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ADX is one of the indicators most commonly used by traders. This version allows to extract the maximum amount of information without hassle of constantly switching between the timeframes and, thereby, greatly simplifies working with it. This is a standard ADX indicator provided with an info panel displaying the current relative position of -DM and +DM lines on all timeframes.

  • Blue circle - uptrend.
  • Red circle - downtrend.
  • Yellow circle - no trend.
  • Blue arrow - (+DM) > (-DM);
  • Red arrow - (-DM) > (+DM).

The info panel is intuitive and easy to use. The indicator is especially useful in scalping techniques when you need to know its readings on all timeframes. Thew working timeframe of the indicator can be selected in the settings.

Indicator Parameters

  • ShowBars - depth of history for the indicator display on the chart.
  • ADX_Period - indicator calculation period.
  • ADX_applied_price - price for the indicator calculation.
  • ShowInfoPanel - display the information panel.
  • textColor, DnColor, UpColor, FletColor - color settings of the information panel.
  • use_M1 - use_MN1 - timeframes to display the information for.
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