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AIS Dual Lanczos Filter

This indicator is a combination of two modified Lanczos filters.
The first filter serves to extrapolate the price. Based on past values, he predicts a possible price movement within the current bar. That is, it shows what the price would be if the past trends remained unchanged.
The second filter for smoothing and averaging prices within the window, determined by the level of the filter. Thanks to the selection of weights, this filter is most actively responding to the periodic component that is present in the price movement.
The indicator can be adjusted using the EF and IF parameters. By selecting the values ​​of EF and IF you can achieve signals about the beginning of trend price movements.
  • EF - window size of the exponential filter. Valid value is EF = 0 ... 255. And the number of bars processed during the calculation is 2 * EF + 1. The larger this parameter, the stronger the impact of the past values ​​of the price series. The result is plotted in solid lines.
  • IF - adjusts the size of the averaging window. The value of IF = 0 ... 255. The number of bars to be calculated is 2 * IF + 1. The greater the value of IF, the longer periods in the movement of prices are detected using this filter. The result is displayed on the graph by dashed lines.

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