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The Power

The Power calculates the strength of the long and short forces by the ratio of the price breakthrough to the average amplitude of the previous market.

When the intensity is strong, the signal appears on the chart to estimate the direction of the next wave.

There is no future function for the indicator. All signals will not move or disappear after they appear, and have a good real-world reference value.

The indicator parameters allow the user to make individual adjustments.

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Indicator advantage:

1, with a channel breakthrough calculation program, short-term rebound will not interfere with the signal direction, effectively filter the callback market.

2, the breakthrough strength needs to reach a certain level of strength to signal, effectively filter the fake breakthrough market.

3. The channel calculation has a translation index, which can effectively identify the giant V-shaped inversion.

Parameter Description:

FastMove - short-term fluctuations

SlowMove - long-term fluctuations

Shift - translation index (long-term volatility statistical offset K-line number)

Power - Volatility Coefficient

BreakoutRange - Effective breakout range

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