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I would like to present you my grid Expert Advisor.

How it works

Amount of trades closed with profit minus the most loss-making trade should exceed or be equal to Profit Distance Cut.

The EA can work in both directions simultaneously or follow certain Price Action signals.

Flexibility and simplicity of the settings make the EA available for beginners as well.

With the right approach and customization, the EA can be used both for long-term trading and for boosting the deposit in a short time.


  • MAGIC = 11; (magic number is displayed in order comments)
  • Backlight= false; (square added to prevent orders from merging with the info)
  • Info Color = clrLimeGreen; (square color)
  • Info Width= 250; (square width)
  • Info Height = 250; (square height)
  • 2 Wallets= true; (profit collection and accounting are performed in two wallets - Sell and Buy ones. If disabled, a single wallet is used)
  • Lot Coefficient = false; (when using this ratio, the next order in the grid after the second one is increased by 0.01)
  • Reduction factor = 1; (ratio, by which the grid step is decreased. For example, if the ratio is 2, the order sequence is 0.01, 0.01, 0.01, 0.02)
  • Lot of transaction= true; (when enabling the option, opening the first positions is performed only by signals set in the EA)
  • Transaction Lot = 0.01; (first order lot size)
  • Grid Step Sell = 300; (sell orders grid step)
  • Grid Step Buy = 300; (buy orders grid step)
  • Orders before cutting = 5; (number of orders, after which the EA starts closing loss-making orders)
  • Profit Distance Cut = 100; (remaining points in the wallet after closing a loss-making order)
  • Coefficient of closing= 0; (ratio for closing a profitable order, 0 - equal to grid step)
  • Coefficient of increase start Lot = 1; (ratio for increasing the lot size of the first orders, for example: 0.01 *10 = 0.1)


  • 5-digit broker
  • ECN accounts
  • initial deposit is at least $10 (cent accounts) or $1000 (ECN/standart accounts)
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