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BeStho Trends

Bestho Trend trades on breakout of a trend within a specified timeframe. It senses a combination of a few signals, namely candle crossover bollinger bands and aligned with moving average. 

It comes with a stop loss and trailing stop features. You can set your max stop loss which is recommended to 100 pips. The trail stop will move accordingly by calculating ATR and candles within the time period.


  • Stochastic period : default value is recommended
  • Moving Average EMA (current period): three different settings with EMA1 crosses EMA3 and EMA2 crosses EMA3
  • Moving Average EMA (Daily timeframe): two different settings with EMA_Daily1 crosses EMA_Daily2
  • Time of Trade: send order within certain time period
    • Hour Trade From
    • Minute Trade From
    • Hour Trade To
    • Minute Trade To

The screenshot shows the back test result for GBPUSD in H1 timeframe with 1 year historical data.

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