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StoA1 EU

[UPDATE June.10.2020] Version 2 coming soon! Raising the expected payoff while preserving win percentage!😊

Disclaimer: Please do your research before buying. That includes downloading the demo and backtesting as well as forward-testing on a demo account. This EA is not guaranteed to be 100% profitable nor is it guaranteed to be simply profitable. I put up as much data as I can to show you the scope of this EA without revealing the trading strategy that I worked so hard on. Buy with caution.

What this EA is not: 

  1. not martingale
  2. not grid-trading
  3. not tick-trading (therefore, does not require low-latency)
  4. will not hold trades for more than a day (unless it was a Friday trade that leaked into the weekend)
  5. will not open multiple trades in the same currency pair

What this EA is:

  1. M5 reversal scalper (closes within a day or less)
  2. requires low spreads (the lower the spreads the better it will perform, please check the statistics below)
  3. will comply with FIFO (first in; first out)
  4. uses 7-8 indicators to open trades
  5. has an exit strategy to reduce losses

IMPORTANT: unfortunately, the settings need to be heavily customized for each symbol. I know I can put up different settings, but I have decided not to do that, instead, I have lowered the price of each EA.

  1. StoA EU has settings customized for EurUsd
  2. StoA GU has settings customized for GbpUsd
  3. StoA AU has settings customized for AudUsd
  4. StoA UJ = UsdJpy
  5. StoA EJ = EurJpy

Performance Statistics from backtests:

I have done forward tests on two live accounts to make sure the trades made on the live account matches the trades in the backtests. They do match. There are some slight slippages; but of no concern. My ping is 3-10 ms from my broke. Please note that if your backtest varies from your forward test, it could be due to the spread. Maybe the spread was much higher in live trading and therefore, did not trade.

Symbols Lot size Fixed spread Any changes to default settings Years backtested Expected payoff Total net # of trades  % of profit trades 
 EurUsd 0.1 0.5 pips TP=16 | SL=30 | TS=12  2004.01.01 to 2020.05.15  3.09 $8839.24 2864  79.26%
 EurUsd 0.1  1.0 pips TP=15.5 | SL=30.5 | TS=11.5   2004.01.01 to 2020.05.15  2.59 $7412.24  2864  28.25%
 EurUsd 0.1 1.5 pips TP=15 | SL=31 | TS=11  2004.01.01 to 2020.05.15  2.11 $6050.74 2865  77.24%
 EurUsd 0.1 2.0 pips TP=14.5 | SL=31.5 | TS=10.5   2004.01.01 to 2020.05.15  1.59 $4555.24 2864  75.94%

[UPDATE June.10.2020] Version 2 coming soon! Raising the expected payoff while preserving win percentage!😊

As you can see from the chart above, this EA favors lower spreads. Please change the TP, SL, TS according to your spread levels. The default settings favors spread levels at 1.5 pips. Please check my signal to see live-trades of this EA.


If I get 10 Five-stars reviews, I will release additional symbols with customized settings. If not, it would mean that this EA is not worth me spending anymore time on it.


  • start time = EA will start trading at this time.
  • stop time = EA will stop trading at this time.
  • Sunday trading = True for Sunday trading. False for no trading on Sundays.
  • take profit = changes the hard take profit on most trades; there is an exit strategy along with two dynamic tp and sl conditions.
  • stop loss = changes the hard stop loss on most trades.
  • m lot size = manual lot size. The lot size used will appear on the symbol chart.
  • p lot size = percentage lot size. The lot size used will appear on the symbol chart. 100 = 100% of your balance; 10 = 10% of your balance.
  • TRAILING = True for trailing stop. False for no trailing stop. 
  • Start pip = start trailing stop when trade reaches 12 positive pips.
  • first move = move the trailing stop to 2 positive pips; trailing stop will move 1 pip for every one pip movement towards the tp.
  • max order = how many trades the EA is allowed to trade at one time.
  • slippage = refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is executed.
  • max spread = the EA is allowed to trade below this max.

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