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Averager NEW

Expert Advisor Features

  • trailing profit in the deposit currency (Trailing Stop Money)
  • closing by a profit or loss in the deposit currency
  • opening orders at a specified time
  • managing positions opened manually or by another Expert Advisor
  • calculating initial lot based on the current balance
  • limiting the maximum lot volume
  • choosing trading type
  • several types and methods of averaging
  • visually displays the current breakeven price, draws horizontal lines "Line break even BUY"-blue, "Line break even SELL"-red


Trading time settings

  • "Opening in hours", "Opening in minutes" - trading start time, after which position opening is allowed.
  • "Closing in hour", "Close in minutes" - trading end time, up to what time position opening is allowed.

Trading time does not affect profit trailing and closure by loss.

Trading settings:

  • "The magic number":
    • if "The magic number"=0, the EA can manage manual orders,
    • if "The magic number"=-1, the EA can manage orders with any Magic.
  • "The minimum balance in the Deposit currency, the required minimum lot" - minimum expected balance per the minimum lot (set by the broker)
  • "Automatic initial lot calculation" - automated calculation of volume of the initial order based on the current balance:
    • "Automatic initial lot calculation"= true - enabled,
    • "Automatic initial lot calculation"= false - disabled.
  • "Initial lot" - the initial lot value if "Automatic initial lot calculation"=false.
  • "The maximum permitted lot" - maximum volume of placed orders.
  • "Open to buy"=true - allow placing initial BUY orders.
  • "Open to buy"=false - do not allow placing initial BUY orders. Averaging of open BUY positions will be continued.
  • "Open to sell"=true - allow placing initial SELL orders.
  • "Open to sell"=false - do not allow placing initial SELL orders. Averaging of open SELL positions will be continued.

Settings of closure with profit or loss in deposit currency:

  • ''Closing profit'' - closing trades with profit:
    • "No"- not used.
    • "Joint buy and sell" - BUY and SELL are closed together, close at a total profit (BUY profit + SELL profit).
    • "Individual to buy or sell" - BUY and SELL are managed separately depending on individual profit.
  • "Trailing money with" - amount of money, reaching which profit trailing is enabled.
  • "Step Trailing the money" - trailing step in the deposit currency.

If "Trailing Stop Money" is enabled, information about the type and amount of fixed profit is displayed in the upper left corner.

  • "Close Loss"=true - closing when the specified loss value is reached.
  • "Close Loss"=false - closing with loss is not allowed.
  • "Amount Of Money Loss" - the allowable loss amount in deposit currency, after reaching it all open orders will be closed.

Indicator settings:

  • "Time Frames OsMA" - OsMA indicator timeframe
  • "Fast EMA Period OsMA"- OsMA input
  • "Slow EMA Period OsMA"- OsMA input
  • "Signal SMA Period OsMA" - OsMA input
  • "Time Frames MA" - Moving Average indicator timeframe
  • "Period MA" - Moving Average parameter

Averaging settings:

  • "The type of averaging":
    • "no averaging"- not used
    • "the indicator"- using an indicator
    • "simple arithmetic"- using "Distance of opened orders"(distance between orders in points)
  • "The method of lot calculation" - method for the calculation of the averaging lot:
    • "multiply by Martin"- multiplying the previous lot by "Martin"
    • "zoom in on Martin"- adding "Martin" to the previous lot
    • "increase serial"- increase the averaging lot in series "The number of series"
  • "TakeProfit initial order" - Take Profit of the initial order in points.
  • "TakeProfit average" - Take Profit when averaging in points.

The system of averaging of losing positions performed well on flat pairs, such as EURCHF.

Profit trailing in deposit currency (Trailing Stop Money) allows to start trailing with 0.01 of the currency unit at a step of 0.01 of the currency unit. It is an alternative to a point-based trailing stop.

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John Obermaier
John Obermaier 2018.08.24 19:15 

Very Cool EA, and helpfull author

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John Obermaier
John Obermaier 2018.08.24 19:15 

Very Cool EA, and helpfull author

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.05.10 15:28 

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