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Victory Price Direction

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Victory Price Direction   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I'm glad to present you my new indicator.

This indicator includes all the best strategies that I have researched. When developing and optimizing, I used ML algorithms.

The indicator is very easy to use.

Now the indicator has 3 basic strategies and the ability to customize your own strategy. I am constantly looking for better strategies.

You get:

  • A simple and effective indicator of reversals.
  • The indicator will help you place Take Profit correctly.
  • It will tell you when you need to close the position, which will not allow you to go into a big negative.
  • Never redrawn or recalculated.
  • The signal is strictly at the "Close of the bar"
  • Works on all currency pairs and timeframes.
  • Shows excellent results on commodities, stocks and indices.

How to trade

Follow easy steps!

Step 1: Trade setup
  • The default is Strategy_1. If it does not show high statistics on your instrument, then try other strategies (STRATEGY_2, STRATEGY_3)
  • Enter the signal if the statistical success rate is higher than 70%  and total points more than zero (Statistics Success Rate> 70% and Total points >0).
Step 2: Set Stop Loss above / below the highest / lowest top of the channel with a little margin
  • Exit a buy trade when a new sell signal appears.
  • Exit a sell trade when a new buy signal appears.
  • Exit the trade as the signal to close the trade comes.
Step 3: Set Take Profit
  • Option 1: Take profit at TP1.
  • Option 2: Partial profit taking at TP1, closing the remaining position at TP2.
  • Option 3: Take profit on the opposite signal or work in a trend before a reversal.

Main parameters:

"Max History Bars" - Maximum number of bars history for analysis. Set a value that is comfortable for you.

"Strategy" - Choose a strategy from three prepared ones.

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