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I present you the Abella Expert Advisor.

The "London breakout" occurs in the European session. During this time, Abella follows the market and enters in one of the direction according to the identified Price Action patterns. The EA works both during a flat and trend.

This EA has been created for multicurrency trading. Do not Abella on one pair. For optimal performance, use 4 pairs: AUDUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY, GBPUSD (the H1 timeframe) and create a portfolio.


  • Lot - fixed lot;
  • Risk - dynamic lot (if Lot=0).
  • ProfitCoefficient - stop loss multiplier to calculate take profit.
  • StartHour - start of the trading session.
  • CloseHour - end of the trading session.
  • BreakEvenCoef - stop loss multiplier to calculate breakeven.
  • Delete2ndOrder - delete the second order at the stop loss of the first.
  • Magic - magic number.
  • Tf - timeframe.

The performance of the EA can be higher when setting ProfitCoefficient = 2 or 3 (default is 1).

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