String Type

The string type is used for storing text strings. A text string is a sequence of characters in the Unicode format with the final zero at the end of it. A string constant can be assigned to a string variable. A string constant is a sequence of Unicode characters enclosed in double quotes: "This is a string constant".

If you need to include a double quote (") into a string, the backslash character (\) must be put before it. Any special character constants can be written in a string, if the backslash character (\) is typed before them.


string svar="This is a character string";
string svar2=StringSubstr(svar,0,4);
Print("Copyright symbol\t\x00A9");
FileWrite(handle,"This string contains a new line symbols \n");
string MT5path="C:\\Program Files\\MetaTrader 5";


To make the source code readable, long constant strings can be split into parts without addition operation. During compilation, these parts will be combined into one long string:

//--- Declare a long constant string
   string HTML_head="<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN\""
                    " \"\">\n"
                    "<html xmlns=\"\">\n"
                    "<meta http-equiv=\"Content-Type\" content=\"text/html; charset=utf-8\" />\n"
                    "<title>Trade Operations Report</title>\n"
//--- Output the constant string into log


Built-in string type methods

Strings can be handled by string functions, conversion functions and built-in methods of string type provided in the table:

String method



Constructor string(const int len)


Constructs a string of a specified

string[] length both for reading and writing. The index should be within BufferSize()


Provides access to the string element by a specified index

static string string.Init(const int len, const ushort character);


Initializes a string using specified symbols with a specified size

void string.Fill(const ushort character);


Fills in the string with a specified symbol

int string.Len();


Returns the number of characters in a string

int string.BufferSize();


Returns the size of a buffer distributed for a string

bool string.SetLen(const int new_len);


Sets a specified length (in characters) for a string

bool string.Reserve(const int buffer_len);


Reserves the buffer of a specified size for a string in memory

bool string.Add(const string substring);


Adds a specified substring to the end

int string.Concatenate(const scalar val1, const scalar val2...);


Forms a string consisting of passed parameters

array string.Split(const ushort separator, const bool long_separator);


Returns a string array by a specified separator

int string.Compare(const string str, const bool case_sensivity);


Compares with a specified string and returns 1 if the first string exceeds the second one; 0 - if the strings are equal; -1 (minus one) - if the first string is less than the second one

string string.Substr(const int start_pos, const int len);


Retrieves a substring from a specified position

int string.Find(const string substr, const int pos);


Returns an index of the position the necessary substring starts from

void string.ToLower();


Converts all characters to lower case

void string.ToUpper();


Converts all characters to upper case

int string.TrimLeft();


Deletes spaces, as well as carriage movement and tabulation characters to the left

int string.TrimRight()


Deletes spaces, as well as carriage movement and tabulation characters to the right

void string.Double(const double var, const int digits=8);


Converts a string to a double type number

void string.Enum(const enum value);


Converts the enumeration value of any type into a string

void string.Integer(const int value, const int str_len=0, const ushort fill=' ');


Converts a string to a long type number

void string.CharArray(const uchar array[], const int start_pos=0, const int len=-1, const uint cp=CP_ACP);


Converts part of the uchar type array to a string

void string.ShortArray(const ushort array[], const int start_pos=0, const int len=-1);


Copies part of the ushort type array to a string

void string.Time(const datetime dt,const int mode=TIME_DATE|TIME_MINUTES);


Converts datetime to the " hh:mi" format string.

void string.Format(const string format_str);


Formats the obtained parameters into a string

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