profit if choose low risk and medium risk set up;if running on extreme high risk set up , the profit is amazing!!!!

s89165010 2018.10.05 13:48 

still work on demo account and keep tracing ...

jc4fun 2018.10.05 13:02 

Just starting to use on life some days ago after 2 week on demo account. EA look promizing. Author imporve always news feature after feedback from user. Great work. From another hand it's sometime difficult to follow all the update and can be little bit confusing with version of EA and version of trading type. I hope the author will take time to make everything clear on the description page of the product. Anyhow, after one week life, some profit and money management working as planed. Looking forward :)

Chipea999 2018.10.05 12:01 

Profitable and impressive EA with great support from author. Full score

tonyvan9100 2018.10.03 17:30 

This EA is very awesome because of Yip Sin Hang!

I think it can make a profit for good money management.

Tyy96913 2018.10.01 20:16 

very good result so far, today 2600 CAD profit with 6000 balance, anther help fix some issue and fully setup the EA, highly recommend

CHENG LUNG YANG 2018.09.29 11:34 

Good EA

rrayzz 2018.09.28 13:09 

Very Impressive EA with smart logic to make profit. Author is a great person very dedicated to this product updates as user needs and improves very often and quickly to insure EA get smarter and smarter.

Aceman123 2018.09.27 10:05 

The semi-martingale logic might look good on the surface but you'll eventually be stopped out over and over again on some tiny 60 pips moves.

Requires too much baby-sitting (which defies the whole idea of an automatic EA) - won't make money long term.

YUEN MO 2018.09.25 15:54 

Good EA

Tang Ou
Tang Ou 2018.09.25 03:34 

I am very conservative and still running version 2.2 on 4 of my accounts.

Not fully take advantage of the EA yet, but I am happy.

Cannot complain if it is making money with confidences.

mhforex01 2018.09.25 00:36 

Good support by the author but really bad results on recommended pairs.

Maybe only 3 days running, but 2 days with SL reached.

kkngan415 2018.09.24 13:55 

this Awesome EA.

der0711 2018.09.22 11:28 

Very profitable EA, Author also very kind and helpful for each user, I have confidence i will be rich by following authors step, keep stronger~~

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2018.09.20 17:12 

A very good strategy that gives good results if you follow the author's specifications. The risk is controlled by following some rules.

In extreme mode the benefits are great but the risk is also great.

Ask first... If you doubt, ask the author first.

I'm happy here.

stancho1994 2018.09.19 09:25 

Good EA. Thank you Yip Sin Hang

Long Long
Long Long 2018.09.19 05:57 

EA is good ,looking forward to full automation upgrade

Martin Metzler
Martin Metzler 2018.09.17 20:38 

I know the review is written very shortly after the release but I can say that the EA is very impressive. The approach for the trading is different to all I have ever seen and after the days of usage I can say ... it works and getting a big grin over my face ;)

I will update after more days of use!


Still thumps up, the developer is very open and fast by implementing new features based on the customer needs and wishes!


Very good EA with good profit but no setup an forget EA. The support Yip San Hang is very very good and he has an interest in to improve his product continuously.

Luis Cheung
Luis Cheung 2018.09.13 15:56 

Awesome EA. good Risk management, and great support from Author. 5 stars!

kelvinchan168 2018.09.13 11:29 


I bought this EA yesterday, I will use this tonight

also inrex is good developer


Unbelievable, I have payback in 2 Days . I used only 1 pair (~100) yesterday. I used 2 pairs (~210)today.

Vhug84 2018.09.12 16:42 

I started with good results but this week I'm going bad, the seller tells me to change broker to an ECN account, change account and update my comment.

27.09.18: The losses continue, luckily only in Demo. I'll wait for new updates because it's just a martingale strategy with SL.

Versión 3.3 2018.10.11
TakeScreen Function when Order Stoploss or OrderClose
Versión 3.2 2018.10.06
-TakeProfit by account floating
Versión 3.1 2018.10.04
- Recommendation pairs chart added .
Versión 3.0 2018.10.03
- icon added
-Bug of button fixed
Versión 2.9 2018.10.03
Half-Auto Buy Sell Allow Added
Versión 2.8 2018.10.01
Extern Comment
Versión 2.7 2018.09.30
extern Max Orders .
Versión 2.6 2018.09.30
Parameter Optimized
Versión 2.5 2018.09.30
parameter optimization
Versión 2.4 2018.09.30
Mode to choose instead of .set file
Versión 2.3 2018.09.28
Important Logic Added :
1. Dynamic Step , To Calculate the pass range of Bars to let Step to be Dynamic
2. Range Allow to trade of the pass High Low to control the First Order
3. Dynamic Tp , Orders total of sell or buy will change greater than normal ( Red == Original Tp , Yellow == Bigger than Original, Aqua == Danger Close )
4. Ma Allow Added to control Marginal Orders
Versión 2.2 2018.09.25
Last 2 Orders to dynamic order
bool to use it or not .
Versión 2.1 2018.09.25
Trading allow button Added
After Close all , It will stop EA . Users need to allow it again to start trading .

Dynamic Tp -- When hit the last Order , Dynamic TP will be active to get closer to Breakeven Price.
Versión 2.0 2018.09.23
Slippage Detector System added
Versión 1.9 2018.09.23
Allow to set when start on Money
Versión 1.8 2018.09.21
Set earlier to stop on wed and fri
Versión 1.7 2018.09.21
AUD Account Currency added .
So setting 800USD will be *1.37 AUD Automatically .
Versión 1.6 2018.09.19
MaxSpread added

Cancel Allow Traded Time .
Versión 1.5 2018.09.19
Extern Server Time to get ready to close orders when profitable on both Wed and Friday .
Versión 1.4 2018.09.19
Important upgrade !

1. Not allow stoploss during market close with Huge Spread . By Server Time .

2. Allow change comment to let each user have unique order comment , So broker will not know what ea you are using !
Versión 1.3 2018.09.19
Same as 1.2
Versión 1.2 2018.09.19
Upgrade Auto Stop EA running On Wednesday and Friday by Server Time before US session when DD is less than 10USD . To lessen change of hitting Stoploss .
Ea will run again on the next Trading day .
Versión 1.1 2018.09.12
Display shown in the chart