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Mr Martin

EA Mr.Martin is a fully automated Expert Advisor that is designed for quiet, investment trading over a long period of time. The Expert Advisor uses in its strategy the principles of averaging unprofitable positions, but due to the unique input system, several filters, and the deposit protection system, expressed in the SL_percent_balans parameter, is completely safe for your deposit.

The default settings are optimized to work on EURUSD M1 and can be used in trading all the time without optimization, "set once and forget." The minimum deposit for trading is $ 1000. There are also more conservative and more aggressive settings that will be published in the first post of "Comments".
The Expert Advisor opens and closes trades on a "closed bar", therefore it can work with any broker and any spread, as well as testing and optimization can be performed in the "by control points" mode, the results almost exactly coincide with the testing of "all ticks" from 99 , 9% quality simulation.

Monitoring the work of the adviser, as well as my other developments, can be found at https://www.mql5.com/en/users/vkprofit/seller#products

        Input parameters

  •     New_cycle - new true/false cycle;
  •     Open_Thursday- permission to open trades on Thursday on / off;
  •     Open_Friday - permission to open trades on Friday true/false;
  •     Open_Night_Monday - permission to open transactions on the night from Sunday to Monday, true/false;
  •     Open_New Year's holidays- permission to work on New Year's holidays, on / off;
  •     Start_hour - an hour of the opening of transactions by the advisor;
  •     Start_min - minutes of the opening of transactions by the advisor;
  •     Stop_hour - advisor;
  •     Stop_min - minutes of the end of opening trades by the advisor;
  •     No_Open_after_SLoss_hour - a ban on opening new deals after the stop loss is triggered in hours. At 00 - disabled;
  •     Close_Friday_Time - Time to close all deals on Friday. At "0" - disabled;
  •     Close_hour - an hour to close trades on time. When setting "0" - disabled;
  •     Close_min - minutes of deals closing by time. When setting "0" - disabled;
  •     Lot - the value of the initial lot;
  •     Lot_multipleer_1 - the value of the multiplier by which the initial lot will be multiplied, №1;
  •     Change multipleer after order namber - order number from which multiplier number 2 is activated;
  •     Lon_multipleer_2 - the value of the multiplier №2;
  •     Lot_maximum - the maximum number of orders that the adviser can open;
  •     Autolot - automatic lot detection, true/false;
  •     Autolot_for - the amount of the deposit to which the autolot is applied;
  •     Add_For_close_bar - opening orders by "closed bar", true/false;
  •     Grid_1 - the minimum distance between orders No. 1;
  •     Change Grid step 2 after order namber - order number, from which Grid 1 is replaced by Grid 2;
  •     Grid_2 - the minimum distance between orders No. 2;
  •     Change Grid step 3 after order namber - order number, from which Grid 2 will be replaced by Grid 3;
  •     Grid_3 - the value of the minimum distance between orders No. 3;
  •     Max_orders - the maximum number of additional orders that the adviser can open;
  •     Tp_1 - Take Profit # 1
  •     Chenge takeprofit after order namber - order number, after which there will be a change in take profit to # 2
  •     Tp_2 - take profit number 2
  •     Close_fo_close_bar - close orders on a closed bar, true/false;
  •     SL_percent_balans - maximum drawdown as a percentage of the balance at which all transactions will close automatically;
  •     Slippage - maximum slippage at which the advisor is allowed to open trades;
  •     Max_spread - the maximum spread at which the EA is allowed to open positions;
  •     Magik_Buy - magic number for long positions;
  •     Magik_Sell - magic number for short positions;
  •     Data_visible - information panel, true/false;
  •     Filter_oscillator - filter oscillator, true/false;
  •     Timeframe_oscillator - Thief TF Oscillator;
  •     Buy_level - the bottom level of the indicator, below which the adviser will open buy;
  •     Sell_level - the upper level of the indicator, above which the adviser will open sell;
  •     Trand_filtr -Trend filter, true/false;
  •     Period_MA- MA period in trend filter; 
  •     Shift_filter- MA shift in trend filter;
  •     Filter_volatility - filter volatility, on / off;
  •     Level - restrictive value of the volatility filter;
  •     Timeframe_filter_volatility - time frame of the volatility filter;

Asdw55 2019.01.23 09:03 

Советник отличный,безопасный и прибыльный.Погонял в тестере и поставил на реал.

Joshua Mondragon
Joshua Mondragon 2019.01.09 03:01 

Just purchased 1/8/19

Will provide updates monthly

Alik 2018.11.05 07:17 

Понравился !

Version 2.22 2019.01.19
changed input logic
added volatility filter
Some parameters of the trend filter are displayed in the settings
Added another time filter.
Added limitation of work on Thursday.
Version 1.10 2018.11.14
Grid 2 calculation bug fixed