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Signal Pip Indicator

Measuring the distance between two MAs can be much more powerful and reliable than waiting for crossing MAs, and then again for confirmatory setups... If you no longer want to wait for MA crosses as being too late for good entry positions, you are right with the Signal Pip Indicator.

You are supposed to set an alarm for the distance between two MAs, fast & slow, whereas a 3rd confirmatory MA can be added as additional trigger & a fourth to filter out.

You are able to select to be alerted when

  • the chosen pip-distance between two main MAs occurs
  • the chosen pip-distance occurs and doesn't hit a 3rd trigger MA, which lies inbetween both by default (blue dotted)
  • a combination of both appears, that delivers more alerts

Additonally, you can turn the 4th MA on/off to filter out + a selective RSI function.


1. When you choose the fast MA to be 1, you will be alerted when the exact pip-distance between slow MA and recent price action occurs.

2. Or you set the fast MA to be 0,5 (body center candle) & slow MA 1 (recent price), then choose a pip-distance that is slightly higher than the average candle size; this way you will be alerted when a rapid candle outbreak occurs.

3. Of course you are also able to just monitor the interaction of two main MAs, so called growth-speed, and be alerted when they reach a certain distance.

This indicator can be used in many ways.

Input Parameters

  •  Settings for Fast Moving Average
  • Fast Period: Period
  • Fast Method MA: Simple, Exponential, Smooth, Linear Weighted
  • Fast Apply to: Price (Open, Close etc.)
  • Fast Color: Color
  • Fast Style: Style (Solid, Dash etc.)
  • Fast Width: Width
  • Settings for Slow Moving Average:
  • Slow Period: Period
  • Slow Method MA: Simple, Exponential, Smooth, Linear Weighted
  • Slow Apply to: Price (Open, Close etc.)
  • Slow Color: Color
  • Slow Style: Style (Solid, Dash etc.)
  • Slow Width: Width
  • Settings for Confirmatory Moving Average:
  • Confirmatory Period: Period
  • Confirmatory Method MA: Simple, Exponential, Smooth, Linear Weighted
  • Confirmatory Apply to: Price (Open, Close etc.)
  • Confirmatory Color: Color
  • Confirmatory Style: Style (Solid, Dash etc.)
  • Confirmatory Width: Width
  • Settings for filtering Moving Average:
  • Use filtering Moving Agerage? True / False
  • Filtering Period: Period
  • Filtering Method MA: Method
  • Filtering Apply to: Price (Open, CLose aso.)
  • Filtering Color: Color
  • Filtering Style: Style
  • Filtering Width: Width
  • Settings for Indicator (RSI)
  • Use a Indicator RSI? True / False
  • RSI Period: Period
  • RSI Price: Price
  • Overbought Level: Level (for ex. 60)
  • Oversold Level: Level (for ex. 40)
  • Settings for Types of Signal cancellation & Certain distance between two MAs:
  • Types of Signal Cancellation:
  • Cancellation of v1 Signal: Certain distance appears between first and second MA
  • Cancellation of v2 Signal: Certain distance appears between first and second MA and doesn't hit third MA
  • Cancellation of v3 (both) Signals: v1 and v2 Signal combined
  • Cancellation of RSI Signals: A simple RSI signal alert
  • A certain distance between two MAs: Pip-distance between first and second MA
  • Settings for Visualization All Moving Averages:
  • Show all moving averages? True / False
  • Settings for Alerts:
  • Selecting the signal bar: Closed Signal Bar / Open Signal Bar
  • Use signals "Alert"?: True / False
  • Push send messages to your phone?: True / False
  • Send notifications by e-mail?: True / False
  • Use beeps "Sound"? True / False
  • Title signal buy: Buy.wav
  • Title signal sell: Sell.wav
  • Settings for Arrows:
  • Bull Arrows Color: Color
  • Sell Arrows Color: Color
  • Shifting Arrows from Extremes: Shift

Waldemar_MQL 2018.12.29 14:02 

The indicator is very good; but you need to know how to use it, e.g. what average pip movement the currency has that you supervise. Not so much for lazy people; much more of a real professional tool.