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Kareem Abdelhakim  
I agree with you in that there are huge numbers of fake reviews. I even read a post here in mql forums few months ago from seller who sells some EAs and indicators , he created more than one account with fake names. Then he purchased his own products from his fake accounts to just add fake reviews for his products. Surprisingly he complained  that MQL banned him hehehehe . 
There are few simple tips to avoid buying bad product with fake good reviews , you can simply download the demo version of the product you want to buy and then use the strategy tester. You will see your self how the product is performing. If the performance doesn't match what the owner claims or what the reviews suggest then these reviews are definitely fake 
The Fundamentals of Testing in MetaTrader 5
The Fundamentals of Testing in MetaTrader 5
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The idea of ​​automated trading is appealing by the fact that the trading robot can work non-stop for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The robot does not get tired, doubtful or scared, it's is totally free from any psychological problems. It is sufficient enough to clearly formalize the trading rules and implement them in the algorithms, and...
Don Calito  

How about using AI algorithm  to detect fake review

EA products that reflected a larger than normal amount of positive feedback from first-time reviewers can be deemed to be dubious and those can be flagged.

Reviews from same countries IP address

Flag " keyword in reviews such as profitable, profit, made money etc."

Reviews without any comments

Flag: Reviews  for a product with several similar comments keywords such as "  Great job" "great support" "great EA " "Great work" 

Another way to flag an account is when someone leaves a reviews for a product but never even commented on the comment section of the product but yet left a review.

Jean Francois Le Bas  

or better an AI that checks if the EA is curve fitted by parameters, if trades are too short to be realistic, etc

an AI that tests if the EA is good or not
If an EA does not have "real, verified, public ***account", don't buy.  If genuine buyers buy only when this single condition is met, fake EAs will disappear eventually.
Balachandran Chandrasekar  

Make mandatory uncopyable signals for all EAs sold in the market !!!

Trade results can be showed even time delayed !

Alain Verleyen  

Here is a review which can be found publicly. I removed all reference to the product/vendor to respect the forum rules.

This Indicator has so many reviews because you get another Indicator for Free when you leave a 5 star review !


Thank you for your purchase!

XXXXXXXXX is worth 000$ and I will give it you for “FREE” AS A LOYAL CLIENT!

To get your exclusive copy, Please provide a proof that you purchased YYYYYYY


If you are happy using our products or find our services useful, please pick this option.

We will be very grateful if you leave us a “5-Star” good review.

1. Log-in your MQL5 Account on https://www.mql5.com (You need to log-in to be able to review)

2. Please go to the YYYYYYY Indicator below:

If you purchased MT4: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/000000Y

If you purchased MT5: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/000000X

3. Click the “Reviews” Tab

Example Image: https://imgur.com/XYZ

4. Please Click "Add Review" Button found on the top right corner

Example Image: https://imgur.com/XZY

5. Rating and Message Box will appear

• Please click the 5 stars

• You can type your message (this is optional)

• Click “Add review” to publish

Example Image: https://imgur.com/ZXY


After you made a review, Please fill up the form below with correct details


Verification: Method#1

MQL5 Username: _______________

Email: _______________*so we can send a copy to your email*

Real Name: _______________*so we can add you to our list*

Do you find our Products or Services useful: ________*Yes or No (for future benefits)*

Product Name: XXXXXXXXX

Product Version: _______________*MT4(metatrader 4) or MT5(metatrader 5)*


Send to: support@domain.com


By MQL5 personal message

Please wait for us to verify the details and we will send via EMAIL.

If you want to check by yourself, I can send the URL in private.
Sergey Golubev  

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies


Sergey Golubev, 2020.03.17 08:53

And I am posting this suggestion all the time on the forum. It is related to the Signals, the Market, and to the Freelance as well - 

Forum on trading, automated trading systems and testing trading strategies


Sergey Golubev, 2020.01.16 06:35

There is one rule which some people follow:
subscribe to the signal or create an order in Freelance or purchase the product
for/from the user/seller/coder/provider you know in person or you know by activity on the forum

Because if you purchased something so I may ask:
"Do you know the seller in person, or are you familiar with him on this forum?"
If you say: "Not" so it will be very strange for me ...

Just my optinion.


There are a lot of professional and honest users/coders on the forum, and some of them are very active on this forum helping to the other people and replying on the forum posts/requests.


But if you select "anyone" (if you do not care which one - any coder/seller which you do not know in person or you do not know him on this forum) so - it is your choice (and we call it as "Russian roulette" in my country).


Always choose the person you know on this forum (who is very active here), and you will have much less problems with anything.
Because "choose the person" = invest to him and to his job/product (invest = pay).

This is my opinion sorry.

Joel Simmons  

I found the way to spot fake review on many of the EA, signals, programmers is to look up profile of the reviewer. Some of them will be recently opened, and have no actively other then leaving 1 or 2 very recent reviews. They can set the EA and signals as free, rack up the reviews, and then make it cost. So you thinking a lot of reviewers had been paying $30 or so the entire time for the signal.

As far as MQL responding to users wanting stop this,they are probably hesitant for various reason.  Their revenue for this particular website is based upon percentages of transactions. So working to crack down on fake reviews is probably working against their interest. i love MQL5, dont get me wrong, its the best forex site.However i bet they are making way more money then other forex forum websites, and they dont get to that position if you are wacking away at your "marketing members".