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Indicator based trading according to the price analysis of bars, the most popular among traders. The indicators calculated based on larger periods are used for identification of a stable trend on the market, and the ones calculated based on smaller periods are used for entering the market after a correction. The oscillators with overbought and oversold levels have a special place in indicator-based trading. The values of such indicators are subjected to wave structure - the higher waves (chart timeframes) are formed on the basis of the smaller ones. The correct analysis of such oscillators allows to enter the market on almost every wave. The most effective is the simultaneous analysis of the market using oscillators with large and small calculation periods on all timeframes. However, this obvious approach often confuses traders when determining the moment to enter the market. This happens because it is easy to become confused when switching the charts, as the indicator values from different periods may contradict each other. The FW-2WPR_MTF allows to estimate the overall picture of values of the WPR indicator with different periods on all timeframes simultaneously, which significantly increases the accuracy of market entries. By selecting the information on the required timeframe it is possible to adjust the indicator for any kind of trading.

Features of the FW-2WPR_MTF indicator

  • displays the WPR of two periods on the same chart
  • it is possible to monitor the WPR values on all timeframes without switching

Advantages of the FW-2WPR_MTF indicator

The analysis of the indicator values helps to determine:

  • market entry point at the time of the trend beginning impulse
  • market entry point during a correction
  • trend weakening time
  • trend changing time

Indicator Settings

  • SlowWPRPeriod - period of the slow WPR
  • FastWPRPeriod - period of the fast WPR
  • ShowBars - the number of bars in history to display the indicator
  • ShowInfoPanel - display the information panel
  • textColor, DnColor, UpColor - settings of the indicator colors
  • Show the data of M1 TF - MN1 TF - settings for the display of the indicator values on the corresponding timeframes of the information panel
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