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Neural Tick

Why NeuralTick EA is different

NeuralTick is based on Artificial Intelligence (Deep learning) using a layered structure of algorithms called an Artificial Neural Network (ANN). A deep learning model is designed to continually analyze data with a logic structure similar to how a human would draw conclusions. The design of an ANN is inspired by the biological neural network of the human brain. NeuralTick is based only on the price action to know when to Buy, Sell or Hold. No indicators used. The most notable part of NeuralTick is that the distance that separates each trade in the grid is not a fixed value or hard coded, but rather, the size is determined intelligently according to the price action by a Neural Network. This means that the distance that separates each operation from another will not be the same in all market conditions. This prevents uncontrolled grid growth.

Training Model

One of the key elements of a neural network is its ability to learn. A neural network is not just a complex system, but a complex adaptive system, meaning it can change its internal structure based on the information flowing through it. NeuralTick is training using Supervised Learning.

  • Supervised Learning — Essentially, a strategy that involves a teacher that is smarter than the network itself. For example, consider the facial recognition example. The teacher shows the network several faces, and the teacher already knows the name associated with each face. The network makes its guesses, then the teacher provides the network with the answers. The network can then compare its answers to the known “correct” ones and make adjustments according to its errors.

Minimum Requirements:


High risk: $1000
Medium risk: 2000
Moderate risk: 3000

TimeFrame: H1

Pairs: All pairs

NeuralTick Inputs

  • w0... w9 - (-1 to 1) Weight values for opening grid trades
  • Use slope of the line
  • 0 to any (positive) - slope - positive value to close bad Sell Trades
  • 0 to any (negative) - slope - negative value to close bad Buy Trades
  • 0 to 0.99 %Buy correlation coefficient
  • 0 to -0.99 %Sell correlation coefficient
  • Use Grid
  • Basic lot – Size of the contract
  • Previous lot size will multiplied
  • Deep level – Depth Grid levels
  • Alternate buy & sell every - The grid will be reversed in favor of the trend after the number of trades set here
  • maximum drawdown - Maximum drawdown of the equity
  • Close all trades at maximum drawdown
  • Expert Comment - Expert Advisor comment
  • Profit in pips – Take Profit
  • Stop loss in pips – Stop Loss
  • Max Spread
  • magicNumber

Pavel Bobrovskiy
Pavel Bobrovskiy 2018.08.04 11:59 

Огромные просадки. Советник открывает сделки с огромными для депозита в 1000 $ лотами сделки и всё против тренда.тренд развернулся, советник начал открывать сделки против нового тренда. Нет тут никакого искусственного интеллекта- это просто мартингейл для извращенцев. Итог- слив счета.

Anthony Stone
Anthony Stone 2018.07.20 09:05 

So far version 2.2 is proving to be the most profitable yet. The additional pairs help to bring in a steady stream of profits whilst keeping drawdown to a minimum. It's still early days though, so will update my review in a month.

alphapoint 2018.07.16 10:11 

Running V2.2 with profits and are please with the results on how system handle opening positions. Will update when i have more results. So far this is a 5 stars from me.

sexycool 2018.07.11 22:45 

One of the most profitable EA out there in the market. Stable and relatively safe as long as you follow developer's recommendation.

I hope developer will not get tired developing this EA.

Bottom line? This EA could make between 20-40% a month. There was a month that it reached 50%. Draw down at most 30%.

Been using it for months.

adaba 2018.07.11 10:30 

NT shows good results in demo so far. I'll wait for V2.2 to go live.

Jian Peng
Jian Peng 2018.07.08 03:39 

It has performed well so far, I am looking forward to the new version for more pairs.

Mark Us
Mark Us 2018.06.25 11:58 

Demotest 2.000,-EUR, only EUR/USD, H1 0,01Lot, since 1 month - looks good! Follow authors instructions! I will go live with NT perhaps in 60 Days..

## 31.08.2018

i am not live 50% drawdown in demo account

Alessio Bizzarri
Alessio Bizzarri 2018.06.18 09:34 

only trash, at a special price, sometime..

Suhail Chougule
Suhail Chougule 2018.06.03 10:55   

Cannot give any rating right now till i have fully tested it though I have already purchased it. I would like to have an option of my starting lot to be a percentage of my equity.

chuskas 2018.05.31 08:25 

A new concept in expert: in my case all winning trades.

I have small trades, because I am using only 0,01 lot, but never fails.

Good work!

Chi Kin Lam
Chi Kin Lam 2018.05.30 16:37 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Serhii Stovba
Serhii Stovba 2018.05.17 15:44   

Beware of this sellers. Not competent, in the first place he has only personal profit. It forces good reviews by not giving further adjustments for purchased goods. Does not reply to letters. Very slippery type. I was very sorry that I contacted him.

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2018.05.15 17:18 

Instalado hoy nada más salir y me está gustando mucho como opera, eso sí con el set de Anddy y con el lote mínimo de momento.

Versión 3.0 2018.11.22
New version recommendations:
Deposit for the new updated EA:

High risk: $1000
medium risk: $2000
Moderate risk: $3000
Versión 2.2 2018.07.11
Added the filter to avoid opening new trades in the same candle to reduce the drawdown.
Versión 2.1 2018.07.02
New Input field added:
close all trades at maximum drawdown
Versión 2.0 2018.06.15
New 2 inputs added:
- alternate buy & sell every
- maximum drawdown
Versión 1.10 2018.05.21
Fixed bug:
1. Lot size of 0.01 was always used first.
2. Stop loss did not work.
3. Fixed the code of internal logic.