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Portfolio X 10 eurusd MT4

EA with hundreds of unique strategies. Run multiple strategies simultaneously. Select your strategies and build your custom portfolio. Replace strategies anytime. Run multiple portfolios with this single EA.

Any strategy has a bad phase. However, when you run multiple strategies, the losses of some can be compensated by the profits of others, allowing for a smooth equity curve.

MT5 version here

General usage information

  • Download Production set
  • Before running this EA in your real account, set the VolumeByRisk to TRUE, then backtest it, and finally run it for a few days in a demo account with the same balance as your real account.
  • SYMBOL: Multiple, default EURUSD, see Strategy Sets
  • Chart Timeframe: default setting EURUSD H1 (But any timeframe if using provided sets)
  • ACCOUNT MODE: Hedging account
  • This particular EA runs with multiple strategies, each with a different Stop Loss. Using a fixed lot will leave your account without risk control. Always use VolumeByRisk & EntryRiskPercent.
  • Read section "Volume and Risk" below.
  • This EA is capable of running many simultaneous strategies from one Strategy Set. If you wants more, read about Bonus features.
  • Strategies are eventually added, replaced or removed on updates as new results are discovered. I have servers continuously searching for better ones.

    Sets of strategies

    • STRATEGY_SET_EURUSD_D1_02 : 207 Strategies
    • STRATEGY_SET_EURUSD_H1_02 : 135 Strategies
    • STRATEGY_SET_EURUSD_H4_02 : 85 Strategies
    • STRATEGY_SET_USDJPY_H1_01 :  53 Strategies  *
    • STRATEGY_SET_USDCHF_H1_01 : 106 Strategies *

         * MT4 cannot backtest multiple symbol strategies, only MT5.

    Read the Frequently Asked Questions page

    Here you will find detailed information about the settings of this EA


      • No martingale, no grid, no high-risk strategies. All strategies used here are trend following and reversal.
      • Pictures are from MT5 STRATEGIES_SET_EURUSD_H1_01_DEPRECATED. New sets are still better.

      Отзывы 37
      oportunis 2020.09.22 11:22 

      I have tested the EA and the results are amazing. I went directly on live account with it!

      Vu Hoang Long
      Vu Hoang Long 2020.09.22 05:00 

      good EA, 10% profit yesterday on real account, continue to develop EA.

      Veerawat Sirivong
      Veerawat Sirivong 2020.09.20 22:56 

      good backtest , let's try to run on real account. cheers!!

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      oportunis 2020.09.22 11:22 

      I have tested the EA and the results are amazing. I went directly on live account with it!

      Vu Hoang Long
      Vu Hoang Long 2020.09.22 05:00 

      good EA, 10% profit yesterday on real account, continue to develop EA.

      Veerawat Sirivong
      Veerawat Sirivong 2020.09.20 22:56 

      good backtest , let's try to run on real account. cheers!!

      Daniel Gruber
      Daniel Gruber 2020.09.20 18:36 

      Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

      Danial Sedigh
      Danial Sedigh 2020.09.20 16:30 

      Absolutly great backtest result i cant wait to live test, good help support .thank you mateus.

      raul rezende
      raul rezende 2020.09.19 23:09 

      Com base nos testes (backtestes) e relatos de alguns compradores decidi investir no trabalho do Sr. Mateus e fazer a aquisição, eu esperava ainda conseguir comprar no preço antigo, mas acho que sou o primeiro a adquirir a versão 4.10 onde houveram incrementos de algumas funções. Assim como outros traders, também estou ansioso para rodar em Conta Real e colher os benefícios. Posso reportar nos próximos meses como foi a experiência. De fato a constância e pontualidade nas resposta do Sr. Mateus pesam a favor das aquisições, mostrando ser alguém que está à disposição praticamente Fulltime para os compradores, e sempre tentando melhorar a sua criação.

      Liang Chen
      Liang Chen 2020.09.19 18:46 

      I am VERY happy with Portfolie x 10. Been backtest and it is performing good successful trades. Thank you The author !

      cxking 2020.09.18 04:34 

      Superb backtest, and fast recovery factor with SL. looking forward to the live results. will keep you guys posted.

      Marcelo Rodrigo Maggi
      Marcelo Rodrigo Maggi 2020.09.17 16:53 

      Excellent in backtest with 100% modeling on MT5, as I have several Mt4 accounts I opted for this version ... Let's go for tests on real accounts ...

      johncheung0320 2020.09.17 13:07 

      Great backtesting result, can't wait to test it in my account!!!

      Christophe Fiacre
      Christophe Fiacre 2020.09.17 12:29 

      Stable in backtests like in live for the moment.

      JIMMY DARSONO 2020.09.17 04:42 

      good EA, survive last time fomc

      Illdar 2020.09.15 18:45 

      For anyone using using Tickmill as broker, please pm me for some rewards issues. Also, All of the settings of the EA will be discussed in t.me/allmql5eas, This Ea only works well in backtest but keep fails in real

      Ant Stone
      Ant Stone 2020.09.15 17:15 

      Backtested on MT5 using 100% tick data and results were very impressive. The author asks that you give him a 5-star review to receive a bonus code which allows you to trade multiple currencies off one chart using a single set file. This in itself I didn't like; however, he also kindly volunteered his time to help me replicate the same setup across multiple charts. For now, it's 5 stars based on the backtest and support offered by the author. I will update my results in a month's time once I have some real-life trading experience to speak about. Regardless of the result, i'm keen to understand how closely live trading correlates with the backtest.

      scopeyeo 2020.09.14 22:07 

      i just brought this EA, backtest is good, DD is in control, now start testing on live account, will update further

      libertyb 2020.09.13 21:38 

      I have purchased this EA after reading the amazing reviews and extensive backtesting which has shown extremely good results coupled with low risk. I love the fact that martingale and grid strategies are not used and the fact that I can leave this EA to run and get on with life and for me that will be perfect. The author Matteus has been most responsive and has provided answers to numerous questions that I have posed as I am new to using EA'S. I will be demo this EA from tomorrow and will update on the results.

      aaronpriest 2020.09.13 05:27 

      I haven't run this on a live account yet, but will soon and can update my review with long term results when I have them. So far, with back testing and demo accounts, this has very good control of draw down over the long term, without any risky martingale or grid strategies. The developer is also very responsive and continues to add new features and strategies to support it.

      Sapphire 2020.09.12 10:19 

      I've tried it on a demo account in the last 2 weeks, the results are promising. the seller is also very responsive. good product

      algohongkonger 2020.09.11 18:08 

      I like this EA. The profit shown on backtest is very good!

      seiangoku 2020.09.11 14:45 

      Robust and profitable in backtest, very fast and accurate support. Now live on my main account. I will report results.

      Po Yuan Chen
      Po Yuan Chen 2020.09.11 13:33 

      Mateus is professional and very supportive! Risk management is a must, multiple strategies should be able to work long term! Also looking forward to the future development!

      g0079 2020.09.10 04:47 

      This EA has a surprising performance in backtest,I'm going to run it on a real account!

      Joerg Fiebiger
      Joerg Fiebiger 2020.09.09 09:21 

      Very good results in backtest, now on the real account. I will report.

      eliluxiaolei 2020.09.08 01:57 

      So far so good! Lots of strategies with such low price, you can't want it more.

      crimond 2020.09.07 17:33 

      I have been looking round for a while, for a nice safe secure EA that uses a SL for each trade, and which I can leave running on multiple accounts, without having to worry about leaving it. I really think this is the one, I have only just bought it, but judging by the backtests it looks very promising. I will update my review a few weeks from now, after I have tested live.

      BSM Forex
      BSM Forex 2020.09.07 14:37 

      No doubts about capabilities of this ea, I back tested it on different time frame on different market conditions, results are very satisfied. There are multiple strategies,that could be implement on multiple sets. That's the secret of its durability... And author is very helpful.. Good ea must try.

      kei5 2020.09.06 15:47 

      Good backtesting results

      Shindyfd 2020.09.05 10:39 

      Very good

      Tobias 2020.09.05 10:20 

      Unfortunately, live results do not match the back tests. I have removed this EA until live performance is monitored as proof of decent long term results. Be wary that developer has not provided any live results as yet.

      Myfxport Book
      Myfxport Book 2020.09.03 08:00 

      - One of the best ea for me , Seller very good optimize to consume low CPU and RAM even run many strategy - Good result , real and stable profitable ... I stress backtest in many setting since 2015-Now , it has a very good result. - Good Support and service ... i have never seen and used multi strategy ea like this before , So i have many question to ask him. He is very patient and polite answer me , tell me every information , suggest and recommend everything ... i have many new knowledge from him ... that is a big great thing more than EA Thank you for everything Update after use in real Account I use only 1 Strategy set (H1_EURUSD) .. Yesterday it open 5 order I very surprise about that it open 1 sell ,4 buy Every order is open at good entry point , good lot size and very smart TP and SL I think it is the best EA that I ever used... love it ^^

      hoho654321 2020.09.01 20:17 


      Mariano Moroni
      Mariano Moroni 2020.09.01 18:34 

      Excelent EA, great support, low risk.

      74103775 2020.09.01 14:38 

      good ea i test that on demo and he give me good profit for the week

      TREND 2020.08.29 09:48 

      This is excellent trend following EA and low risk.

      anasbaladewa 2020.08.25 07:50 

      First time using a robot with lots of strategies and great support from the author

      Andre Gomes
      Andre Gomes 2020.08.19 21:54 

      very flexible EA. the author continues to develop the set of strategies. very good customer support.

      Simon M
      Simon M 2020.08.04 10:05 

      Very good value EA, works well out the box with the recommended setting file. very happy so far. Update 26/8/2020 Still really happy with this EA, the author is very responsive & has made a large number of improvements to this that really smooth out the returns in testing. 10/9/20 update - Still going good. improvements / extra pairs being added are a very welcome addition. Im running across 2 brokers & results are slightly different but the overall performance/trading execution is in line with my backtesting. note: I backtested with tickdata suite simulating slippage & variable spreads as mt4 tester on its own will usually be a little optimistic

      Версия 4.10 2020.09.19
      Changed the name of some constants, to make it easier to understand:
      STRATEGY_SET_symbol => symbol_STRATEGY_SET

      Added two Break Even levels per strategy group.
      This feature helps the EA to guarantee profit, once the pre-established limits are reached.
      All strategies are the same, but when using the new Break Even feature, I selected a new list per Strategy Set.
      The new feature opens up new possibilities for building customized portfolios.

      New input parameter: customComment
      Версия 4.9 2020.09.09
      New Strategy Set "STRATEGY_SET_USDCHF_H1_01", with 106 new and unique strategies on USD x CHF.

      Better strategy list selection for default settings on EURUSD D1 and H4.
      Версия 4.8 2020.09.04
      Fixed USDJPY logic error.
      Версия 4.7 2020.09.03
      New set of Strategies: STRATEGY_SET_USDJPY_H1_01

      53 new and unique strategies for a new Symbol USD x JPY on timeframe H1.

      You can run both symbols and timeframes from same a single chart, read more here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/739294
      Версия 4.6 2020.08.30
      New set of Strategies: Strategy Set STRATEGY_SET_EURUSD_H1_02 with 135 new and unique strategies.
      New default settings.
      Версия 4.5 2020.08.26
      New default settings.
      Версия 4.4 2020.08.26
      Fixed MT4 bug that affected EA when changed chart timeframe or its settings, after first load.
      Версия 4.3 2020.08.25
      Fixed some bugs.
      Removed Strategy Set GBPUSD since it needs more work to be used in production.
      Версия 4.2 2020.08.24
      Added multi pairs/symbols capability.
      Added GBPUSD D1 strategy set, 96 strategies.
      Added EURUSD H4 strategy set, 85 strategies.
      Changed EURUSD D1 strategy set with first 207 best strategies from previous set.
      Fixed mql5.com error when EA has many methods, decreasing strategy sets size to lower than 250 strategies each.
      Added optional Break Even tool
      Changed the way you enter strategy numbers, so make it easier to handle and have less input parameters.
      Strategy groups have no limits anymore. Previous version could run only 20 simultaneous strategies on default group and 50 on bonus groups.
      STRATEGIES GROUP A has timeframe_A input, to pass mql5.com validation tests.
      All groups have now input CustomSymbol, to run on non standard symbols, like mEURUSD.
      New config sets are being generating and will be posted.
      Версия 4.0 2020.08.21
      Trying to solve this error on mql5.com website:
      MQL4 Market: failed download product 'Portfolio X 10 eurusd MT4' [500]
      Версия 3.102 2020.08.21
      Trying to solve this error on mql5.com website:
      MQL4 Market: failed download product 'Portfolio X 10 eurusd MT4' [500]
      Версия 3.101 2020.08.20
      Trying to solve this error on mql5.com website:
      MQL4 Market: failed download product 'Portfolio X 10 eurusd MT4' [500]
      Версия 3.1 2020.08.20
      Many improvements, added 304 new strategies, more risk control.
      Capability to run more simultaneous positions.
      New OpenPositionMinutesDelayD1 parameter was created, to avoid high midnight spreads when using D1 strategies.