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Secgo Expert

Secgo Expert is a fully automated Expert Advisor designed for Traders.

This Expert Advisor uses several indicators (RSI and Moving Average). Pair recommendations for EA use EURUSD. This Expert Advisor trades on any Time Frame.

The system is ready-to-use with the setup is simple,with simple optimization on Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Trailing.

Please use a good broker with low spread and low stop level


  • Magic  = magic number to identify the order's mode for the EA.
  • OrderCmt = used for comments
  • TakeProfit = Take Profit  in pips.
  • Stoploss = Stop Loss in pips.
  • TrailingStop = distance (in pips) to trail an open position.
  • TrailingStart = trailing start in pips.
  • Slippage = for set Slippage.
  • MaxSpread = for set Maximum Spread.
  • MoneyManagement = true - set to true to enable auto money management. If false for ManualLotsize (fixed lot) is used. ManualLotsize = lot size.
  • Risk = risk value.

Trading Day

  • Monday = true - enable trading on Monday.
  • Tuesday = true - enable trading on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday = true - enable trading on Wednesday.
  • Thursday = true - enable trading on Thursday.
  • Friday = true - enable trading on Friday.

Trading Time

  • StartTrade =   for a Start to Trading
  • EndTrade =  for Stop Time Trading
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