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Quick Pips

Professional tool for night trading.

  • Fully automated trading system.
  • Quick Pips uses adaptive Stop Loss and Take Profit.
  • Long term EA and reliability.
  • Two trading modes with all costs per broker (commission, spread, min. Profit). (Standart, Turbo)
  • Tests of all currency pairs with a spread of 20 points.

Use TF M5 , GMT +2 ( ICMarkets )

If your testing results differ from mine, set the correct GMT of your broker in the EA settings, the GMT option. This means that your broker has a different time zone. I will help you set the right time depending on your broker and thus your results will become like me.

If you use external quotes for testing QP (not your broker), specify the GMT of the downloaded quotes and change the GMT parameter in the QP settings. It is important. Specifically need to set GMT quotes. for trading GMT broker.

If during testing your QP does not open orders, increase the value of the Max Spread parameter to the value specified in the tester

The main advantage of the system is its accurate analysis and support of orders.

  1. Trade with 98% order processing.
  2. It has overclocking mode to get a quick income, but with risks.
  3. Analysis of several TF for accurate entry.
  4. EA is optimized for any currency pair with excellent results.
  5. Flexible expert configuration. You can customize EA for your trading style.

EA has 2 trading modes.

  • Standart is a long-term method with minimal risk. Recommend
  • Turbo - for those who do not like to wait.

News filter system .

The expert will not be allowed to trade at the exit of important news.

Configuring the news filter (en):

  1. Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors.
  2. Put a tick in the window " Allow WebRequest for listed URL ".
  3. Insert this link in the window: https://sslecal2.forexprostools.com/?columns=exc_flags,exc_currency,exc_importance,timezone&calType=day&timeZone=15

  4. Click on the ok button.
  5. Set your broker's EA GMT settings.


  • Algorithm of extreme order closing with minimum profit.
  • Competent market analysis. (finds trends and trades by trend)
  • Filter news. (Protection from unforeseen market situation)
  • Charged money management. (Management of risks)
  • Adaptive stop loss and take profit. (The system itself knows where to set stop and take with the maximum allowed value specified by you)

💾 .set files

💾 Files BackTests

USDCHF_s.zip  |  EURGBP_s.zip  |  EURCHF_s.zip  |  GBPCHF_s.zip  |  USDSGD_s.zip  GBPSGD_s.zip  |  EURCAD_s.zip  |  AUDSGD_s.zip  |  EURSGD_s.zip

Prefixes in settings:

S - standard setting. ( main .set file. Minimum Equity $ 100 for all .set files with prefix S

Settings will be optimized updated every half year here.

Or, you yourself can customize your trading style by optimizing your EA.

Minimum requirements:

  • Low latency VPS server (ping less than 10ms)
  • ECN broker with low spread (10 pips and below) and low swap. I recommend broker ICMarkets LTD
  • Low stops
  • Leverage 1: 400 or 1: 500
  • Equity $ 100

Minimum Equity:

$ 100 for all .set files prefixed with S

Quick Pips Handbook Download Beta 2.0 (en) 

Telegram Channel here

Christophe Godart
Christophe Godart 2019.03.21 06:10 

First day of trading with 15% loss with authors set files.

peronpmt4 2019.03.12 11:47   

Last night three big losses with ICm and Alpari too. I will update review if author answers to my question in PM and EA change in profits

gsimon 2019.03.11 23:47 

Rented for three months. Using the set files shared by Valentin and, less than a month after, lost around 40%. EA have lots of very small wins and some very huge losses. The most recent losses happened (according Valentin) because "he forgot to mention that we shouldn't change the time zone" (in QP Telegram group), even with him mentioning otherwise in the comments section here in MQL5. Anyway, I totally recommend anyone here thinking to buy, first get into QP Telegram group, analyze what people are really experiencing with this EA and after take a really informed decision over renting/buying or not.

For me, just a waste of time, money and patience.

hyperteddy 2019.02.25 09:41 

Awesome EA! I've been running it on live account on tickmill broker and I've been getting only profits so far. And most importantly, the customer service provided by Valiantsin is great. Fast, patient and very responsive. Thanks Val and keep up the good work!

Darin 2019.02.25 02:23 

Needs improvements! Lots of potential but still profits speak louder than losses.

Update: Traded the eurgbp during the illiquid hour and a surprised positive brexit news occurred. Single loss that wipeD out all my profits since the start i have used this EA.

Update: Losses more than profits. Have to check every morning on the group chat with others users on whether any trades were made on QP. Suggest developer to resume his live monitoring signal on multiple accounts/demo accounts on multiple brokers so that users will know which is the best broker for QP. At the moment, the performance of this EA doesn't justify it price.

Almaz Garipov
Almaz Garipov 2019.02.23 05:55 

Я взял в аренду этого советника пока что для тестирования на реальном счету. Пока всё хорошо, в плюсе. Он торгует не часто, так что не переживайте, что сделок нет. Просто условий значит не было для открытия ордеров. Еще поддержка со стороны автора - мгновенная прям, всегда отвечает быстро.

KRONUNG74 2019.02.22 20:53   

Здравствуйте,Валентин! Купил у Вас в аренду торгового робота "Quick Pips" и установил его на демо счёте,но почему то у меня уже двое суток не открываются сделки.Что делать?

Vhug84 2019.02.22 13:04 

I rented the product a week ago, I only had 1 day of trades but lost.

I will update my review in a week more.

updated. trades improved, I will update my comments in a week

ICsucces 2019.02.20 18:57 

good ea i recommend

vishnuvatsala 2019.02.19 07:43 

Валентин, спасибо вам большое за прекрасный советник и за быструю и конструктивную обратную связь!

Робота однозначно всем советую, торгует "по-взрослому", не рискует, и цена более чем адекватная для такой машинки.

riddiknet 2019.02.18 09:56 

Хочу выразить большое спасибо автору за опубликование своего продукта. Это доступный по цене и прибыльный по своей стратегии советник. Активная отзывчивость автора на вопросы, понятные разъяснения. По моему мнению самый большой плюс этого продукта, это отсутствие опасных стратегий (мартингейл, сетки и т.п.). Продуктивность советника так же обусловлена риск менеджментом и хотя по умолчанию он сильно завышен 15%, но это показывает его возможности которые советник предостовляет тем трейдерам, которые любят рисковать. Хотя я считаю, что 10% это максимальный риск который можно использовать. Пожелание автору расширять список используемых инструменты торговли и успехов в его работе!

Fernando Cavaliere Gomes
Fernando Cavaliere Gomes 2019.02.13 22:18 

i'm very pleased with Valiantsin Pyrkin he had answerd all my questions and also had time to set my EA with me.

First impression from the Author is excelente

i will run the EA and i will come back to do a review from it.

Paul 2019.02.13 08:06 

I have been familiar with Valentin's work for a while now as I have used his previous EAs. I would rate his latest Quick Pips expert the best to date. Valentin's focus is on risk management and protecting account equity by making steady gains rather than quick profits. As such, Quick Pips doesn't constantly trade (as it waits for optimal conditions before entering the market), but when it does place orders, it's entry points are very accurate. Although early days, if the backtesting results can be consistently replicated in live trading, Quick Pips has enormous potential to make steady and reliable profits.

I would also like to reiterate what others have previously commented on; Valentin has enormous work ethic and is forever striving to improve his products. He is very transparent and accessible with a willingness to make himself available to discuss any aspects of his EA's configuration and functionality.

I have been more than willing to support his endeavors by purchasing Quick Pips and have not regretted that decision, given my positive personal experience to date and the consistent trading results achieved thus far. I look forward to a long association with Valentin and using his constantly improving EAs!

khang23 2019.02.11 14:13 

Cant wait to use this EA. Good job !

levsha_master 2019.02.11 06:54 

Супер! Отличный проект! А главное, не стоит на месте!!! Валентину респект!!!

Dmitriy Mashkarin
Dmitriy Mashkarin 2019.02.07 07:13 

Хочу выразить благодарность Валентину за его EA и прекрасную поддержку своего продукта! После месячного тестирования на реальном счету приобрел полную версию.

Есть некоторые нюансы, которые Валентин добавит и доработает в следующей версии EA.

Всем удачи и хорошего профита!

Nabeel Mustafa
Nabeel Mustafa 2019.02.05 10:47 

Just got my hands on the Quick Pips EA yesterday and I'm very glad that I did. The setup process was more than easy (a huge thanks to Valiantsin for his endless support and assistance). This EA is a life changer as the back testing was simply amazing with laser point precision entries. I got it set up yesterday and today when I woke up this morning I found my account balance raised as I had 3 profitable trades from overnight and one that was still open. A couple of hours later the 4th trade that was still open closed with profit as well. Simply put an amazing and precise entry EA with endless support and assistance from Valiantsin to ensure you're well taken care of. Valiantsin is a true gentleman with superior customer support, something many others lack in this day, age, and industry.

Looking forward to a long and profitable relationship with Valiantsin and his superior EAs!

edyredc 2019.02.01 17:03 

Valiantsin's live trading results speaks for himself.

He always replies.

Thanks Valiantsin!

John Brennan
John Brennan 2019.01.31 20:07 

I am very pleased with Quick Pips and Valiantsin the Author is the best developers around, He works tirelessly to perfect this EA and is always quick to reply with any questions you may have.

Also, I would like to put the record straight as I believe ElisaP to be way off base with there assessment of QP. When I studied the results, I discovered that ElisaP had not carried out the backtest on the recommended pairs for this bot, hence the reason for the poor results.

ElisaP 2019.01.16 18:27 

The things that nobody says ::

TEST IN TESTER before taking and you'll have a lot of laughs

Quick make an average of 35 50 jobs for 1 year jejejje

with any pair or TF can not reach ,,Profit factor 1

if you think that an expert to put in real must have a PF 3/4

and Profit Traders at least 75% 80% total

you'll see that Quick Pips is just a joke ,, there are many free expert out there that are much better,,,,,than this,,

the latest versions have improved significantly ,, so I change my review

Cap.Smith 2019.01.06 11:34 

Good job. Amazing EA.

Виктор 2018.12.27 19:33 

First impressions of EA. The algorithm inherent in the work of EA is simply amazing. Very precise entry points. EA may not trade for several days. At first, it was very strained and made me worry. Now I understand the logic of the work and do not worry about it. The entry points are very accurate.

EA is now on the advice of Valiantsin work only on the pair EURGBP.

In January Valiantsin promises a new version that allows trading on many pairs. I look forward to it.

Data on EA operation on a real account and Backtester are almost the same.

To track the work EA started in the signal with the parameters "Quick Pips Safe Mode"and" Quick Pips Aggressive Mode". All those who wish to join.

バージョン 2.30 2019.02.13
1. Added filter bars to avoid opening orders against strong market movement.
2. Added the ability to select the number of bulls for the news filter. The default selection is 2 bulls or more for the filter.
3. The possibility of a ban on trading on Monday. As a rule, on Monday after the weekend, the market is highly volatile and unforeseen situations may occur.
バージョン 2.20 2019.02.10
1.An algorithm for the extreme closing of an order has been added, provided that the order goes beyond the trading time range. Thus, we pass the potential losses.

2. Added author channel filter. This filter gave us stability and security. You can verify this by examining the tests made by me. And also you can independently conduct tests.
バージョン 2.10 2019.02.01
Decimal fractions for risk parameter selection. Now you can specify the risk of a fraction. Example 0.1% risk per trade.
Fixed a bug when the panel picture disappeared.
バージョン 2.0 2019.01.31
Made GMT to determine the time interval for trading.
Dear traders. update your settings.
バージョン 1.90 2019.01.30
1.The time zone was adjusted according to the news filter
2.Debugged code and fixed some shortcomings that could affect the trade.
バージョン 1.80 2019.01.29
Fixed a bug when the amount of $ 0.00 appeared on the chart without a reason.
バージョン 1.70 2019.01.27

Total reconstruction of the expert.
バージョン 1.60 2019.01.06
A lot of work has been done on optimizing entry points. The structure remained the same but the individual rules for the filter of entry points were improved. Entry points have become rare, but this is offset by sniper accurate inputs and testing. Please review the available tests in the product overview.
バージョン 1.50 2018.12.21
Fixed TradeMode
バージョン 1.40 2018.12.18
Minimal Fixed
バージョン 1.30 2018.12.18
Introduced new option "Currency pairs"
This option is required to change if you increase the number of pairs traded by the expert. This is an important option for calculating risk.

Be careful with this parameter.
バージョン 1.20 2018.12.17
Minimal fixed
バージョン 1.10 2018.12.17
Minimal Fixed