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AIS Fibonacci P Numbers

This indicator uses the Fibonacci p-numbers to smooth a price series. This allows combining the advantages of the simple and exponential moving averages.

The smoothing coefficients depend on the level of the p-number, which is set in the indicator parameters. The higher the level, the greater the influence of the simple moving average and the less significant the exponential moving average.


  • Fibonacci Numbers Order - order of the Fibonacci p-number, specified by trader. Valid values are in the range of 0 - 255.

After the indicator is launched, the "Fibonacci p-number level" and the length of the series used to calculate the indicator values ("Length of a number series") are displayed in the Experts tab. The length of the calculated series depends on the number of decimal places in the quotes of the currencies. For 5-digit quotes, the accuracy of calculations is higher, so the length of the series will be greater.

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