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Rebate System

Rebate System performs a large number of trades with the minimum profit, which gives the opportunity to earn from receiving rebates (returning part of a spread).

It is based on two grids (buy and sell), when one of them is in a drawdown, the other one can enter with an increased lot size, keeping the account away from the drawdown.

It features a news filter, which prevents the possibility of getting into a trend without rollback caused by news releases.

The default parameters are for EURUSD and a minimum deposit of 3000 units of the base currency (cent for cent accounts, $ for classic accounts)

Input parameters

  • StopAfterTP – stop trading after closing all grids;
  • TF_FirstOrder – period for opening the first orders in the grid;
  • TF_SeriesOrder – period for opening averaging orders;
  • Lot – lot size;
  • Takeprofit – take profit;
  • StepNextOrder – the minimum allowed distance between grid orders;
  • LotMultiply – multiplier for the lot of the current open order of the grid;
  • MaxTrades – the maximum number of orders in the grid.

Break-even parameters

  • BE - number series – the number of order in the series after which the stop loss will be placed;
  • BE - start after point – the number of profit points after which the stop loss will be placed;
  • BE - distance point – distance from the breakeven of the series at which the stop loss will be placed.

Lock parameters

  • Lock - number series – the number of order in the series after which the opposite grid increases the lot for locking;
  • Lock - % lots grid – locking percentage, lot size as a percentage of the sum of the opposite grid;
  • Lock - max lot – the maximum lot size of the first locking order.

Other parameters

  • Slippage – slippage;
  • MagicNumberSell – identification number for sell orders;
  • MagicNumberBuy – identification number for buy orders;
  • UpdateSecond – timer for checking the placed take profits and stop losses.

Parameters of the news filter

  • News Filter – list for selecting the values
    • High – filter high-impact news;
    • High & Medium – filter high-impact and medium-impact news;
    • High, Medium & Low – filter news with any importance;
    • OFF – disable the news filter.
  • News before hour – the number of hours before the news release to stop trading
  • News after hour – the number of hours after the news release for the EA not to trade
  • News stop type - a list for selecting values
    • First order - not to open the first order, but continue the started grid
    • All grid - stop all deals in the news range

To use the news filter, it is necessary to add the following URL:

  • http://www.forexfactory.com
  • https://cdn-nfs.forexfactory.net
  • http://ec.forexprostools.com

to the list of allowed URL on the Expert Advisors tab.

Visualization parameters

  • Color_BE_buy – color of the breakeven level for buy orders;
  • Color_BE_buy – color of the breakeven level for buy orders;
Parameters are for four-digits quotes, they will be multiplied by 10 on five-digit instruments.
Bing Ke
Bing Ke 2018.08.18 07:16 

还有4个激活便宜卖 要的+薇 google918

Worapot Sommool
Worapot Sommool 2018.05.30 05:24 

EA gives very nice profits, I can get $10 back in 1 day :)

..update 30.05.2018:

- Pros: This EA perform well in ranging market, can make a lot of profits.

- Cons: consume a lot of equity in a strong speed trend market!!!

* feedback:: Good EA, make a good profit but need MM and big equity fro long term.

Eleni Anna Branou
Eleni Anna Branou 2018.05.18 09:25 

Interesting idea, but its a grid.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.04.30 15:20 

I reached maximum orders of 200 in my MT4 terminal: one buy with TP, multitude of sells with no TP.

What is the logic of this EA? Is it working properly? I am taking this off my Demo.

[vendor]: "Most likely your broker has established a huge freeze-level that does not allow to establish the take at the required level. I can only advise you to change the broker."

Peiro Rahbari
Peiro Rahbari 2018.03.06 18:00 

GOOD..JUST I WANT ASK ..does IT WORK good in which one of symbol ?

Ron David Klassen
Ron David Klassen 2017.12.13 22:06 

20.11.2017: The EA already made the money I paid for it.

27.11.2017: Parameter wish: DepoPer001Lot

13.12.2017: Another wish: Trail SL

gianpiero75 2017.10.21 07:47 

Great work, in less than an hour, the system has already paid the minimum investment required...

RK99 2017.07.14 18:21 

It's a profitable ea, what you need is control your lot size and have a good amount of capital. So far this is one of the best ea in MQL, value for money. The creator Evegnii provide great support. 5 Stars !!!

Michael 2017.06.30 09:00 

Running on live account since 4/4/17 Very happy so far. Consistent wins with no DD to speak of. Using small lot size. Will update

12/6/17 still doing well. Run during the british election and still made profit.

30/6/17 this ea is awesome. Still consistent results. There will be times of high down draw but the ea always recovers. So cheap at $10. It has better results than Ea that I have paid $600 for.

Yaotang Liu
Yaotang Liu 2017.05.18 06:48 

This is a nice rebate strategy including news pause feature.

Great job!

Yuan Lin Nie
Yuan Lin Nie 2017.04.20 06:59 


Version 1.6 2017.05.24
Added parameter:
News stop type

The parameter News hour range is replaced by:
News before hour
News after hour
Version 1.4 2017.03.22
Recompiled for new build