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Quiet Moon

Multicurrency scalper, works at night time, performing short trades during low volatility. For trading to be profitable, a broker with low night spreads is required.

Working timeframe: M15

Working on a real account:

set files - see signal description

Input parameters

  • MagicNumber – magic number, identification number for a symbol.
  • Slippage – slippage
  • Lots – lot size
  • DepoPer001Lot – automatic lot calculation (specify amount per 0.01 lot) (if 0, the value from 'Lots' parameter is used)
  • Stop_Loss – maximum stop loss, usually closes earlier according to the signal
  • Take_Profit – maximum take profit, usually closes earlier according to the signal
  • AutoTake – Take Profit will be placed at the approximate level of exit signal, with the change of situation it will be changed dynamically until the trade is closed. Closure by Take Profit usually occurs with a smaller slippage than closure by the EA.
  • Max trades – Maximum number of simultaneously opened orders in one direction
  • Min dist reopen (pips) - Step in points for opening additional orders in case of a repeated signal
  • Trailing Start – The number of points to start the trailing stop;
  • Trailing Distance – Distance from the current price (points), at which the stop loss is moved after trailing is activated;
  • Trailing Step – Trailing step;
  • Max_Spread – The maximum spread at which new orders are opened
  • CurrencyFilter – filter for opening trades by currency, if it already has deals open in that direction. For example, opened BUY on EURUSD, then suspend opening BUY deals on others currencies that contain EUR, and USD for SELL deals
  • Filter negative swap – Drop-down menu for selecting a filter
    • 3-Days swap - Filter 3-Days negative swap
    • All - Filter all negative swap orders
    • Off - Do not filter
  • Strategy – Drop-down menu for selecting the strategy
    • Type1 – Strategy №1
    • Type2 – Strategy №2
    • Type3 – Strategy №3
  • Pending_dist – Distance to place pending orders after a signal is received
    • If set to "0" – market orders will be placed
    • If set to greater than "0" – limit orders will be placed
    • If set to less than "0" – stop orders will be placed
  • News Filter – List for selecting the values
    • High – filter high-impact news
    • High & Medium – filter high-impact and medium-impact news
    • High, Medium & Low – filter news with any importance
    • OFF – disable the news filter
  • News hour range – the number of hours before and after the news release not to open new deals
  • Ignore News - semicolon-separated list of news, which will be ignored by the news filter, for example: "Bond Auction;Home Sales"

To use the news filter, it is necessary to add the following URL:

  • http://www.forexfactory.com
  • https://cdn-nfs.forexfactory.net
  • http://ec.forexprostools.com

to the list of allowed URL on the Expert Advisors tab.

  • Aggresive Mode – Aggressive mode, averaging instead of Stop Loss
  • Grid Take Profit – Take profit when averaging
  • StepNextOrder – The minimum distance between the indicator signals for opening an order
  • LotMultiply – Lot multiplier for the second and subsequent orders
  • MaxOrders – Maximum number of orders for averaging
  • Grid RSI Period – Period of the RSI indicator
  • Grid RSI Level – The width of the channel at the exit for which the conditions for opening the averaging orders will be checked, at 20 it is 70/30 (50+20/50-20)

Trading Time

  • Hour start - Time to start trading
  • Hour end - Time to end trading

Trade days

  • MONDAY (Open market trade) – trade at the opening of the market on Monday
  • MONDAY – trade on Monday
  • TUESDAY – trade on Tuesday
  • WEDNESDAY – trade on Wednesday
  • THURSDAY – trade on Thursday
  • FRIDAY – trade on Friday
  • FRIDAY (Close market trade) – trade at the closing of the market on Friday
The parameters are set in old points, on five-digit quotes they are automatically multiplied by 10

Recommended currency pairs:

  • The EA should be attached to each chart separately.
Seyedmohammad Ramezani
Seyedmohammad Ramezani 2018.12.02 07:40 

Very good ea with excellent result. good support from developer. it's really profitable. recommend it highly.

Thank you Evgenii Kuznetsov

Mario 2018.10.30 06:19 

Working with ICMarkets. Loosing lot money while the original signal is winning. I do not what to think.

Nikita Romashko
Nikita Romashko 2018.10.16 13:32 

начал тестить советника на tradersway. буду отписывать каждые две недели результаты

UPDATE: ну вроде он торгует, но я попал в момент просадки по депозиту =) депозит был 20 $ , сейчас 22$. надо ставить на ребейт сервис, только так заработаешь))

UPDATE: всё работает, сделки 1 в 1 как в сигнале у автора, даже на других брокерах)

Abhishake Kumarathevan
Abhishake Kumarathevan 2018.10.16 01:03 

Running for two months now, I have a lot of purchased Eas this is the only one consistently making money in a safer way

Plamen Ivanov
Plamen Ivanov 2018.10.12 06:56 

Seems like an awesome EA, with signals on live accounts, constant improvements / updates and responsive seller.

The results on Darwinex seems to be good. Start testing on a fixed-spread account from next week.

traderjoe 2018.10.01 15:49 

One of the best EA's available on MQl5. This could easily be priced at $1,000. Great stability on the pairs used.

Leonardo Silva
Leonardo Silva 2018.09.21 16:37   

I started to use the EA just now. I'll have to test it for some time first.

steven43275529 2018.09.15 11:11 


k2dream 2018.07.20 00:37 

Very good and stable EA, smart TP, I like it :)

Sergey Genikhov
Sergey Genikhov 2018.07.13 09:46 

Excellent EA. No problems , no any bugs. Need to be used on Brokers with GMT +2: Pepperstone, ICMarket,Alpari....

shawnnny 2018.06.21 05:58 

I had an issue with the EA opening 2 positions in 1 second that is only 1 pip apart. Author ignored it and did not bother to look into the matter. Due to that issue, I requested for the feature to allow user to set 1 maximum opened positions which was obviously rejected because Author claims 2 positions setting is the most optimum. This is like a ticking bomb, I do not know when this issue will happen again.



It happened again today on another pair. Opened 2 positions at the same exact price which are 2 seconds apart.



Author has implemented Max Positions and Min Distance Pips which is a good add-on.

plu100 2018.04.24 12:53 

Using it for a few months now and it works well. Steady profit. Thanks a lot Evgenii

Ron David Klassen
Ron David Klassen 2018.04.18 17:19 

I have a feeling that this EA is priced way too low for it‘s performance:

-Slow, safe and steady Growth

-good news filter

-Can be configured as martingale (aggressive mode)

-smart tp

Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy 2018.03.02 18:07 

Nice EA, no complaints everything is good right now.

Michael 2017.07.01 14:24 

I have been running on live account for about 2 weeks. 22 trades all winners. No down draw. 9.2 % increase on my account. Very happy

RK99 2017.06.09 11:04 

Update on my review, i've started QM few months ago which is not really doing well. But now with Evgenii keep on improving it, QM had been doing well. I'm using the aggressive sets now and it's showing great results. Evgenii is a great seller, great support and always reply my PM. Good job Evgenii !!!

Valeriy Belozertsev
Valeriy Belozertsev 2017.01.10 12:58 

Брал в аренду на месяц. Торговал естественно на демо, тем не менее, впечатления положительные. Не без негативных моментов конечно. Например, по паре GBPUSD - 27 профитных сделок и 4 сливных, но слив такого размера, что перекрыл весь профит. По NZDCAD примерно такая же ситуация, 29 сделок плюс, 6 минус, но общий профит отрицательный. Тем не менее, планирую продлить аренду и потестировать в реале.

Кстати, Евгений, хотелось бы увидеть ваш ScorpionGrid на MT4. Очевидно, что это отличный сеточник.

Vilmar Tavares
Vilmar Tavares 2016.12.31 01:18 

Vamos a avaliação. Aluguei este produto por 1 mês. Abri uma conta demonstrativa de $200 no broker ic markets e em um vps de latência bem baixa. Pontos positivos: Durante 20 dias, usando a versão anterior, o EA desempenhou bem usando todos os pares recomendados, chegou a atingir o ápice de lucro em $294. Rebaixamente mínimo, não compromete a conta, mas recomendo $200 dólares pelo menos para iniciar. Spread apertado é necessário com baixa comissão para usá-lo. Vários comércios abertos todos os dias. Pontos negativos: Após atualizar a versão para 2.0, nos últimos 10 dias, houve uma queda brusca, de $294 foi para $239. Stop loss é alto e portanto houve muitos, o que fez a conta ter perdas. Percebi também que ocorreu algumas notícias de médio a forte impacto e infelizmente o EA não é preparado para perceber ou evitar notícias relevantes, o que levou a mais perdas que ganhos, teria que ser evitadas. Enfim, foi um lucro aproximado de 15% durante o teste de um mês, mas o fato da conta ter despencado bruscamente nos últimos 10 dias, não me encoraja a realizar novo aluguel ou compra. Seria necessário testar por um ou mais dois meses para ter uma conclusão mais precisa. Mas creio que o autor tem muitos planos a melhorar este EA. Tem potencial. Por enquanto 3 estrelas.

Mikhail Tsygankov
Mikhail Tsygankov 2016.11.25 14:22 

Интересный советник для спокойного ночного флэтового рынка. Если применяете скальпинг в ночи, для диверсификации стратегий - самое то, тем более с такой демократической арендой легко проверить его в деле.

По моему субъективному мнению плюсы и минусы данного советника :


: есть мониторинг с реальных счетов.

: широкий ассортимент пар, на которых советник показывает историческую прибыльность.

: по соотношению цена/качество один из лучших, если не лучший на маркете.


не предназначен для трендового рынка с большими амплитудами ценовых колебаний. Но, если бы он торговал в плюс и по тренду, да еще и отличал тренд от флэта, то его надо было бы отправить в отдел граали)

Version 2.61 2018.12.13
Fix: News array empty in tester
Version 2.60 2018.12.13
1. Improving the stability of the news filter
2. Added lot increase mode after large stop losses(Recovery)
Version 2.59 2018.09.13
Added settings: Maxtrades and Min dist reopen (pips)
Version 2.58 2018.09.04
Added individual caching of news sources, protection from skipping news if the site is not available
Version 2.57 2018.04.18
Fixed removal of the Expert Advisor from chart.
Version 2.56 2018.04.11
Optimized the news filter
Version 2.55 2017.08.29
Added the SWAP filter
Version 2.54 2017.07.04
If news sites are not available, an attempt will be made to use previously downloaded news.
Version 2.53 2017.06.13
New IgnoreNews parameter
Fixed autolot in the aggressive mode
Version 2.52 2017.05.29
When using Auto Take Profit, the take profit will not be modified towards the loss area the first 4 hours, it will wait for the price to return into profit or breakeven area.
Version 2.51 2017.04.03
News filter upgrade
Version 2.50 2017.03.22
Add sources for the news filter
Added the Type3 strategy
Added aggressive mode (no stops, grid)
Version 2.31 2017.03.06
Added options:
MONDAY (Open market trade) - trade at the market opening on Monday
FRIDAY (Close market trade) - trade before the market is closed on Friday
Version 2.3 2017.02.16
1. Added a news filter, add required address to use the filter
2. Added the use of pending orders instead of market ones
Version 2.0 2016.12.08
1. Add new strategy, and change the current one.
Changes in current strategy - added rules to exit trades in the loss zone, in order to avoid situations of loss overstaying.
The number of losing trades will grow, but their size will be much smaller than a full stop-loss.
The Type2 strategy has slightly different entry signals and exit rules.

2. Added the Currency Filter - a filter of trade opening on a currency, if there are trades in this direction on this currency. For example, we have a open Buy trade of EURUSD, then we freeze opening of trades on other currency pairs containing on the EUR - Buy trades, and containing USD - Sell trades.

3. Added option Auto Take Profit - Take Profit will be placed at an approximate exit signal, with the change of situation it will be change dynamically until the trade is closed. Close by Take Profit typically occurs with a lower slippage than close by the EA.