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Kiss on billions on EURUSD

This EA is new product and 21st generation of our robots. Which is the more advanced Kiss on billions (KOB) EA.

The provided robot (21st generation of KOB) is a result of several years of trading and research on thousands of strategies, various indicators of forecasting, aimed at creating the science of online trading engineering. By combining several strategies and algorithms in this robot, at changing each tick price, with the utmost precision and speed,  whatever a trader needs, the robot gives it a fraction of a second.

The important advantage of this EA is that you can start to trade with $ 300 Minimum initial Deposit. And the robot can support your manual transactions on EURUSD.


This robot (21st KOB) manages your account by focusing on the following 4 processes:

1. Activities before doing a transaction (sell\buy)

These measures include capital management and setting new deposits when the number of positions is zero. Then forecast and find the trend and check the transaction in changing any tick price, then determine the number and volume of orders.

2. Activities to open a transaction

Activities related to managing orders place.

3. Activities after transaction to protect transactions and achieve profitability as much as possible

These activities are in two parts of the reverse trading and trailing stops, which combine several strategies and special mathematical formulas to follow the current price by the trailing stops.

4. Activities associated with exit from the market or ending transactions

The measures are related to the methods to exit the market. In the first case, the total transaction profit is reached at the optimal point, in the second, the elimination of trades that are in any case disadvantaged, such as a mismatch in forecasting or the news that changes market atmosphere. When your balance reaches a certain point,the robot eliminates these positions in small Parts (Position Close Partial) from the place of profit, not Deposit. 


SYMBOL of KOB : EURUSD, the EURUSD symbol must have 5 digits, or 5 decimal

Because each Symbol according to its own customers and their tendencies, hours of their presence and other variables create own movement patterns. 
So, in the near future, after researching on the other Symbol’s market, I will launch robots based on each Symbol.


ACCOUNT (Stop Out): 50% or less

ACCOUNT TYPE: Real account

ACCOUNT MODE: Hedging account

Take Profit: Automatically

Stop Loss: Automatically

LOT size: Automatically

Trailing Stop: Automatically

Chart Time Frame: All Time Frame

Profit: over Billions of dollars with $ 300 initial Deposit: These results based on the strategy tester and historical data(See the Rules of Using the Market Service )

Fully automated trading EA/ROBOT

Manual trading: Enable

The third and fourth processes of robot will cover your manual deals.

My recommendation is to use this feature for during 3 star or High Volatility Expected News. 

Warning !

Though, it has been thought about all the probabilities of failure.

But users should use the robot to comply with the requirement of continuous presence in the market.

Control the following continual and daily:

1. This robot has just been created for trading on the EURUSD.

2 . Check out and read carefully and thoroughly Overview, updates/What's new, screenshots and comments of this EA.

3. Do not close open positions manually.

4. Enter the number 1 in the parameter "ADONO=1.00 ".

5. Before decrease or increase of your deposit, Disabled the Algo Trading mode (Ctrl+E), Shutdown MT5 Software.

6. Please read and follow the latest EA (KOB 21st generation) usage instructions in my profile.

7.Please download the full data and update all time frames and ticks from Show Symbol list (Ctrl+U), If you do not do this, the deal will not take place or deals are canceled.

8. Contact me if you have any problems.

Testing the robot/EA  (KOB) :

Please read usage  the latest  instructions  in my profile.

To test the robot, be sure to use the MetaQuotes Demo account data (every tick)

Because Real Account tick price data are diverse in different brokers.

Note that the settings in the relevant screenshot image should be entered carefully.

Wishing you a great day and successful trading!
Saeid Irani

CEO of SAAA Financial Group

レビュー 156
Prabir Paul
Prabir Paul 2020.08.01 10:27 

No EA is perfect. KOB is almost perfect. Loss is the part of business. We must accept it. From April 2020, I lost my two accounts using KOB but still I am profitable. Be ready to have DD 80% to 90% if you are not lucky. At the end, you'll be profitable for sure. Don't blame KOB. KOB IS THE BEST EA and nothing can be better than KOB for this moment. To Mr Saeid: Please try to reduce lot size (50%) keeping all algorithm same. It might help traders to run account in safe condition. Practically, no one wants to be billionaire using KOB but we want safe income without having much stress in our daily life. Thanks a lot for your great creation.

Sahar Hatami
Sahar Hatami 2020.07.27 06:31 

Can’t be better than this. Thank you Saeid.

Tallac 2020.07.23 19:42 

Trés bon EA beaucoup de doute au début mais les résultats sont là et tous positifs. les chiffres parlent d'eux même, ne voyez pas le prix comme une dépense mais comme un investissent car ils sont rapidement récupéré. Personnellement je ne regrette pas !

benaco123 2020.08.03 16:03 

This robot does not manage risk. When things go wrong, it does not even close your trades at stop out to ensure you do not go in to debt with the brokerage firm. Further to this, the seller does not respond to messages at all, so you have to make use of generic badly written messages (from an english point of view). The robot has also lost extreme sums of money for all who bought it despite the price advocating some sort of guarantee or worth. Be careful when buying and understand that the robot can lost you more than even your broker balance.

Rodrigo Silva
Rodrigo Silva 2020.08.03 12:28 

It doesn't matter when you start using that robot or how much money you invest. You will lose everything, because this robot has no control over your capital and you will lose everything like in a casino, or you win or lose, but in a certain period you will continue to risk until you lose the investment and also your profit. Do not buy this robot for the same reason that many of us do, you will also be disappointed, because there will be no billions, there will be no magic, and you will not see anything different in the robot that you would not do much better. All Saeid wants is to sell as many robots as possible and profit from it. Don't be fooled too! Take care of your money!

Prabir Paul
Prabir Paul 2020.08.01 10:27 

No EA is perfect. KOB is almost perfect. Loss is the part of business. We must accept it. From April 2020, I lost my two accounts using KOB but still I am profitable. Be ready to have DD 80% to 90% if you are not lucky. At the end, you'll be profitable for sure. Don't blame KOB. KOB IS THE BEST EA and nothing can be better than KOB for this moment. To Mr Saeid: Please try to reduce lot size (50%) keeping all algorithm same. It might help traders to run account in safe condition. Practically, no one wants to be billionaire using KOB but we want safe income without having much stress in our daily life. Thanks a lot for your great creation.

Rodrigo Azevedo
Rodrigo Azevedo 2020.07.31 22:54 

DO NOT BUY THIS EA!! It has brokem two of my accounts. It works buy creating positions without stop loss. So, sonner or later it will take a very high draw down and you will have to pray for the price back to its initial position. It sells a dream of high returns but when the drawn down comes, it returns all de profit made.

raul020501 2020.07.31 15:05 

Crap Scum . Account stop loss is shit . dumped my account almost twice . All two is a short positions .

KJN9087 2020.07.28 17:54 

Zero stars for this terrible products. Paid 2K to blow account of 5K. From day one in huge drawdown and never had the chance to withdraw a single dollar profit. Some people may have made profit, it all depends of if you are lucky you start the EA at the right moment. Sooner or later this EA will open positions that bring you in huge drawdown and possible blown account.

Sahar Hatami
Sahar Hatami 2020.07.27 06:31 

Can’t be better than this. Thank you Saeid.

Tallac 2020.07.23 19:42 

Trés bon EA beaucoup de doute au début mais les résultats sont là et tous positifs. les chiffres parlent d'eux même, ne voyez pas le prix comme une dépense mais comme un investissent car ils sont rapidement récupéré. Personnellement je ne regrette pas !

nattanan06 2020.07.23 16:42 

That’s so disappointing the decision to buy this EA month ago and today I know about the accountability of your team and performance this EA.

Vadim Belousov
Vadim Belousov 2020.07.22 17:10 


Roshan Behera
Roshan Behera 2020.07.20 14:16 

Great EA so far in market... Thanks Mr. Saeid Irani for your good Work and your effort.

HAI SON LA 2020.07.16 21:41   

well after some time of both testing, running on demo and live both the new and old version....I have to say that this EA is not better than any other EA. for the price of the EA I expect it to at least have a max of 20% in DD....to use an EA that can blow up the entire account in a 1 trading session is horrible. I do have my own EA that I compare it to and I rather keep developing mine and using mine than using a ticking time bomb that gives you false hope of profit. i'm not your competitor as i'm not selling my EA because I don't want to take responsibility for people potentially losing their money. And to all the guys who suck up to this author afraid of him denying you the EA you paid for....it's tragic how you all follow him...good people follows their king, but wise people spectate the kings actions and judges him accordingly. sometimes even your own mind fools you. It's up to you what you want to do with your money and i'm not here to tell you what to do so stay awake and stay focused. peace, H.S. La

Jason Hu
Jason Hu 2020.07.16 08:58 

new version is not as good as backtest

Tran Duc Anh
Tran Duc Anh 2020.07.15 04:14 

Entry points are not perfect, need to be improved

Владимир Лисовский
Владимир Лисовский 2020.07.10 09:10   

Best EA. Already working at breakeven. I don't know why 5 stars not showing on my comment

Traderforex863 2020.07.02 23:50 

This is the best EA on mql5. It has made over 160% profit in 40 days, And I have it set up on my local PC with high ping and low specs. The money management strategy used on this EA is very unique, something only used by big players. Thank you Mr. saeid for this wonderful product.

SANG TRAN 2020.06.29 12:53   

I bought the product for $ 2000, but my EA didn't work last week, I followed the full instructions, Saeid Irani didn't support me with a dynamic installation, after-sales service is not good, I have inbox but Saeid Irani did not reply to me, please Saeid Irani reply to my message and Teamview support settings for bot to work. please

pczombie83 2020.06.28 20:52 

Be Careful. It has been proven the the backtests are fraudulent and a DD of 100% does not outweigh a 70% profit. After using the product for some time with demo and live accounts, have been destroyed and the entries are terrible. Also be aware of a similar product "Kiss on Benjamin" and this is obviously a product from the same "team" as they also use bought reviews and practically the same description. If it seems too good to be true it usually is! Also this Author has stated that he will only respond if you give a 5 star review. He will demonize anyone who says other but does not support his product properly. You have been warned.

Trevor Campbell
Trevor Campbell 2020.06.27 04:02 

As Ive used Kob for a while, some observations. This Bot performs very poorly . How do I know this? (I have a Pre 24/4 acc ) if you perform backtests and start randomly, You will observe many many times where the bot fall over and dies.(metaquotes data) Why does this Happen? KOB gets it wrong many times and relies on marti to smooth the balance curve , small equity = DEATH The BASICs of KOB is SOUND but needs far more Developmental work at present.I have a pre 24/4 acc started with 5k and ive thrown more money in to keep it afloat . At no stage could I remove my deposit to reduce my risk (as stated by Author) I also cannot recommend anybody to purchase Kob until the update . Im hoping Saied has learnt to be more open minded with the Bots continued development . His communication response is poor or non existent in my case . Telegram ? Hes not mentioning the full story.(and it will repeat again)with the new Telegram rooms I will update this review 3 mths after the upcoming update .

Nabeb GMIR
Nabeb GMIR 2020.06.20 04:12 

Great EA , i've made 100% profit in one month and half, Thanks Mr. Irani for your good Work and your effort.

alihaydor1 2020.06.15 19:23 

This is a very dangerous EA. It will leave open trades for weeks. Each trade has 2 options: Either profit or blow your account. There are no Stop Loss involved. Use your money wisely. NO EA is 100%. This definitely is not 100% win rate. Please beware.

Jason Andrew Vas
Jason Andrew Vas 2020.06.12 21:25 

+50% gain in less than one month. This EA is the highest quality possible. Ignore the negativity in the chat, Saeid 100% knows what he is doing. A++++ Update 07-16-2020: now at 100% profit in 1.5 months. This ea works AMAZING if you follow instructions. Anyone having issues must be user error.

Mischa Heer
Mischa Heer 2020.06.12 18:27 

Hi everyone. For all those complaining about this huge drawdown, I understand it can be tough and I feel sorry for you. Nonetheless the performance of this EA is exceptional. Insane return ratio and of course there has to be a risk, otherwise the return would hardly ever be this high tbh. All people complaining about dangerous entries: I feel you, however, if you know it better anyway, why don't just do it yourself? ps: you don't know better, that's why we all trust Saeid. Good job Saeid! :)

Marconr 2020.06.11 17:18 

This EA is fantastic. I'm sorry for people who lost money due to 24 april (mee too); we are talking about an exceptional situation. My suggest is to continue (finding the right Broker and account, because the EA doesn't work well everywhere)

Tan Phuc Ho
Tan Phuc Ho 2020.06.11 15:52 

Great EA Great Job thanks Saeid. Thanks Mr. Saeid Irani for your good Work and your effort.

Vladimir Klimishin
Vladimir Klimishin 2020.06.10 15:37 

Приобрёл советника в июне , пока всё нравиться

jaleyandro 2020.06.10 04:13 

It is the best I have seen. efficient tactic auto lot with profitability fully automatic, if you want to earn money, don't touch it !! Various tips: - If you don't know about forex, don't get involved !! - If you cry with a DD (if you know what it is), don't get involved !! - Follow the tutorial step by step. don't run, see, read, understand. - If it doesn't work, you're in a bad broker !! recommendation!! Spreed 1 through 5, or raw accounts. I changed broker until I found the right one. - the program has to be on 24 hours, if you don't like having your PC on, rent quality VPS. Cheers!

Rundll32 2020.06.08 22:26 

I started this EA at 1st of January this year and I'm still in profit. I think this EA has a lot of well programmed strategies, but there are many influences. For example I have two different behaviours due to different brokers. So I switched on my brain and reduced the risks in one broker. Since this change everything wents fine. I haven't had any Margin calls since then. Nowadays Corona influenced the whole strategies and Saied will update the EA to fit also such kind of patterns and recover quicker... Thanks a lot and please keep this EA alive with constant updates! Thanks!

Daniel Palma
Daniel Palma 2020.06.08 21:38 

I purchased the EA, for full price on the 21st of April, and on the 24th, it opened nine sell positions, which managed to blow the account. I have the link for my Myfxbook performance of only using this EA (https://www.myfxbook.com/members/unrage), and it will show you that my one thousand euro investment has gone to ruin. So in conclusion, my one thousand euro invesment, plus my two thousand euro purchase of the EA, have gone to bits. Do not buy this. Also, the developer, Saeid, is impossible to talk to. His level of English is minimal, so when you pose a question, prepare to have a small basic vocabulary of a turn-around pre-prepared answer to give you. PS: THERE ARE A LOT OF FAKE REVIEWS ON THIS EA. THE DEVELOPER SOMEHOW CREATES POSITIVE FAKE REVIEWS.

taghi farzadi
taghi farzadi 2020.06.08 20:43 

It's been a month since I've tested the robot on a real account. I've made 100% profit in this one month. The robot also has a good account management, and if a deal stays at a loss, it closes the loss with new trades over time. I would definitely recommend buying it. thanks saeed irani .( damet garm saeed jan) .

Petr Voytenko
Petr Voytenko 2020.06.08 20:12 

STOP OUT ! I will delete the message if you return the money.

tsantalas 2020.06.08 18:22 

This EA is incredible ! the best i have seen from the day i started trading. Of course there are going to be drawdowns and of course there will be risk. I have made more than 50% profit in less than a month. So Saheid keep up the good work we are backing you.

dollarbill100 2020.06.08 13:16 

If you have experience in forex, understand the concepts of hedging (sometimes over a very long time), drawdown (vs blown account), appreciate the risks (90% of forex traders in general lose money) and realise there are no guarantees of success, but you are willing to give it a go with a small percentage of your net worth, then buy and support the developer, and become a positive influence in the KOB community. If buying this EA and your initial deposit is less than 5% of your net worth and you accept the risks that come with forex trading, join us. Run the backtest - you will see long periods of large drawdowns, with some taking a long time for the hedges to recover. If you don't have a tolerance for risk, and if you don't understand the concept of hedging, and if you think a stop out is a blown account, and if you're looking for overnight magical riches, then forex trading is not for you and you are not ready for such an advanced EA. Every EA I've tested shows a massive drawdown on Apr 24. The only haters of this EA are the ones that don't understand forex, don't have a tolerance for risk and don't understand the theory behind hedging open trades moving against you. This EA is amazing if you understand & accept unconditionally the high risks involved in forex trading. It's incredible to watch the hedging, buy/sell limits, trailing stop movements. I have found the developer to be quite responsive on messaging, comments and his telegram channel. My account was up more than 60% last week - in only my 2nd week of live trading.

COSTIN-OVIDIU CRETU 2020.06.08 10:43 

After initially giving it 2 stars, now after testing the new update and seeing the results of many, I decided to give a star to this robot. Stay away from this madness called "KOB". I see a lot of people commenting on how efficient and good this robot is and I think that 80% do not have even a little experience in trading. Many of the old customers have lost money and accounts, it is a demonstrable reality. My advice, don't enjoy making $ 50-100 / week with a DD of 50-60%. This robot is not worth the risk and especially the money. In the end, you will all lose. Good luck everyone!

ebi1449 2020.06.06 19:37   


Ranger 2020.06.06 19:28 

I stop using this ea already, not worth 2k u can get better ea at less price, it cost me 2k to write this genuine feedback I regretted buying it save your money my friend. Trade open not consistent and at dangerous price point with no stop loss, need to hold long many days in pain and pray it doesn't blown your account.

hoho654321 2020.06.04 18:07 

The account was burnt... ea is dangerous...be careful

jpm38 2020.06.04 17:38   

This is the worst scam ever !! Saied is paying for good comments, but the fact is that this EA is a real garbage sold by a Fraudster. I can't believe that he is still on MQL5. If you don't believe, try it and you 'll see the disaster. And don't believe on the backtest , it is manipulated.

Sam Chan
Sam Chan 2020.06.04 16:28 

Do not buy this EA unless you want your account blown. Mine has blown after 2 months of using. Please refer to my screenshot here: https://c.mql5.com/31/431/Capture__3.PNG I would rather donate to charity with my account balance + the price of the EA

TRADEJOKER 2020.06.03 21:24 

Starteds using it on May 19, and until now I have almost 100% profit in less then 20 days.. I hope the new version will come soon! Thank you Saeid and Team.

Thorsbrother 2020.06.03 06:50 

A number of accounts are blown especially this week. Due to 24 April 2020 trades, it will happen again in a couple of month. Just do a backtest starting from that day and you see what I mean. However to use this EA successfully there's a strategy. It's something very simple but without doing this, get ready to have account blown again. I've two account one successful and one blown. I'm giving one star because the seller is not honest about the EA and did not give proper instruction on the correct way of using it.

Vipin Bhatia
Vipin Bhatia 2020.06.03 06:42 

Brilliant EA,this is the real thing, worth the money, and if the author makes updates as planned this piece of gold is gonna be worth lots more. My other EAs I have to spend days backtesting and optimizing but this EA literally runs out of the box and all one does is see the profits increase. Thanks to the author of this EA making good profit is finally possible even for a total lay person who knows nothing about trading. Buy only on MQL5, since this EA is famous lot of scammers selling some junk and calling it KOB.

harucloud 2020.05.30 04:43 

I've been using this robot for a month now and it has generated about 70% profits. The author is very helpful and always up to date with information. Thank you so much to Mr. Saeid Irani for this amazing robot.

Idefix55 2020.05.28 13:15 

I bought this EA a month ago and am very satisfied so far. The winnings are great and I will switch to a real money account next month. Very good work from the developer and great information about the Telegram group. Thanks a lot !!!


This is the best robot out there. don't be deceived by bad comments from fake people. if you have the money buy this robot twice.

Icaro1999 2020.05.25 18:51 

Great product, at first I had my doubts, there are many malicious comments but when I made my choice, I can say was the better decision that I can made. Thanks Saeid, keep going, do that you know do

William Caro Reynolds
William Caro Reynolds 2020.05.25 18:46 

This is one of the best EA's I have ever seen. This author really knows what he is doing... I dont understand why there are negative reviews... The author is very willing to help if there are any issues, but if you set it up according to his instructions there should be no issues.

The only problem I've had has been broker-specific, but was fixed upon switching brokers. Also while the setup of this EA is relatively simple, it is an advanced algorithm and patience is required.

Great work from Saeid!!! He is a genius and his work is underappreciated.

hustleFX 2020.05.24 15:07 

Dont be fooled its a huge mess. Every order can blow your account, an absolute nightmare. Oh, and of course backtests are faked via hardcode smoothing.

Tamer Mohamed
Tamer Mohamed 2020.05.23 05:04 

The EA is running perfectly fine and the account grow up, I know the DD was high recently but I knew the risk before I bought it. I will update this review in the future.

Miguel Ferrer
Miguel Ferrer 2020.05.14 23:04 

kiss in billions gave me 200% in 2 months. But the account reached 70% DD. Lately the operations that it opens are very dangerous and against trend.

I understand that the market is very volatile, but kiss on billions is supposed to have hedging strategies that I didn't even see when 70% DD passed. Currently I withdrew my money and only left what is left of the money earned by kiss on billions, I no longer trust as before. I hope there will be an update soon to face the Covid.

Silvino Barros
Silvino Barros 2020.05.14 00:18 

Update: my account has been blown and stop using this crap EA. Don't be fooled by this shit. In one month using it the drawdown reached 70%. This is not a safe EA.

scanderalex 2020.05.12 11:28 

So far on backtesting this thing was a beauty. Had a few issues on my tests only to realize I was getting dodgy data from the broker.. almost missed this EA altogether. Waiting for my first trade but this EA is solid

Xin Zhao
Xin Zhao 2020.05.09 08:34 


189114nickynomates 2020.05.09 05:00 

This EA is beautiful.

I finally jumped in brought it after much deliberation the MQL5 transfer was smooth. I have loaded it and set up as Mr Saeid Irani instruction document.

Initial setting up was a little difficult and care is needed but the instructions Mr Saeild Irani has given are very detailed and clear and easy to follow just do not rush.

I ran many Backtests and results are awesome. For the next 10 days I will run it live on demo and then go onto live account.

The workings of this system are beautiful to watch in backtest.

A big thank you to Mr Saeid Irani for his vision and guidance in this. He is a true Gentleman and Genius from the messages we have exchanged.

I will update how the demo goes and a then live account in the hope to inspire others.

Karl Mustkivi
Karl Mustkivi 2020.05.07 19:15 

Great EA. Really happy with the result.

Sky L
Sky L 2020.05.07 10:11 

EA shows intelligent work. I'd like to review it in many different point of view, but there is a system issue of indention.

Marco Antonio Castro Olyntho Junior
Marco Antonio Castro Olyntho Junior 2020.05.06 15:29 

Great EA and support! Thank you Mr.Saeid

Patrick Lee
Patrick Lee 2020.05.04 18:25 

By far, the most advanced EA I have ever came across!!!! Saeid is a Genius. Jun 5, 2020 Update: After a month plus 1 day my account grew 125%

YSAK 2020.05.04 17:33   

I like it very much in EA which should be evaluated! I support you from Japan.

berlintokyo06 2020.05.04 01:18   


Marcelo Rodrigo Maggi
Marcelo Rodrigo Maggi 2020.05.03 21:09 

Anyone who bought and did the back test that the robot sometimes gets DD% between 50 and 65% percent and always closes the positions in the profit ....

Someone who used the right parameters did the account explode?

for me so far only profits ....

Attentive seller....

Руслан Замалетдинов
Руслан Замалетдинов 2020.05.03 18:21 

Saeid thank you for being there! Your EA is the Grail!

karthi2511 2020.05.03 16:05 

Hi, Have been using the EA from 27th April & till now everything is good. Thank you Saeid for the great EA

Rodolfo Jorge
Rodolfo Jorge 2020.05.03 14:59   

I was wondering if there is an open purchase order or just Buy limit? Could have some reference account to track the developer

johnnygio 2020.05.03 14:32 

This is by far the best expert advisor I've ever had. N° 1. In just less than 2 months I've made 150% profit. Unbelievable. Started with 1000 USD and now I have 2500. I will install it on more than one account. In this period of crisis it's just a holy manna Godsend fallen from heaven.

smithy126 2020.05.03 14:03 


Aleks S
Aleks S 2020.05.02 23:29 

Perfect EA.. Works like a charm once it's been set the right conditions. I've been using it for a month now. It doesn't trade very often but when it starts trading when it find the perfect setup based on it's complex algo. A few times the draw downs remained for a a few days but at the end things ended well. I guess we have to let this EA work and don't ask too much questions.. It has his own mystical ways of working. The only thing i would love it to have in a future version is the possibility of it resuming it's trades if your server crashes by accident , for the moment it doesn't exist. As It happened me once i had to handle the open trades manually and my reflexes are far from the EA who trails the pips like a ninja when the profit comes :) .. I can only support this author with his big vision and can't wait to see the next steps of his product.

tsutomu0610 2020.05.02 05:46 

The tragedy in the comments section has not happened in my account. So far everything is trading fine. I have been using it for a month.

mrhoga 2020.05.02 02:34 

Great results so far. Thank you Mr. Saeid!

Marjeby 2020.05.01 14:08 

This EA is absolutely Amazing.... I was waiting for it to run for a little bit before I gave a review, and I can now assure you guys with confidence, it is a Solid EA. All I see is profits so far. And yes, proper Setup is required, so just follow the instructions in detail and you will be good to go. I'm using Pepperston "Razor" Account and the MQL VPS.

Hats off to Mr Saeid for this Masterpiece, your efforts are genuinely appreciated. Thank you.

iorlanius 2020.04.30 20:17   


Mr. Kyll
Mr. Kyll 2020.04.30 17:35 

Today we All have seen that this EA doesn't work. The Testprogram is manipulated. This EA doesn't make make you a Billionair. IT blows your Account AT the first Charge of a Trend.

guihjy31 2020.04.30 13:11 

so far very good profit about 30% for 1month. even if i don`t know how it enter and proceed. i trust it


Saul Barajas
Saul Barajas 2020.04.30 06:04 

I’ve had zero losses also I wish saied updates it and makes more constant trades like scalpers do. I don’t think this ea is bad I tested for 3 weeks on demo account and was sold this is a great product.This present me envy’s future me I am on my way to become a freakin billionaire!!!

sauerlandtreffi 2020.04.29 23:12 

A very good EA! I got the costs of the ea within 2 days back! Got 36% profit so far.

Be aware that there can be some drawdown. But also in situations, where the price is against the trend (and against KOB), the EA begins to hedge. And this works very good - so you have also in those situations profits, which lowers your DD automatically.

I cant understand the 1-Star-Ratings because I cant understand the expectations of the people. You should have realistic goals. And 36% within one month is a very good deal! Of course you should never invest money, you'd never be able to lose - because in all Investments there is a risk. But with this EA I feel a lot of safer compared to other EAs i tested so far. And in my all (realistic) backtests the EA did perfectly fine.

Please follow the tutorial to get the EA to work. It's not hard to do. Just read and do, what is displayed on the pictures!

Long story short: It's worth a buy!

jonathanjsti 2020.04.29 15:36 

I bought this ea 3 weeks ago and I made + 30%, I am very satisfied!

We believe in you and we trust you 1000% thank you very much Mr Saeid

RUSTAM KAMALTDINOV 2020.04.29 11:46 

A good product! Invested $ 4000, in two weeks it made $ 600. Mr.Saeid Thank you very much!!!

Алексей Верховых
Алексей Верховых 2020.04.29 08:41 

Great product, believe me. A product that really makes money. A lot of scam with this robot in internet, so buy it only in MQL5. The author is also always in touch.

DANIEL LUSCHER 2020.04.29 08:21 

all good

aniltuna 2020.04.29 08:20 

good ea

jfxyz 2020.04.29 07:52 

It's the best ea I saw

SSbrucie79 2020.04.29 05:12 

Once I got my VPS up and running have had no issues. Only been active for a few weeks, but already having profitable trades

mewkung99 2020.04.29 04:44 

The robot work properly.

But most of all I appreciate the transparency since the auther will post every order by this robot.

truongan_2019 2020.04.29 03:48 

very good

forexdude1234 2020.04.29 03:36 

I'm leaving a 5* review as the author of the EA has said we have to do this if we want any after sales support.

Please note, the developer is quite erratic and has been banned from using the forums on MQL5 in the recent past, though I believe it was by a volunteer moderator and not official. There were quite a few very strange postings in the comments forum. Do read them all to get your own sense of what's going on.

The author has also now recently threatened not to provide updates to the EA because of a handful of less than 5* reviews. I'm adding a 5* review, though I'm not sure it will help.

Note also, I've heard reports of "group buying", but that seems very unreasonable to me and should be disallowed. I've also had someone try to sell me a singular activation for $200. I really hope MQL5 puts a stop to these activities.

I'm very unclear how any of this is good business, for either the EA author or MQL5.

However, knowing all this, I still purchased the EA as there had been some strong informal reports of it working well during the month of march. Geniuses can be erratic at times, I suppose. I didn't rent it, but purchased it out right so that I'd have a permanent copy of it in case the owner vanishes.

I've been running the EA on a MQL5 Demo account, which I assume is very optimal conditions. I haven't entrusted any money to it in live trading.

It seems to behave similar to the backtest, though there are some non deterministic differences. I am uncomfortable concluding why those differences exist, it may be caused by my VPS (Azure). Still, I do encourage anyone interested in using it to run the backtest up to and including *today* as I think it does give a roughly accurate picture of its capabilities.

Note the EA doesn't have stop losses, but it seems to do some rough hedging when in draw down. Not clear on when and under what conditions it does these. It does take profit on the hedging orders, however, so your account is at risk during those times you are not hedged.

It is a high risk EA, no doubt about it, but some of the backtesting results are obviously very enticing. If I had to guess (and this is just a guess), I'd say the EA does well when the market is under conditions which have clear trends, such as under the disruptions caused by the virus.

That all said, I am optimistic and hopeful and encourage others to consider the EA, even with the price - though the drama is undesirable. Read all the comments and all the reviews. Do back tests. Look at the detailed report that MQL5 provides you. Look at such things as profit, won trades, loss trades, max draw down, sharpe ratio. Try different periods of time that might reflect when you would have used it. Think about the market conditions of when the EA performed well and when it didn't.

phuocnhlive 2020.04.29 03:25 

So far this is the most complicated EA I've ever known. Some people do not understand how it works. Be confident and let EA do all its work.

Ali HB
Ali HB 2020.04.29 01:41 

This is the best EA in market so far, Hedging operation is in action now first time since have been using it. It looks cool!!! Great Job by Saeid!!!

cuibolun 2020.04.29 01:38 

Great EA, for over one and a half month run so far, I have got around 150% return. Hedging is an interesting function, should protect your capital for most of the circumstances. Recommended for buying or renting and start with a small amount if you really concern people who talked in the comment area who saying against this EA. You will soon realize making a considerable return of money is the key principle of this EA, not others.

netsrak 2020.04.29 01:35 

The author, Mr. Saeid, has created a unique EA. For me, Kiss of Billions has been constantly profitable. The EA handles difficult situations with dedicated counter-strategies that appear to work very well. Because of its complexity, the EA demands that you strictly follow the author's setup instructions. As others suggested before, I advise using the MQL5 VPS to ensure that all orders are filled as intended, because cancellation of pending orders frequently occurs on 3rd party VPSs, which also happened to me before. I can highly recommend Kiss of Billions as consistently profitable since I have been running it for about 2 months now.

divonney 2020.04.28 23:52 

Great job Saeid, and I hope to continue the distinguished work

Jonas 2020.04.28 23:40 

I had first problems setting the EA, but now it works as described and has already brought me a lot of profits, thanks saeid

IPSE 2020.04.28 22:26 

A highly recommended EA, does not require user attention, install and go. He himself is in charge of monetary management. And with a hit rate of almost 100%. You will get results from the first week !!! A great job from the developer. Thanks Saeid !!!

I advise using MQL5 VPN.

Un EA muy recomendable, no requiere atención por parte del usuario, instalas y listo. Él mismo se encarga de la gestión monetaria. Y con una tasa de acierto casi del 100%. ¡¡¡Obtendrás resultados desde la primera semana!!! Un gran trabajo por parte del desarrollador. Gracias Saeid!!!

Yo aconsejo usar MQL5 VPN.

zybi385 2020.04.28 22:17 

So far one of the best EA that I used!

1000000458 2020.04.28 22:13 

So far this EA is the best i have. Just read instructions carefully. You will see how the EA reacts on the price movement. The maker is obviously an expert and armed with long trading experience.

Congratulations Saeid. Thank you for this EA.


My dear friends who purchased the EA legally, please help the author by leaving good comments. we need to support him. He has high potential for developing future EAs.

For users who want to purchase the robot, please try on your demo accounts and follow instructions. Don`t buy pirated robots or copy signals generated from this EA. It could wipe out your account. The author already warned about this. You buy this robot because you tested and trusted the performance. Stealing other persons property is a crime.

tonyricardo 2020.04.28 22:12 

Thanks a lot for doing that for us, you created the best EA ever, Great seller and great guy, the robot have a excelent profit and he have the best strategies, thank you!

Rens 2020.04.28 21:31 

I am very happy with this great EA. I run it on live account for 3 weeks now and already earned the initial investment back. I have a lot of respect for Mr Saeid Irani. And I am very happy he is willing to sell this masterpiece. So now everyone can make good money in forex. He is very dedicated to his customers. There are some people out there who are very disrespectfull to him. Ignore them and focus on the great results. Thank you very much Mr Saeid Irani.

CHUN KIU CHEUNG 2020.04.28 20:18 

Best EA you can found. Great seller. Fantastic result

Thanks Mr. Saeid.

Leandro Alcantara da Rosa
Leandro Alcantara da Rosa 2020.04.28 20:12 

This robot delivers what it promises. I think it is a fair price. The robot works with its capital generating a very pleasant gain. You can't get rich overnight like many people think they will, especially in an equity market. We need to be patient and let the robot work. Very good work Sir Saedi.

Aqel Mohammad
Aqel Mohammad 2020.04.28 20:10 

I would like to thank you for the great work that you shared with us, after testing many times and all the verify I did that make me bought the first EA ever.

paulmanoj 2020.04.28 20:04 

The best EA I’ve bought. I made the profit of my investment so now every penny is profit. I use of 3 broker currently and yes everyone differ due to spread, speed, account type,etc. I have been waiting for review and got some random problems every month. We can’t judge the EA by just backtest we need to make try even on demo is ok. Till now it’s good and expect the same for future. There are so many things going behind for reducing the price, abounding the EA from market, some try to copy the strategy too. Don’t get faked but the original EA remains constant. Current sell closes in profit no one is going to blame and everyone just trusts. I really got cleared by Mr.Saeid for my doubts. And now going to finish my 2 months with the EA. No pain no gain. I request saeid what ever happens just don’t get tensed and take care of your health. And I say no other EA is better than this. Every EA has loss atleast once often but still now no loss found. And one more thing if we risk much we achieve much. If hated to risk than the world is not for living as we can’t say we will awake tomorrow no guarantee. So I can’t fight with God for this reason. I don’t compare anyone just by saying.

mrmellon 2020.04.28 20:03 

This robot is exceptional. Not only it's profitable trades and usual operations but the way it deals with DD by hedging operations is amazing to watch. I have done over 150% profit within the last two months.

Saied you have done an amazing job, world class and you deserve a medal. Don't listen to a small minority who shout the loudest but usually don't read the instructions properly, or try to scam in some form, it is just noise. All of us are very grateful for your work.

Given the value of Saeids time I think it would be wise to have someone help Saeid with customer service as his time is valuable and clearly , due to the success of this robot, there have grown a community of scammers trying to feed of the success of this EA with fake services, copy EA's, side promos etc.

Keep going Saeid we love you!


pgc255 2020.04.28 20:00 

Awsome EA. Can't complain since January when I bought it. Great job Saeid!!!

Pablo Jose Yanez Rodriguez
Pablo Jose Yanez Rodriguez 2020.04.28 20:00 

I have a few days using the EA, but I like its results, the installation is very simple, when buying the instructions will arrive, currently I install it in a VPS and it works wonderfully, you just have to install well and let the EA work.

freddo13542 2020.04.28 19:57 

Great EA, works as expected from backtesting.

I had to have it when I saw how well it coped with the volatility of the onset of the covid period and yet it wasn't updated since 13th Nov 2019 which means it was intelligent enough to know what to do and I suspect it will continue to calculate this well for the foreseeable future.



Wendel Lima
Wendel Lima 2020.04.28 19:49 

The product offered has been exceeding expectations. Spectacular! Congratulations also to the creator of EA, Saeid Irani, for providing the service.

lvivo 2020.04.28 19:48 

Awesome EA, it is like a shaman doing profit rituals. The author provides clear and detailed instructions for buyers on how to properly setup. People complaining are just frustrated because they want a babysitter. I highly recommend this EA


Leonardo Vivo

Omman001 Jack
Omman001 Jack 2020.04.28 19:44 

So far so good with monthly 40% profit. The heavy DD is a bit scary somentimes.

jcely821 2020.04.28 19:43 

Good robot, I happy with results

Bittner 2020.04.28 19:40 

Hallo Saied, im new with kob test it just first week, get 24 profit trades and +6,4%. i belive in you as a Person and author and i belive in your power of Ea.

For future i wish a better support line for your customers. I wish you much success and health

aneesht743 2020.04.28 19:39 

Best EA !!! worth every penny.

Boey Jia En Jonathan
Boey Jia En Jonathan 2020.04.28 19:38 

Unlike what others say, Saied has been very friendly and prompt. For those of you who said that this EA doesn't work, first understand the risks and how everything works.

A bad swimmer will blame his swimming trunks when he loses a race. Don't be that swimmer.

cksin01 2020.04.28 19:34 

Hi Saied, thanks for this amazing EA you have created. Bless you.

TDD PICTURES 2020.04.28 16:12   

Bonjour j'ai acheté L'EA mais il ne fonctionne que avec le test pouvez vous m'aider??

Pranshu Singh
Pranshu Singh 2020.04.27 18:04 

About the KISS ON BILLIONS scam that is going on

Backtest is fully manipulated you can try it after nov 2019 to april 2020 from old version and new version of KOB then you will get that the profits are differenet and new version performed good as old version was not making profit but when you test the data from 2016 to 2018 you will get that the results of backtest from both version of kob is fully same ..no difference ..you can try ....ask saied for codes .

Fully manipulated and scam

Second thing saied is calling me criminal .....so he must be banned from mql5 as this is not acceptable .

If mql5 will not take action i will do it on my level and will post the full scam of forums and how mql5 supported it and will also file a case on mql5 for not taking actions on scam and i want you to refund my money after necessary action ....

And You cant ban me for commenting , i have rights to comment , i did nothing against mql5 policy .....

I had payed 1899$ for KISS ON BILLION so I want full report on investigation mql5 did.



Hossein Salehi
Hossein Salehi 2020.04.27 17:00 

Ea works with some brokers not any broker you want !

and author not respond to you,r question !

Arthur 2020.04.27 16:43 

Author is hiding losing trades and is only showing pictures with winning trades.

I have asked him to start a signal service so everyone can see all trades made by the EA in a transparent way and he refuses.

The EA currently has a 60% Drawdown for all users sell at 1.07550 and price is at 1.09800 (-225 pips for every trade) and he is hiding this detail, he is posting only winning trades.

All the five star reviews come from the fact that he threatens his customers if they don't give him five stars reviews. IF you dare say anything or question anything about his EA he will call you a criminal and will threaten to sue you for exposing his scamming actions

He if very rude and insane

SiggySmilez 2020.04.27 08:56 

Awesome EA! Yes the Risk is high but the Profit is even higher! Great Job Mr. Saeid Irani, I have never seen something like that before...

Alberto Campos
Alberto Campos 2020.04.27 00:14 

Best EA in the market, no doubt. Follow carefully the developer instructions and trust the system. It works. Thanks Saeid for your sharing your work and give other the privilege to follow your journey

rapha99 2020.04.26 22:14 

Very thankful for this ea. Read the instructions and ea will make big profit for you.

Waris Padchodchai
Waris Padchodchai 2020.04.26 21:30 

after i use this beware need knowledge to use it.

Boris Sedlar
Boris Sedlar 2020.04.26 16:03 

Scam EA, fake backtest inside EA. EA already blown all accounts what have sell trade from april. Developer is sick person. All who complain or wrote something about DD or EA are for Saeid thevies, scammer .... GO away from this EA

LLGod 2020.04.24 10:03 


Kwok Fung Chan
Kwok Fung Chan 2020.04.16 12:45   

very few trades grow very slow, not recommended. Dont know why people recommend it

bing7 2020.04.10 19:56 

A fantastic fully automated EA. Doubled the balance figure in march. The hedging mechanism continues dealing win trades in DDs.

Regarding aftersale service, Saied answers all my questions.

Advice for buyers:

1. Read the instructions

2. Use your preferred brokers' demo account for back and live testing to understand the risks

Advice for author:

1. Support non-USD based trading accounts. This would save a lot from currency exchange.

2. Do not need to shutdown/restart MT5 or EA for deposit or withdraw.

*Had to remove my review earlier due to the number of people trying to contact me for different reasons. Just be aware there are quite a few scammers.

Joel De La Cruz
Joel De La Cruz 2020.04.08 18:33 

Huge dropdown. Not a good EA for these volatile times, author refuses to add a stoploss. Terrible trades. Don't lose your money. The author is stubborn and a huge liar as well. He will outcast and lie about anyone who doesn't praise his EA.


Its the BEST Ea on the market!

arikarkuki 2020.04.03 18:07 

Extremely satisfied with this EA, 42% profit in just 9 days after I bought it. Thank you mr Irani for this piece of art!

reza nezhadi salami
reza nezhadi salami 2020.04.03 10:33 


First, i would like to special thank Saeid for his wonderful support and awesome EA.

During the 2 weeks that I used this expert, I gained 65% profit and all deals closed with profit.

We love you Said.

Thereivax 2020.04.02 11:56 

Lost my two acc 6K due to the positions of 24/04

Architecte 2020.03.30 13:35 

I don't blame Saied and his team who I think are doing their best. Unfortunately that is not always enough. I destroyed 2 accounts, the update did not change anything. The expert is delusional (especially in backtest, and it is very easy to erase bad positions when you know history... after each update, bad trades miraculously disappear), the expert makes steady gains for several weeks until it takes bad positions that destroy the account. The lifespan I estimate is 3 months on average.

thiago 2020.03.29 05:30 


Forex Monkey
Forex Monkey 2020.03.28 01:50 

Amazing EA. Makes 20% in 2 days. Just make sure you setup the EA followed by the author's instruction. It really worth the price and the afford.

CHIU FUNG HO 2020.03.27 07:16 

Very powerful and robust EA

Yielding 87% in one and a half month (2020-2-18 to 2020-3-27)

I have invested 100% capital in this EA


[2020-03-31] update: 100% return from 2020-02-18 to 2020-03-29

MINISIGMA 2020.03.26 10:46 

Great EA!

Works perfectly fine with ICM Raw account!

Dev is friendly and replies to messages.

Worth every penny... should be more expensive!

10/10 :)

iwoyshii 2020.03.18 12:36 

I've made a 5 Stars review 2 months ago (I've been using KOB for less than 2 weeks).

Now, I'm changing my review since the performance of KOB is absolutely bad (I've turned it off, since I'm using other ways to get more profit than KOB is giving me) and the support given from Saeid is even worst.

Note that on February and March this EA made almost 200% of profit and this is a very good performance. But profit is not the only thing we need to chase.

Now, from April onwards, the performance is very bad, giving you a huge DD (in some cases, 70%) to get a tiny profit (and you need to discount SWAP and many other taxes, since the trades keeps opened for many days).

But this is not the worst point, since when you try to talk with the author, he only keeps blaming other people, don't try to help their customers and keep saying that he will launch a new product instead of trying to fix KOB.

In case of a new release (a good one, of course) and if Saeid improves their customer care, I'll be very glad to revise my review.

Liviu Groza
Liviu Groza 2020.03.18 12:10 

This is the greatest EA which i have in more than 12 years of trading.

Mr. Saeid is helpful and provide professional support.

Thank you mr. Saeid for all you do.

alfa24 2020.03.18 10:03 

Au début émerveillé par ce robot j’ai finalement perdu tout un compte !

sohwtv 2020.03.18 09:46 

Good ea seller. Very kind and genuine.

All bad people should stop attacking him.

giuseppe leone
giuseppe leone 2020.03.18 09:04 

buongiorno,sappiamo che il mondo del trading è rischioso,decidiamo di acquistare un EA,mettiamo in gioco quello che è possibile anche perdere per il nostro portafoglio,ma per esperienza personale ,io ho acquistato EA di Saeid a fine dicembre,avevo dei problemi ,appena a potuto anche più volte al giorno il signor Saeid mi ha risposto ai miei mille dubbi e problemi,ho risolto,ho guadagnato per adesso circa il 150% del mio badge.....non so cosa si vuole di più,siamo anche in un momento difficiele per le borse mondiali..........io devo ringraziare il signor Saeid di Cuore per tutto il tempo che mi ha dedicato e per il suo lavoro ...grazie Saeid.

brahim90 2020.03.18 04:53 

I`m very pleased with results !

in 3 days I have made 11%

just follow the instructions exactly and the EA will work just fine

I`m running the EA on 4 live accounts and it is working greatly

good job Saied ! keep up the great work, we all support you !

KITNIPAN DERMTORANIN 2020.03.18 02:51   

My Accounts will blow very soon Account from March Deposit 1000USD made profit up to almost 300% luckily I cut lose trade from 24.04 1000USD and withdraw all my deposit back then robot making profit all the way up until last Sell on 10.07 and very high buy on 31.07 Now we’re watching account dying slowly hahaha can’t even hedging coz balance went down to 200 and free margin is 15usd left Please don’t waste money on this EA, save your money and buy other EA even martingle is much more worth it.

Giovanni Salatto
Giovanni Salatto 2020.03.17 19:37 

The backtests look promising. The new version of KOB appears much more secure than the previous one. All that remains is to experience the "live" response. Thanks for your effort Saeid.

VLADIMIR KLEVKO 2020.03.17 19:37 

This EA is neat. If you get to know how it works using the backtesting - it makes you withstand even the market conditions we're currently in. Five stars for the EA and ten for customer support! Saeid spent lot of time with me and explained every aspect of the EA, so now I have total peace of mind when the market heading the wrong direction. Knowing how the EA works (both from conversations with Saed and thorough backtests) - I know I'm covered.


Good ea but dont try to invest money in mql5 they are scammers .all promises gone when u start earn money by selling product .they start the scam withdrawl see the pictures added in comments last pages

francesco .65
francesco .65 2020.03.17 17:26 

I bought the EA less than a month ago, planning to test it on several demo accounts with different brokers, for a month.

After first week of very good results on demo accounts, "Kiss" convinced me to use it on real accounts, then I did it.

At the moment, after 14 calendar days, EA made a very, very good work: everyone of 181 trades has win = 100%, with 60,3% net growt in 2 weeks.

I think that the EA is stable and it's a very good investiment.

Some suggestions:

- First of all: FOLLOW STEP BY STEP ALL AUTHOR INSTRUCTIONS: Set Dntoo parameter as suggested by the author; set Stop Out parameter accordingly with broker account parameter. Default EA value is 50, but your account value could be different (40 or 20 or else). It is mandatory that you set the correct parameter.

- Test the EA on a small REAL account before make a definitive broker choice: I tested EA on at least 8 demo accounts, then choose to test on a 5 REAL accounts: some of these didn't work, although their respective demo accounts worked perfectly.

- Let it work alone, do not manage position manually, do not do anything: EA do all operations by itself, and it is faster than you to make every decision.

- Do not shutdown MT5 or restart PC when EA is working (expecially if there are opened positions). Use a VM to ensure the EA is on 24/7. If you need to update or restart your PC or VM or do any operation, follow step by step Mr. Saeid directions: I did it and all went good.

- Be confident: let it work and forget it.

Joseph Thomas Farnfield
Joseph Thomas Farnfield 2020.03.06 00:08 

EA is ok for a bit as long as you keep withdrawing your profits regularly to secure them.

The author Saeid though is an absolute piece of work...do bear in mind when you see all these five star reviews that he threatens his customers if they don't give him five stars and is rude, aggressive and slanders anyone who asks him even the most basic question about his bot. No doubt after this review I will be added to his ever growing list of so called "criminals".

In review:

EA = 4/10

Author = 0/10

Az4th0th 2020.03.03 12:45 

Fantastic EA with the creator that's follow you if you need help

Islam Alpysbek
Islam Alpysbek 2020.03.03 11:10 

Using only 1 week and already happy of the results. And pleased responsiveness of Mr. Saeid.

LateM00N 2020.02.27 19:29 

This EA is very great. Saeid is answering really quickly and is very knowledgeable!

Testing it since this week and the system is working really great. Its working with key levels and follows the trend by analysing it. After a considerable move into the profiting direction, it follows the profit with a Trailing Stop Loss.

I will post my further experience with this EA after I tested it more.

#First Update: Robot is still doing its job, but everyone has to know the risk coming with such profits. There will be huge DD and you need to stay calm and trust the robot, but its doing its work!

Tim Jo
Tim Jo 2020.02.26 19:39 

It's been more than 6 months using it... tremendous EA. More than 400% profits. Great and helpful costumer service, all thanks to Mr. Saeid Irani.

IAN JAMES CAMPBELL 2020.02.18 12:23 

Worth every penny! Support and communication from the seller are fantastic, and the results are amazing.

A good steady system that grows weekly.

Do your testing with different VPS, brokers, and read all of the comments.


### May 2nd, 2020 Update ###

This week was the first time in 4 months that the reversal positions were triggered by the EA.

Currently, the Drawdown on one of my accounts is quite high at 57%. This is being held over the weekend in what looks to be a strong bull trend, and there are several posts of accounts being stopped out completely which is really not good but this highlights the need to run the EA separately with no interference on the balance or trades placed after it has been started.

We also have seen a lot of discussion around backtesting and doubts on results being accurate. All of this information has been available in the comments, so I suggest reading every comment, looking at ALL of the attachments, and make your own decision to use the EA or not. There is definitely some questionable information, and on the other hand, there is 320% growth on an original account we created back in January 2020, which is very impressive, but locking in your profits is EXTREMELY important for when high DD's like this current one are active.

High drawdowns are not comfortable for most people, so if you do decide to use this EA after reading and understanding all of the information outlined about the backtesting and so on, make sure you either are only investing what you can afford to lose or are ready to 'switch off' when situations like this happen as there was also a 45% DD in March, as well as older users reporting similar DD's in late 2019, so it is likely to be a common trend with this system.

I do not agree with tactics like ‘new versions’ being released conditionally on the type of review that existing customers give a product. This is public blackmail and should not be done by anyone.


### May 14th, 2020 Update ###

Massive drawdowns continue and got worse this week with even more positions being opened in low-quality areas and causing additional DD

Screenshots and more details are at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/41551#!tab=tab_p_comments&comment=16364283&page=46


RIZA DOEK 2020.02.11 17:41 

Great EA. Great Customer and Wonderful Customer Service !! Very Helpful and Respectful Person . He helps and answer all my Questions. Update Follows!!

Thanks Mr. Saeid Irani for your good Work and your effort.

Update: 28 April 2020 . Now The Balance Have 330 % Profit since middle of February. Great EA Great Job thanks Saeid!!

formularyan 2019.12.17 02:48 

Important to have a zero spread broker account. Had a lot of trouble before setting one up. Author and community very helpful along the way so far, thank you.

Quentin Ohlmann
Quentin Ohlmann 2019.10.10 16:09   

Hello, I have some difficulties to understand this EA, even if it's seems be very interesging.

-Already I have a lever of 1/500 and I can not change it. I rented a month ago. Will it be worth to continue ? does EA can help me however even If i'm on 1/500, 1/200 or 1/50 ?

-For the configuration we need to obligatory unter "1" into the case "dntoo" so why this case exist and what can we do with ?

-We are told a lot to activate all the symbols, (and I dont understand when it's talk about "renember all tick" etc ..) the single thing i do is to "activate" all symbols,

But why we need to activate all symbol if bot can only trade with EUR/USD ?

Can the bot deal with other than EUR/USD ?

"SYMBOL INFO: in accordance with MetaQuotes-Demo account details (This is very important. Only the maximum order volume and number of orders or order limits, can be different.)"

Sorry but I'm french ^^', this phrase, I dont understand at all.

And you tell sometimes we can trade manualy like in 3 stars events, and some other, we dont need to trade manually (for exemple if we follow a signal beside ?), so what we must do ?

And into the parameter "number of order" what we need to put ? what is the interest of this case ? What is it ?

Thanks a lot for answers, I am very interresting by the bot, actually testing, thanks for your works

CHUI CHUAN YAU Chuanyau 2019.09.18 15:50 

if this ea is good for you,please do not be stingy praise to the author is an honor and feedback. the author will have more motivation.

バージョン 210.808 2020.08.03
The presentation was scheduled for 08.08.2020, but in this critical situation, the group tried to present the update sooner.
Improvements in the trailing stop system.
Improvements in the the system of trend predictions.
Improve and increase the regularity of orders and reduce orders open at the same time.
Risk reduction.
In the next few weeks, 21st generation updates will be released with further improvements.

Best regards,
SAAA Financial Group
バージョン 210.707 2020.07.09
Dear friends and customers,

This EA is new product and 21st generation of our robots.
Which is the more advanced Kiss on billions (KOB) EA.
Please read, run and execute carefully the Kiss on billions instruction.
You can open up to 5 Manual buy positions and 5 Manual sell positions.
Please use my other robots and formulas in Version 190.909 for manual trading.
But we do not recommend manual transactions.

Best regards,
Saeid Irani
CEO of SAAA Financial Group
バージョン 191.113 2019.11.13

Improvement in the following factors:

1. Trading strategies.
2. Reducing the risk of transactions.
3. Trailing Stop.
4. ALL Close Mechanism.

Good luck
Saeid Irani
バージョン 191.109 2019.11.13
Improvement in the following factors:
1. Trading strategies.
2. Reducing the risk of transactions.
3. Trailing Stop.

Good luck
Saeid Irani
バージョン 190.909 2019.09.14
Improvement in the following factors:
1. Trading strategies.
2. Reducing the risk of transactions by 8%.
3. Increase in support of transactions manually, and convert them automatically using processes 3 and 4.
You can open up to 6 buy positions and 6 sell positions.
The trading volume must be calculated using the following formula:
volume=(Equity * 0.000031/Ask)
if volume<0.01 then volume=0.01
for example:
if volume=0.015 then volume=0.02
if volume=0.0349 then volume=0.03
if volume=2.53500001 then volume=2.54
My recommendation is to use less manually.
This feature is made for use by users during 3 star or High Volatility Expected News.
The duration of impact of the market news, is an average of 61 minutes.
And then the market usually returns to its desired atmosphere.
So, after 30 seconds of news release, the price drop or price increase is determined.
So, 30 seconds to 3 minutes after the news, do your transaction and leave 61 minutes later, the robot profits for you.

Good luck
Saeid Irani