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Bobra Adept

这是一个半剥头皮系统,它使用一个变换函数分析市场行情。该系统可以剥头皮,也可以根据 "止盈" 和 "止损" 参数。

这个 EA 用于交易 EURUSD, 不过它也可以用于其它的货币对。您可以用 M1 时间帧来交易。

您可以优化仅有的两个参数: Seconds_to_move 和 TradePrice。优化 Bobra Adept 一次就足够了, 例如, 以半年为周期。之后, Bobra Adept 在前行周期上展示了良好结果 (或在我的回测例子中), 这可以在截图中看到。

它没有对 GBPUSD 进行优化,因为即使不优化测试结果也很出色。

Bobra Adept 的参数

  • UseManualLot - 如果为 false, 自动选择交易手数。省缺为 False。
  • Lot - 手数, 省缺是 0.1。
  • Risk_for_AutomaticLot - 以余额为基础自动选择手数。省缺值是 120,这是高风险。
  • Safe_mode - 若为 true, 这个模式允许降低最大回撤。如此, 它可以在进行较高风险交易时,不必担忧您的资金。我建议一直使用它, 即设为 true。
  • Safe_coefficient - 与 Safe_mode 直接连接的比率, 它的值用来除以第一次入场的交易量。我建议该值为 4。
  • Compensation_mode - 若为 true, 则该模式将额外提升第二次入场的交易量。我建议不要使用它。
  • Compensation_coefficient = 1 (最大), 连接 Compensation_mode, 它判断第二次交易量的增长。它应该适合赌徒。

以下的两个参数用来降低回撤 (目前, 我无法给出建议是否用它):

  • second_in_SL - 若为 true, 则第二次入场会设置 止损, 其它已入场的订单不受影响。
  • compen_SL - 第二次入场的 止损 大小 (数值从 5 至 10, 我建议 5)。


  • Seconds_to_move - 9 为省缺。您可以根据您的需要修改优化参数范围。建议范围: 开始 - 3, 步长 - 1, 停止 - 20。
  • TradePrice - 5 为省缺。优化范围: 开始 - 3, 步长 - 1, 停止 - 20。

所有其它参数可以保留不修改。我认为, 它们对于交易任何货币对都很好。

  • TakeProfit - 固定盈利距离。22 为省缺。
  • StopLoss - 固定亏损距离。10 为省缺。
  • TrailingStop - 移动止损距离, 仅当持仓盈利时。5 为省缺。
  • Steptrail - 触发移动止损的步长。1 为省缺。

截图演示了 Bobra Adept 的参数,以及用它们获得的测试结果。建议在 5 位数报价的经纪商平台上测试这个 EA,或者最好是 MetaQuotes-Demo。

一些 Bobra Adept 的特性:

  • 自动测试报价精度。
  • 它考虑到市价执行的特殊性 (停止级别会在开仓后变化)。
  • 它在前行周期测试中结果良好。


请给我发送私信, 我将给您提供实盘账户交易的建议。

Giovanni Pascoli
2018.02.02 21:12 

Questo Ea inizialmente mi ha fatto perdere dei soldi ma adesso con la nuova strategia funziona bene. Grazie per questo buon EA! Complimenti allo sviluppatore.

03/05/2016 I stopped the robot. Big losses.

15/01/2017 I start Ea with new version 8.2 for now good support from author. For now is profitable

08/02/2017 Profitable EA. Good support. Thank you!

01/01/2018 I stopped the robot. Big losses.

Alberto Alejandro Marrero
2017.12.07 14:24 

Since 8.2 version, all the big loss reported is related to brokers (my case). With real tick function, the tester is equal to real preform (almost 100%) and can give the idea of capacity of this EA. The real account confirm that. The author's support is of high quality.

2017.09.15 08:59 


Jian Zhang
2017.09.13 16:10 

As far as I can see, since the new version 8.2 it is going well, hopefully it's a long-term EA with stable return and acceptable DD.

Continue to update....

Attila Temesvari
2017.06.25 09:38 

Nice work, its working like the developers account.

Support is fast.


2017.02.04 15:13 

Hello, I test version 8.2 since 6 weeks on real live account, the version works well. Thank you!!!

2017.01.22 07:20 


mahdi ataee
2017.01.16 12:41 

I am testing it again and seems working for now.

Ravi Luke
2016.05.13 18:51 

Using it for a few days. Excellent EA, no losing trades yet. I feel you can easily earn 40% to 100% in a month.

EDIT: Some major losses recently. Dropped the rating to 2 stars. Will update it when fixed.

Hendrik Keuris
2016.04.26 22:52 

12 April 2016:

So far, so good.

I've been trading on this robot for the last week and a bit, and it's made a really nice profit (check profile for signal). It's made roughly 20% growth over the last week, and 32% growth since last week Monday (so 6 trading days).

I will update this review every couple of weeks with an update.

Some advice, to make this robot work...

1. Get a VPS. It just works better, and is worth every dollar.

2. Go with his recommended brokers (I use Activtrades).

3. Use Arnold's live parameter sets. Don't optimise them; you'll only screw it up. My results from 3/27 to 4/3 will show you why you should trust that the robot creator knows how the robot works. I lost money there, trying to optimise it to make more money.

The robot makes more money than you think. Just follow the instructions carefully, and stick with it.

I'll update again in a week's or two's time. If it is still profitable, I will update the review again, this time to 5 stars.

18 April:

The robot lost quite a bit of money since mid last week. I lost all the profits the robot made, and a bit more. Overall I'm not too worried, as I know losses will occur. However, something will have to be done to minimise the losses. I don't know how any trader could survive if you take 20%+ losses on a trading account. Dropped to 3 stars for now. Will continue to monitor and update my review. New version is apparently coming out this week, and the results looks promising.

26 April:

I stopped the robot about a week ago. I couldn't take the big losses any more. If Arnold cannot fix the big losses that this robot takes, I cannot recommend this robot. No forex trader can take 40% losses to their balance, and still expect to survive in forex. The robot is too aggressive. When you change the risk lower, it makes small profits, but the big losses eats up all the profits either way. You end up starting over and over again. Until such time as Arnold can fix the big losses that this robot takes, I cannot give this more than 1 star. Even the new version is take huge losses. So, the problem is not fixed.

2016.04.04 23:48 

I am changing my review because he seems like totaly changed his strategy. I need to congrate him because realized something is wrong, change and share it with old customers. New strategy going good. But i don't want to be prejudiced. I am giving 3 stars for now and re-evaluate it one month after.

Edit1: There was occured a problem with my broker. And my results diverged according to author's signal very badly. I will change the broker and try one month more.

Arief Adianto
2016.04.04 18:19 

I don't mind buying EA if it seems good and author or users published real account monitoring on mql5 signals. ====================

Tried the new version for 2 weeks. So far the performance is the same with Author's signal. Looking forward for next performance. =======

Update: Broker server was error, resulting bad trades. Still in communication with the broker to solve the problem.

Raphael Minato
2016.03.19 21:06 

The author contacted me to try a new version with a different implemented strategy. Will start the test today, and update my review according to the new results. Thanks you Arnold for your efforts to make a better EA. Let´s see how it performs in the next weeks.

Update: The EA is performing as good as the author´s signal. So I´m upgrading my review to 4 stars. If I see one more month a good performance, I´ll update again to 5 stars. Let´s hope the best!

Nikolay Moskalev
2016.03.09 05:35 

Когда то я написал негативный отзыв на бобра, но теперь ситуация изменилась. Теперь сужу только по реально проделанной работе и ее результатах.

Проделан большой путь от чрезвычайно чувствительного к брокеру и качеству исполнения тикового скальпера, до действительно стабильного робота.

Брокер и качество исполнения отошли на второй план, проверено что у разных брокеров на одинаковых настройках входы практически одинаковые. Радует что тесты и результаты торговли действительно совпадают.

Jeremy Roach
2016.03.02 02:52 

4/5 stars: New version of Bobra Adept could be what we are all looking for! Will update review as time goes on.


12/2/16: 5/5 stars: Amazing EA. Configurable and highly profitable. Check out my profile for signals/proof.

02/03/16: 5/5 stars... still an amazing EA.

Mul Lins
2016.02.17 15:14 

The new update is awesome. Thanks Arnold for sticking with this ea and improving it.

Panagiotis Maravelias
2016.02.14 15:19 

Until now i have to say that Arnold is a very good seller never gave up,update the Bobra,making it a good an stable EA.Keep going my friend!you have my support!Very nice work,the last update 2016.

Dr. Trader
2016.02.13 07:10 

Version 6.9 is great, EA now is easy to optimize and it keeps good profitability.

Апдейт на версию 6.9 получился отличный, советник легко оптимизируется и держит прибыльность.

2015.07.08 22:30 

Прошло уже 1.5 года с тех пор как я купил этого советника, и очень об этом жалею.

Виталий Власов
2014.10.25 14:35 

Excellent scalper for me. Using it on 2 different brokers and on two different VPS. Both with success. Big thanks to author.

2014.09.26 21:34 

Советник работает с начала июля по сегодняшний день, сделал все как посоветовал разработчик; профит не менее 5% от депозита в месяц и гарантировано в плюс. Для качественной работы действительно нужно "постелить"; кроме того, нужны волотильность и ликвидность. Большинство обучающих не рекомендуют и более того, предостерегают от торговли на новостях; советник - возможность скальпировать в эти периоды. Соглашусь с разработчиком, что профит зависит от качества исполнения ордеров брокером; зависимость от размера депозита и местонахождения брокера каждый в силах проверить сам.

2014.09.18 02:32 


five star! the EA is really good and the seller is helpful!

2014.09.11 19:10 

Я долгое время не писал отзыв на этого робота.

Робот полная параша. Поясню. Для того чтоб он работал, нужно гладко постелить.

1. Надежный и быстрый vps.

2. Брокер который не вставляет палки в колеса.

3. Подобрать настройки.

4. и еще 400 пунктов которые описывать не буду!!!!

Да простит меня Рамиль! Я положил на бобра 300 бачей! И ссаная разгоняйка, за 30 кредитов, заработала денег за все это время, больше чем бобер. (тест разгоняйки и бобра в течении 4 месяцов) Ну и зачем нам кузнец? Не, нам кузнец не нужен! В топку бобров!!!!! Всех!!!! Не, Я на самом деле в шоке. Кто эти 12 человек которые поставили 5 баллов? ВОТ ЭТОТ ЧЕЛ Michael Vilner МНЕ ПОРЕКОМЕНДОВАЛ БОБРА, А ПОТОМ СКАЗАЛ, ЧТО ПЕРЕСТАЛ ИМ ПОЛЬЗОВАТЬСЯ И ПРЕДСТАВИЛ СВОЙ ПРОДУКТ! Не ну это нормально?!Не видитесь!!!!

Jonathan Despres
2014.06.23 22:53 

This EA is not compatible with brokers, any, and often brokers keep your money with this EA without your decision.

Pawel Czechowski
2014.03.20 19:34 

Very good EA. There is nothing to worry about because it has really small DD and huge profits. Just be patient and everything is gonna be fine. Recommended to all who cares about the money and do not want to risk a lot.

Arnol is very helpful person, naturally he answers as fast as possible. He shares all his ideas. There is nothing better you can imagine on the market at this moment.

Lexin Pan
2014.03.20 13:31 

This Expert Advisor is able to stably earn profit. I am very happy with it. The seller, Arnold is helpful and always responds to questions quickly. Highly recommended.

2014.03.04 11:56 

This is a very good Expert Advisor. I confirm other reviews: small losses and big profits. Also the support is quick and excellent from the author, the sets provided have no need to be adjusted.

John Sellmann
2014.02.07 18:08 

Good EA very stable.Low DrawDown and high Profit. Good Support.

Guillermo Adames
2013.12.09 16:36 

The Bobra Adept is an Excellent Expert Advisor, I made more than 380% of profit in November, in December I have more than 11%, with a Relative drawdown of only 5% and equity drawdown of 0.83% . Arnold provide a very good support, he reply our question very quickly.

Wilfried Stubenrauch
2013.12.07 20:45 

I use Bobra adept since the middle of November. The EA uses great movements. There are small losses and big profits. With positive results overall. I am on the way to find the best settings. I have used the recommendations of the seller to this day and the EA obtains profits with that overall.

In addition, the support is excellent by Arnold and he always responds very fast to all questions.

2013.11.21 14:04 

Хороший прибыльный советник!

Really profitable EA, works Live good!

Alexander Vasenin
2013.11.20 20:39 

Советник рабочий, любит большие движения. На реале работает без проблем.

Michael Vilner
2013.08.13 15:52 

This EA really earns 30-150% a week. Nice work!

版本 8.3 - 2017.07.28
Added order filling type.
版本 8.2 - 2016.12.05


Quality of trades improved

Added possibility to work on hedging accounts
版本 8.0 - 2016.10.19

Quality of trades improved

Possibility to work on hedge accounts
版本 7.6 - 2016.06.01
Upgraded quality of trades
版本 7.5 - 2016.04.29
Improved quality of trades
版本 6.9 - 2016.01.07
advanced_stops - this feature can provide partial close.
版本 6.8 - 2015.12.23
Upgrade of easy_setup (new strategy).
版本 6.3 - 2015.08.13
EASY_SETUP= To activate set New_Strategy == false (M1 timeframe)
Easy_setup - true/false; keep true to activate
bars - number of bars to analize trades
mindistance - minimal distance to place a pending order
ishift - shifting a pending order according to number of the bar
exp_pending - number of seconds to delete a pending order
版本 6.0 - 2014.12.25
Fixed small error
版本 5.9 - 2014.12.22
- Auto addpercent for Liquid_mode
- Virtual_trailingstop
- Comments with actual speed and spreads for every trade
- Servertime_filter
- Fixed issue with different entries on different vps (New_Strategy)
- New_Strategy
版本 5.8 - 2014.11.17
Added Inputs description
Added spikes filter
版本 5.7 - 2014.11.05

- Speed_out = true. EA exits trades by timer.
- speed_sec = 15. Seconds of the timer for the ea to close position
- delta = 0. Breakeven by timer.
版本 5.6 - 2014.09.17

- Liquid_mode = true. Increase position size using market orders (if true, set Maxorders to 1).
- Addpercent = 3. Percentage for increasing positions.
- liqMaxSpread = 3. Maximum spread for increasing positions.
版本 5.5 - 2014.04.22
- Safe_coef = 0.5 (max = 1). If = 1, you will earn more during big movements.
Would be useful for those who trade during news.

Deleted (we don't use those settings anymore):
- hide_SL = false;
- Pend_everybar = false;
- level_everybar = 15;

Fixed small errors.
版本 5.4 - 2014.02.17
- Added Magic parameter (usual magic instead of automatic one).
- Added Hide SL parameter (SL is added to an open position)
- Added Safety_mode parameter (just make it = true).
- Added both_directions == true (EA opens grid in two directions).
版本 5.3 - 2014.01.20
- Added "level1" parameter - distance to the first pending order in a grid (that open by a signal).
- Added execution control.
版本 5.2 - 2013.11.11
Volume improvements
版本 5.1 - 2013.11.05
+Spread control.
版本 5.0 - 2013.10.28
- Dynamic SL.
- News catcher.
版本 4.0 - 2013.10.07
- Added spikes filter.
- Added pending mode.
版本 3.0 - 2013.08.13
Added mode Safe_mode2.
版本 2.0 - 2013.07.26
Upgrated Trailing Stop.
Added function Safe_mode, that improve profit results.