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Volume Ticks ResSup

The market price is moved by the market makers with large amounts of equity. The only way to understand intentions of big players is to track their activity by concentration of volumes on one level or another. Volume Ticks ResSup draws a level with the maximum concentration of a tick volume since the beginning of a day. In most cases, such level is an actual support or resistance level.


  • ColorLevelSupport - support line color;
  • ColorLevelResistance - resistance line color;
  • BarsDayCount - number of days the indicator is displayed.
Iwan Iskandar
2016.11.26 17:41 

Great Indicator but it takes too much resources of my computer, but then again maybe is my computer is too old. Anyway this indicator is good in locating areas where the big players are buying or selling.

2016.04.24 12:49   

hello i bought your product but the result is different in demo, some support and resistance line is missing in real account please consider to check and up grade please

2016.04.10 23:20 

One of the best indicators i've bought....

Richard Caughell
2015.08.12 15:28 

Anybody who is a intraday trader wants this.......wow amazing I didnt realize how important these areas are when it revolves around volume. Yes Im a volume trader but I never looked at areas of the daily consolidation takes place. And guess a very high percentage of the time when price breaks these areas it makes a large rally. This should be developed into a daily scalping EA. Very powerful.

2015.05.09 04:04 

Best indicator. I have seen other similar indicators selling for high amounts, and this one works great.

2015.04.16 02:26 

Support and resistance levels are not reliable.

Johannes Hermann
2015.03.23 09:03 

very helpful and reliable but no hg

Version 1.1 - 2016.04.15
Added notification on the appearance of a new level.