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Norepaint Harmonic Patterns with minimal Lag MT5

This non-repainting indicator displays harmonic patterns with minimal lag. The indicator applies enhanced wave calculation allowing you to select parameters fitting your trading style. When a new figure is formed, the most probable price movement direction is displayed as a non-repainting arrow at a candle (bar) opening. The indicator recognizes the following patterns and their varieties: ABCD, Gartley (Butterfly, Crab, Bat), 3Drives, 5-0, Batman, SHS, One2One, Camel, Triangles, WXY, Fibo and Vibrations. Only display of ABCD and Gartley patterns is enabled in the settings by default. Plenty of additional customizable parameters are provided.

Main Parameters

  • Limit bars count to analyze - limit the number of calculated bars for saving time and PC resources
  • ShowUpDnArrows - show/hide probable direction arrows
  • ArrowUpCode - up arrow code
  • ArrowDnCode - down arrow code
  • Show old history patterns - enable/disable display of outdated patterns
  • Enable alert messages, actual if history OFF - enable/disable alerts when patterns appear/change (only when history is disabled)
  • Enable alert notification, actual if alert messages is enabled - enable/disable notifications (MQ ID) when patterns appear/change (only when history is disabled)
  • Enable alert sounds, actual if history OFF - enable/disable audio signals when patterns appear/change (only when history is disabled)
  • AlertsSoundFileName - signal sound file name
  • Back color - background color
  • Main text color - main text color
  • Main text font size - main text font size
  • PeriodLowest - period for the extrema search algorithm
  • DivLLPeriod - separator of a period for the extrema search algorithm
  • LLMethod1 - extrema search algorithm averaging (method 1)
  • LLMethod2 - extrema search algorithm averaging (method 2)
  • LLPrice1 - price type 1 for the extrema search algorithm
  • LLPrice2 - price type 2 for the extrema search algorithm
  • TriggerSensivity - smoothing filter sensitivity (or its minimum limitation when using the option in dynamic mode)
  • UseDynamicSensivity - enable/disable dynamic filtration
  • DynamicSensivityPeriod - dynamic filtration period
  • DynamicSensivityMul - dynamic filtration ratio
  • UseMinSensivityFilterForDynamic - enable/disable the minimum sensitivity threshold during dynamic filtration (the value is included into TriggerSensivity)
  • DrawPnts - enable/disable display of extrema values
  • ArrowCode - extrema value symbol code
  • Limit points to search patterns - amount of extrema points for searching for patterns

All indicator parameters can be found here: https://c.mql5.com/31/98/params.txt (in Russian).

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Version 1.2 2019.05.24
Функции поиска сдвига бара, и экстремумов ценового массива заменены на встроенные в обновлённый MQL5.
Version 1.1 2019.05.16
Изменён порядок параметров.