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Yellow mouse scalping

Yellow mouse scalping is a fully automated Expert Advisor designed for trading at night in a calm market. The strategy is night scalping. To find entry points, standard RSI and ATR indicators are used. The closing of transactions takes place according to the author's algorithm, which significantly improves the ability to control risks and security of the deposit. Thanks to a wide range of settings, each user can choose an acceptable risk / reward ratio. Risky martingale strategies are not used.

Monitoring the work of the adviser, as well as my other developments, can be found at https://www.mql5.com/en/users/vkprofit/seller#products

Video description of the settings and examples of work can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf10ZElqHoo

General Recommendations

The minimum deposit is 50 USD, the recommended timeframe is M5. The EA opens trades in a calm market, execution and spread are not crucial for the operation, but still have an impact on the result.

The default settings are intended for trading on EURUSD, TF M5. GMT +2 broker time (in winter time)

When testing, it is important to consider that the adviser is sensitive to the time of opening trades. Therefore, testing for a period older than 1-1.5 years does not make sense, since temporal characteristics of ticks are strongly distorted.

Check for yourself by comparing the time of the release of important news on the calendar in the past with the time of market reaction by bars in the strategy tester.

Input Parameters

  • Open_night_Monday - enable/disable opening trades on Sunday nights.
  • Open_Friday - enable/disable trading on Friday.
  • Start_hour - hour to start opening trades.
  • Start_min - minute to start opening trades.
  • Stop_hour - hour to stop opening trades.
  • Stop_min - minute to stop opening trades.
  • No_Open_after_SLoss_hour - disable opening of new trades after a stop loss for the specified number of hours. Not used is set to 00.
  • Close_Friday_Time - time to close trades on Friday. 00:00 - disabled.
  • Close_hour - hour to close trades by time. 00:00 - disabled.
  • Close_min - minute to close trades by time. 00:00 - disabled.
  • For_candle - enable/disable closing trades by "expiration time" after the first order.
  • close_candle - the number of bars to close the trades.
  • PercentBalansRisk - maximum drawdown as a percentage of the balance at which all transactions will close automatically;
  • Autolot - enable/disable autolot.
  • Autolot_size - the initial lot size to be used when Autolot is enabled.
  • Autolot_for - amount of deposit to be used per Lot when Autolot is enabled.
  • Real_SL - visible stop loss.
  • Real_TP - visible take profit.
  • Virtual SL - virtual stop loss.
  • Slippage - the maximum slippage for opening trades.
  • Virtual TP - virtual take profit.
  • Magic - magic number for the Expert Advisor to identify its positions.
  • Add_fo_close_bar - enable/disable opening additional orders at the Open price of the new bar.
  • Time_open_fo_add - enable/disable the time limit for opening additional orders by the Stop_hour parameter.
  • Max_orders - the maximum number of additional orders.
  • Delta_open - the minimum distance between additional orders.
  • Max_spread - the maximum spread for opening positions.
  • Close_fo_close_bar - enable/disable closing orders based on the closed bar.
  • Trand_filtr - daily trend filter. If enabled, trades can only be opened in the direction of the daily trend.
  • Retum_sig_RSI - Close trades on the reverse RSI signal, on / off;
  • RSI_period - period of the RSI indicator;
  • Up_level - the upper level of the indicator, above which the EA will open a Sell order.
  • Down_level - the lower level of the indicator, below which the EA will open a Buy order.
  • ART_period - period of the ATR indicator.
  • ART_from - the lower boundary of the range of the indicator values, in which the EA is allowed to open positions.
  • ART_to - the upper boundary of the range of the indicator values, in which the EA is allowed to open positions.
  • ATR_Auto_for_tester - the parameter for autovalidation in the Market, in real trading and testing should be turned off !!!;

Special Note

Please test the EA in the strategy tester before using it on a live account.

felixchang 2019.05.27 09:40 

This is one of the very few developer who has created one of the best EA that really works and with good deposit protection. Every now and then you just see money pouring in. Of course there are losses but the profit will more than offset the losses. The set up is easy, just use the default and off you go.

One very important consideration while I think so highly about this product is that the developer is a real trader standing solidly behind his product. There is no questions unanswered. Whenever there is any doubts or problems, you can be assured that he is handling them prompty. Some time I am not sure if he ever sleeps :) In fact, Vasiliy Kolesov is so helpful in every aspect and I am truly grateful to him.

Archer 2018.08.06 19:22 

Отличный советник и очень хорошая поддержка автора моя оценка 5 звезд, я всем его рекомендую, автору отдельные +100500 в карму за оперативную и качественную поддержку, терпения, новых удачных разработок, а главное профитов всем и ПОБОЛЬШЕ.

danil77783 2018.06.29 22:28 

Обновлённый советник и агрессивные настройки приятно удивили, ещё раз спасибо огромное Василию, за его терпение и отзывчивость. Успехов тебе и профитов побольше)))

Stanislav Svirskiy
Stanislav Svirskiy 2018.06.20 07:12 

отдельный + за обратную связь от автора! Все разжует, поможет, настроит. Терпения ему в предстоящем наплыве трейдеров :D

Пока за неделю +20%, буду обновлять отзыв.

Pogor2p 2018.06.08 20:37 

Отличный инструмент для активного трейдера. Много всякого функционала. Если разобраться в советнике и самому провести оптимизацию под своего брокера - будет вам счастье, в виде хорошей прибыли.

Отдельно хочу отметить быструю и качественную поддержку автора.

Dr Rd
Dr Rd 2018.04.13 08:22 

Моя оценка за EA и отзывчивость автора- 5 звезд!!!

по результатам оптимизации/тестирования могу сказать что это самый безопасный советник.

т.к в нем присутствует как минимум 3 способа защиты от полного слива депозита.

- SL (стандартная функция большинства советников)

- закрытие по времени жизни сделок

- закрытие по времени

Каждый может выбрать то что ему нравится для защиты своего депозита. Я же использую все три сразу.

и по результатам тестирования (чуть меньше месяца) я видел закрытие сделок по времени жизни сделок и закрытие по времени.

закрытие по SL я слава богу не увидел ) и надеюсь что не увижу т.к сеты которые предоставил автор - хорошо оптимизированны.

Asdw55 2018.04.08 15:26 

До сих пор отлично. Торгую только EUR/USD М5. Автору отдельное спасибо за отзывчивость.

nasud 2018.04.04 09:43 


Евгений Романов
Евгений Романов 2018.04.03 17:25 

Отличный советник. Хорошие результаты в тестере и неделя на реале в плюс. Дальше буду обновлять отзыв. пока 5 звёзд.

Version 1.52 2019.06.25
Fixed opening orders.
Version 1.51 2019.06.07
Fixed closing errors.
Version 1.50 2019.05.16
Separate RSI settings have been added for return output.
Version 1.41 2019.03.29
Исправлены ошибки открытия.
Version 1.40 2019.03.24
Added the ATR Time Frame option.
CCI indicator added.
changed default settings.
Version 1.34 2018.10.09
Added risk limit in percent of balance.
Version 1.33 2018.09.29
Изменены настройки "по умолчанию"
Version 1.32 2018.09.28
Исправлены ошибки закрытия по обратному сигналу.
Version 1.31 2018.09.02
Добавлен запрет работы в Воскресение.
Version 1.22 2018.04.25
Added a time filter to disable trades for the specified time after triggering of a stop loss.
Added a parameter for enabling/disabling the trend filter.
Version 1.20 2018.04.17
Fixed an error in prohibition of opening trades on Sunday night
Fixed an error in identification of orders using the "Magic" parameter
Version 1.10 2018.04.03
Fixed the error in closing trades on Friday.
Added visual take profit and stop loss levels.