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EnigmaMt4 is an Expert Advisor with an original trading strategy. The EA features a limited martingale (only four legs). It should be attached to any chart in the usual way.

Advantages of the EA

  • It works on any timeframes.
  • Works with any trading instruments.
  • Built-in system of automatic profit calculation.
  • It can work without user intervention.

Disadvantages of the EA

  • Limited martingale is present.


  • Lot - position volume (0.1 lot per 1000 units of the deposit currency is recommended).
  • Profit - profit in the deposit currency; if set to 0, calculated automatically (recommended).
  • Stop - loss in the deposit currency (negative value) to close the position; if set to 0, calculated automatically.
  • Step - step of the martingale legs (ratio of loss to profit to open a martingale leg).


If Profit = 0 and Stop = 0, optimize only the parameter Step (from 1 to 1000 with step 1), otherwise optimize the parameters Profit (from 0 to 500 with step 0.1) and Stop (from 0 to 500 with step 0.1). Optimize using every tick mode, with the maximum profit and the minimum drawdown as the optimization criteria).

Matthew Todorovski
2018.05.10 15:07 

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