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Leprechaun Scalper GBPUSD 5 min

Leprechaun Scalper - GBPUSD 5 min

Fully automatic trading advisor that does not use martingale. The default settings are selected for successful trading ONLY on the GBPUSD currency pair 5 minute chart. Advisor makes deals throughout the day positions are held for a short time. Positions are opened based on pending orders in the direction of price movement using the internal settings of the indicators.

Live trading and signals : https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/556168

(Statistics will start on a new account  from Monday March 18 - to show ONLY
 the result of the adviser)


  • Exact market entry
  • Intelligent algorithm determines the trend, filters out market noise and generates input signals
  • There is no need to turn off the adviser when important news comes out
  • There is no need to select the parameters of the indicators
  • Fixed profit 6 points
  • The frequency of transactions per day: from 4 to 15


  • Spread no more than 2 points
  • The minimum deposit must correspond to the possibility of buying at least 13 minimum packages for reliable operation of the adviser
  • The volume of orders set on the principle of doubling (1/2/3/6/12). In practice, the 4rd or 5th can only work when important news comes out
  • Advisor settings are ideal ONLY for GBPUSD 5 minute() chart.

Input parameters:

  • ID - identification number - the magic number by which the adviser distinguishes its position from other orders
  • Order volume - lot size

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