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Period separators

The Period separators indicator separates time periods, specified by user.

It supports all timeframes, greater or aliquot to current timeframe. In case of the incorect timeframe, the indicator modifies it to closest correct value. Additional bonus - the separation of non-standard time periods - MOON, MOON/2, MOON/4 (moon phases).

The separators are plotted using the indicator's buffers. The indicator uses one graphic object for information about the progress and current bar properties. The graphic object can be placed (drag and drop) at any place on the chart.

The indicator works correctly on the price data with gaps.


  1. Period separators - separator's period. All standard timeframes of the client terminal are supported;
  2. Mode drawing:
    • VLINE - separators are drawn using vertical lines;
    • AREA – separators encloses the quotes area;
    • NONE – do not show indicator's buffers (the graphic object is shown);
  3. Line width – line width (Solid style case);
  4. Line style – line styles (all standard styles of the client terminal are supported);
  5. Line color – line color;
  6. Phase of the Moon – shift of the moon phase (if non-standard period is used for the separators):
    • FULL_MOON - full moon;
    • NEW_MOON - new moon;
  7. Flag drawing BarTimer - Graphic object control (useful in case of the simultaneous launch of several indicators) - allows to disable showing of the progress bar content:
    • PER_BAR – show information on both progress bars;
    • PER_NULL – show only separators;
    • NULL_BAR - show only bar info;
    • NULL_NULL – don't show graphic object;
  8. Font color – font color (graphic object);
  9. Font name – font name (all standard fonts of the client teminal are supported);
  10. Font size – font size (graphic object);
  11. Angle of anchor - anchor angle (graphic object).
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