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Binary Options Pal Studio

Binary Options Pal Studio is analytical tool for constructing a profitable Binary Options trading strategy, combining technical data and money management systems.


  • Most of indicator parameters are optimizable for best win rate or simulated balance, generating best possible outcome.
  • Daily, hourly ITM statistics are displayed on interactive dashboard, every day of the week and hour can be switched to set up specific time patterns.
  • Trade size, payout, spread and money management systems (including martingale) are considered to calculate balance.
  • All indicators and other parameters can be modified on screen saving you a tremendous amounts of time.
  • 19 strategy building tools of different kind.
  • No need to know MQL programming language.
  • Run strategy live with implemented alerts.
  • Gain insights of the market or find specific characteristics of currency pairs.
  • Indicator does not repaint, calculations are done on bars close.
  • Works in Strategy Tester.
  • Chart navigation buttons.

Strategy Build Kit


  • Average True Range.
  • Average Directional Movement Index.
  • Commodity Channel Index.
  • DeMarker.
  • Money Flow Index.
  • Momentum.
  • Standard Deviation.
  • Stochastic.
  • Relative Strength Index.
  • Williams Percent Range.


  • Directional Movement Index Cross.
  • Moving Average Cross.
  • Momentum 100 level cross.
  • Stochastic Cross.


  • Trend Bar(x3).
  • Engulfing.
  • Harami.


  • Moving Average(x2).
  • Bollinger Bands.

With Binary Options Pal Suite you can test many trading ideas for binary options, that were impossible before without programming that specific model. Set bar after bar conditions, get detailed statistics, optimize parameters for best result and it's all in modifiable time patterns.

If you are not going to use Strategy Tester all the time, you should download historical price data. "Tools" → "Options" → "Charts". For "Max bars in history:" and "Max bars in chart:" select decent numbers there. Then, "Tools" → "History Center". There you can download data for particular pair and time frame. Data comes from MetaTrader servers. For example, if you select 1000000 bars to be displayed, it would range 14 years using 5M time frame. Considerable amount.

Program will write BIN files with data of balance for upcoming "BOPAL Graph" oscillator, if select "Write balance files (for BOPAL Balance graph)" in indicator parameters list. Product is in final development stage and will be free to use.

Please try demo to see how it works, detailed manual will come soon. Your reviews and ideas on what else should be added or improved are more than welcome.

More to come: implemented indicators, other components for building strategy, new features, etc.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.16 10:29 

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Version 1.1 2017.09.22
Minor bug fix.